Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 242: Did You Think All Men In The World Are Blind Like You?

“I’m overboard, but I’m not embarrassed. Do you think all men in the world are as blind as you? Your wife at home is as beautiful as flower and jade, but you cannot appreciate her! You fool around with so women outside. I bet you lose count!”

“If you cannot cherish your wife, other man will! I’m doing her a favor. I don’t like the bad guy vibe you give off. Also, you’re such an asshole for making her live like a widow!” Mr. Lin was blabbering excitedly. He got up from the ground and pointed his fingers at Sean Smith’s nose.

As soon as he approached, Sean Smith couldn’t help kicking him. Poor Mr. Lin fell to the floor again, “Who do you think you are to cast a greedy eyes on Mrs. Smith?”

Mr. Lin was getting sober after falling again and again. The alcohol made him sweat, “Mr. Smith… you listen to my explanation.”

Sean Smith was a man of high profile in Tongcheng. Many people knew his affair, but this was the first time people rubbed it on his face.

Amber White shrank on his arms. With her eyes closed, he looked extraordinarily quiet. Sean Smith was annoyed with the sight he saw last week. He buckled his arms around her tightly. It was so tight it might wake her up. The veins on his hands bulged with anger. He was fooled by Amber White for so many times, but he never won against this scheming woman, not once.

The elevator opened with a beep. Sean Smith walked in with Amber White in his arms. His face sank. Amber White body leaned on him. He could feel her warm breath on his neck. It made him feel impetuous. The more he thought, he angrier he became, the tighter the grip he had on her body.

He deliberately made her a hostess for the partner to put her in an uncomfortable situation. Unexpectedly, Amber White made it turned out like this. He saved Amber White several times. Amber White annoyed him just as much. She was a shadow in his heart who thought that he wouldn’t care about anything because he didn’t watch things happened.

She deliberately drunk herself to find her position in his heart. No wonder that he old man was fooled by her. Amber White was indeed capable.

Sean Smith was so angry he wanted to just let go and throw her to the floor. Soon, he entered the suite with Amber White. When he was about to throw her on the bed, he heard her voice, “Sean…”

He was shocked and caught off guard. Amber White dragged her and they went down together on the big bed. He pushed her away but his eyes couldn’t escape the blush on her face, “Sean…”

Her voice was affectionate. Sean Smith was once again caught off guard. Before he could respond, she pressed him down, lowered her head, and planted a kiss on his lips. When her body scent filled up his nose, his body heated up and his mind was absent. Sean Smith reached out and buckled her body submitting to ecstasy.

Mr. Lin was right. Amber White was just as beautiful as flower and pure as jade. No man could ever refused her beauty. He rolled over and placed her body under him. His slender fingers pulled the hem of her small shirt and stroked her waist. When his rough finger touched her soft skin, she frowned and slapped him in the face.


Sean Smith was shocked. There was an indescribable consternation on his face.

“You beast! Don’t touch me! Get out of here!”


His pupils shrank. Amber White wasn’t drunk at all, was she? Amber White probably went crazy from the alcohol and tried to torture him to death, “Let go of me, Amber! Why did you let Zhou Ruo call me if you’re not drunk?!”

Amber White turned over and slept quietly on the big bed. Sean Smith felt like he had a ball of cotton rammed into his throat. He couldn’t breathe normally. He reached out his hand and touched Amber White. She, like a mad chicken, used both hands and feet struggling wildly.

Sean Smith believed that Amber White must have drank too much. He was kicked and the wound on his back ached. Sean Smith was upset. He unbuttoned the shirt and clasped Amber White’s hands. He pressed her body on the bed, “Amber, do you want to die?”

Unable to escape, she grunted with pain. Seeing that she was quiet, Sean Smith subconsciously wanted to let go, but his body was so close to hers. Sean Smith somehow was not willing to give up. He was in a bad mood. He didn’t know what’s going on in his mind.

Amber White was drunk and the way he pressed his body on her was like a bad guy taking advantage of a vulnerable woman. However, she kept calling his name again and again. What was she doing? Was she seducing him?

Even if he did something to her, he would be doing her a favor. Sean Smith pressed his body on her. He was unhappy. Amber White suddenly sat up and pushed him back. Sean Smith was caught off guard. His back hit the bed and the pain on his back made his face turned pale.

Before he could react, Amber White cocked her body and held the edge of the bed and vomited, “Amber—”

Sean Smith called out. His eyes widened and his breath raced. His eyes were locked on his expensive pants. He face darkened. Sean Smith could feel the warm vomit down his pants to his leather shoes. The smell was foul.

His handsome face turned blue. He wanted to throw this woman from 21st floor. He had had enough. Sean Smith lifted Amber White and turned over from the bed. He kicked the shoes on his feet and his eyes were gloomy.

He raised his eyebrows and with burning eyes, he stared at Amber White. The next thing she did was sleeping well. Sean Smith could only clenched his hands. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down his nausea. Then, he took his phone, called a room service to clean up the mess, and asked them to bring him another pair of clothes.

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