Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 243: When She Married Him, Did She Even Love Him?

After getting a clean pair of clothes, Sean Smith quickly went to the bathroom to take a shower and change his clothes. After that, he went out of the room. He went downstairs and called Gu Jinyan. As soon as it was dialed through, Sean Smith said, “Old Gu, let’s have a drink.

Gu Jinyan half whispered half cursed, “Old Smith, are you crazy? Don’t you care about your health at all? Why are you inviting me to drink at this hour? Do you want to die?”

Sean Smith frowned and said, “Ye Se.”

Gu Jinyan scolded him, “Are you serious?”

Why he wasn’t serious when there was Amber White flirting with a man in public? Sean Smith couldn’t help turning blue when he remembered Amber White. Because of Amber White, he was almost killed after paying homage to Johnson Smith in the mountain.

Did she even love him when she married him? She wanted his life, didn’t she?

After hanging up, Gu Jinyan stared at his phone screen. He reached out his hand and closed his documents. He stood up and went out to meet Sean Smith.

Gu Jinyan was not far from Ye Se. He was one step ahead of Sean Smith. He narrowed his eyes and looked around. He was surprised when he found Sean Smith, “Sean? Do you want to die? How dare you take a bath with such injury?”

Sean Smith wet his lips. This small movement made him very attractive.



He really didn’t understand Sean Smith. If he didn’t want to live, he might as well danced his way to death. Seeing that he was about to go inside, Gu Jinyan dragged Sean Smith to the hospital and injected two bottles of anti-inflammatory drugs.

When they came out of the hospital, it was already dark outside. The city light were on and it was extravagant. It wore the darkness out and gave their hairs colors. Sean Smith insisted on drinking. Gu Jinyan could only follow. They went straight to Ye Se.

The music inside was deafening and colorful lights were moving through the decaying crowd of people. Sean Smith was quick to blend in. They chose to sit at the bar. He grabbed a cigarette and lit it up. The gray smoke he breathed out glazed under the lights.

The tip of the cigarette was burning bright when he breathed in and turning to ashes when she breathed out a mouthful of smoke. His handsome face was bewitching. Gu Jinyan could hear the girls were murmuring since they sat down, “Sean, not that I’m preaching on you or something, but, does it feel good to get hurt?”

“Uncle Smith beat you yesterday. Say, how did that happen?”

Sean Smith lifted his head and glanced at Gu Jinyan, “Why do you talk so much?”

Gu Jinyan smiled and said, “Tell me. Does something happen between you and sister-in-law?”

Sean Smith scoffed, “What could happen between me and her?”

“What can she do besides letting my old man beat me?”

Gu Jinyan sighed. Sean Smith was a tough cookie to crack. It served him right.

He sipped his wine and his lips were stained with the red color. Under the bar lights, it looked moist and sultry.

The night had just begun. There was no Amber White around. The air was fresh. This time, no one would get in his way. Sean Smith was holding his wine glass. He finally managed to put on a smile. Suddenly, the phone he placed on the table lit up. A string of numbers danced widely on the screen. Sean Smith glanced at it and frowned. It was Xu Lin.

He was not going to answer when he remembered he asked Xu Lin to do him a favor. He grabbed his phone and picked it up, “Is it done?”

Xu Lin was stupefied. He was afraid that Sean Smith would hang up, “Mr. Smith, Cindy’s teacher called me…”

“The teacher said that no one picked her up after school. They tried to call her mother, but she didn’t pick up. Now, they ask her father to pick her up.” Xu Lin said cautiously.


There was nothing but the sound of noise from the bar.



“Why should I pick her up? She’s not my child. Why should I go there?”

Xu Lin was silenced. Sean Smith hung up the phone immediately.

Gu Jinyan teased him, “Sean, not that I’m preaching on you or something, but you’re an incompetent father. You should have picked your child up, but you’re in the bar drinking. My niece is so unlucky. She has an unreliable father.”

At that moment, Sean Smith’s face blended with the lights. It was complicated. He glanced at him. Gu Jinyan smiled and waved his hand, “Alright, fine. I’ll shut up.”

Sean Smith didn’t want to pay attention to Amber White, but he knew about it already, he couldn’t turn a blind eye. Otherwise, he was afraid. If something happened to Amber White’s child, she would come for him like a madwoman.

“Sean, you can come to Ye Se every day, but you have only one daughter. You better pick her up now.” he couldn’t help laughing and teasing the grumpy Sean Smith.


“She’s not even my daughter. Why should I pick her up?” Sean Smith grabbed his phone and called Amber White. There was a busy tone on the line and it was disconnected. He called the other one. His face was very ugly right now.

Amber White was indeed capable. She knew Sean Smith would take care of her daughter. That’s why she went wild outside.

He was so dizzy that he hung up the phone before it dialed through. He was about to grabbed his glass when Xu Lin called him again. His eyes darkened in an instant and it was deep like the ocean.

Gu Jinyan pushed him, “Pick it up.”

Sean Smith finally picked up. Xu Lin said cautiously, “Sir, if after ten minutes, there is no family member who picks her up, they will leave Cindy alone.”


“Amber White doesn’t even care about her. What’s the use calling me?”

“Her surname is White, not Smith. Why am I responsible for her?” Sean Smith felt impetuous. Xu Lin couldn’t do anything about it, “Didn’t I make this clear before? I don’t want anything related to Amber White and her daughter to bother me!”

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