Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 244: Stop Using Cindy to Validate Your Existence

“If you care about them so much, you don’t need to wait until tomorrow, I will change your position right now!”


His words were stuck in his mouth. When Sean Smith asked him to do a paternity test between him and Cindy White, he thought that Sean Smith suspected her as her daughter. That was the reason he dared to call Sean Smith.

After hanging up the phone, Sean Smith calmly pushed the glass to the bartender and said, “Give me another glass.”

Gu Jinyan listened to their conversation quietly, “Sean, my little niece had just been kidnapped. If the teacher really leave her alone in the kindergarten, she will be afraid. Shall we go and pick her up?”

Sean Smith sipped his lips and narrowed his eyes, “Call Lu Xiangxiang. She’s in a good relationship with Amber, right? Let her pick the child up.”

After that, Sean Smith frowned and added coldly, “Oh, right. Tell her to pass it on to Amber, do not use Cindy White to validate her existence in my life!”


He looked awkward. He sat on the high stool without moving. Sean Smith lifted his head and grabbed the freshly made cocktail. He looked at Gu Jinyan. The man’s eyes were troubled.

He rubbed his hair and whispered, “Sean, not that I don’t want to help you… I quarreled with Lu Xiangxiang two days ago, remember?”

Sean Smith smoked his cigarette. He felt a bad thing was coming.

“She wouldn’t answer my call.”

Sean Smith said sarcastically, “You’re so promising. You’re even blacklisted by a woman.”


Sean Smith handed his phone to him, “Use mine.” Gu Jinyan didn’t react. Sean Smith had to kick to leg, “Hurry up!”

Gu Jinyan remembered Lu Xiangxiang’s phone number very well. Soon, it dialed through, “Hello. Who is it?”

“It’s me—”


Silence. Gu Jinyan was slightly embarrassed.

He didn’t give up. He tried calling her again and again, but the cold voice of robot answered, “Sorry. The phone you dialed cannot be connected.”

Gu Jinyan’s face darkened. His eyes were deep as the abyss, but they were empty.

“……” Gu Jinyan handed the phone back and raised his glass to chug it up.

“What now?”

Sean Smith was silent. He glanced at Gu Jinyan and secretly scolded himself. He was dumb for letting Gu Jinyan make the call. His eyes drifted to the dance floor. Somehow, he remembered the other day when Cindy White was found. She was hiding in the bushes and crying.

Gu Jinyan was right. Cindy White had just been kidnapped the other day. Who knows what will happen if she was kidnapped for the second time?

Amber White usually wasted no time in picking up her calls. Now, it seemed that she was planning another trick. If he didn’t go the kindergarten to pick up Cindy White, Amber White might call him sooner or later.

If Cindy White was lost again, he would need his life to pay Amber White. With that in mind, he stood up, turned around, and walked outside. Gu Jinyan silently smiled and followed.

“Sean, what are you doing? You’re not going to pick up the little girl, aren’t you?”

“Didn’t you say that she was not your daughter and you wouldn’t pick her up?”

“Why do you suddenly decide to be a father? Should we toast later? Should I bring her a gift?”


His ears were buzzing. He felt like tearing Gu Jinyan’s mouth up. At least for this moment, he hated him when he was speaking.

Fifteen minutes later, they found a small figure sitting beside a small fountain at the gate of Jinyang Guang Kindergarten. When Sean Smith arrived, he could hear her sobbing from a distance. Sean Smith was a little worried. His fastened up his pace.

Cindy White looked up when she felt someone towering over her. Her eyes were wet, “Dad?”

She choked as if she had a ball of cotton down her throat. Sean Smith’s eyes were getting colder. He didn’t speak. His eyes drifted to the gate. There was nobody there. Even the security room light was off.

The kindergarten was located in a bustling area, but the surrounding was dark. There were lights not far away from where the little girl was seated. Sean Smith softened. Cindy White hugged him crying.

“Dad, you don’t want me anymore, do you? Why don’t come pick me up earlier?”

Sean Smith’s face stiffened. What did she mean he didn’t want him? Why didn’t she blame Amber White? It was her own mother who didn’t want her, no? Amber White didn’t like her daughter at all. She wanted to live her own life. She didn’t even think of her. Amber White must have forgotten that her daughter was kidnapped and almost shot the other day. Why didn’t she behave today? She didn’t think about child traffickers, did she? One might see Cindy White and took her away.

Sean Smith gritted his teeth. He closed his eyes for he was upset by her crying.

“Dad, my teacher called you and told me you refused to come.”

“Dad, is it true what Uncle Beard and my teacher said? They said that I was not your daughter.”

“Dad only likes Lin Man’s child, don’t you?”

Her eyes widened as tears kept pouring out. Her eyes were red. It seemed that she’s been crying for a long time.

Amber White gave birth to a broken child. Why was Cindy White so dumb? How could she believe what people tell her? He narrowed his eyes and looked at Cindy White.

Weren’t the teachers in the kindergarten supposed to teach and educate the children? Or, did they gossip about the parents of the student every day? Oh, by the way, of course he liked Lin Man’s child!

He took a cigarette from his pocket and said to Cindy White, “Stand up. Let’s go back.”

Cindy White obeyed and let go of Sean Smith’s legs. There was fear and innocence in her eyes.

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