Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 245: I’m not going anywhere.

Her voice muffled by her crying, but still, she pursed her cherubic lips and asked, “Where’s Mommy?”

Sean Smith just pretended that he didn’t hear it. How could he know?

Amber White couldn’t still be laying in the right now, could she?

He didn’t believe that anyway!

“She’s gone.”

Sean turned around.

Yet there was no sound behind him, and with one hand in his pocket, Sean looked back and found Cindy was still standing, teary-eyed.

“What’s wrong?”

He looked down at himself, confusing.

“What? Do you like being here alone? You don’t want to go?”

“Dad? Are you going to take me away again and play hide-and-seek with mommy?”

Cindy choked and backed up until her chubby little body hit the fountain and fell to the ground on her butt.

Sean’s body went suddenly rigid.

She clumsily got up on her own and even managed to pat the dust off her body.

“Daddy, I’m not hiding, I’m not going anywhere.”

“I’m staying and waiting for Mommy, and I’ll be where Mommy can find me.”

As she said, her small hands clasped tightly together.

Sean knew that after the kidnapping, Cindy must have suffered trauma in her heart.

And of that, he had an integral part to play!

He paused and said, “We’re not hiding, I’m taking you back!”

“As soon as your mother calls, I’ll give you back to her!”

While Cindy didn’t move, so Sean, a little impatient, stepped forward and leaned over to pick her up.

“What are you afraid of?”

Cindy had inherited Amber’s narcissism. What? Did she think she was so attractive that everyone would like her?

Sean snorted and turned to walk back.

Gu Jinyan, sitting in the passenger seat, saw Sean returning with Cindy in his arms, and the smile on his face deepened.

He got out of the car to open the door on the back seat for them, teasing Sean with a smile.

“Sean, why the angry face?”

“How it’s none of your business when you’re holding my little niece even though you’re hurt?”

“In my opinion, this little one totally controls you!”

Sean’s face was clouded, but there was nothing he could talk back.

At the same time, at the Ritz-Carlton, Amber finally opened her eyes.

She saw the ceiling of the hotel, but the room was unlit and dark.

Her pupils shrank, and she sat up in bed, fumbling with her phone to check the time.

Nine o’clock at night?


She was so scared that she didn’t even clean herself before leaving.

Amber had a new number and she hadn’t had time to tell Cindy’s teacher yet.

Amber was in a trance, remembering that the last time Cindy had been missing, it appeared that she had been picked up by Sean.

There were several missed calls on her phone, and Amber had just tapped into the phonebook when the phone told her the battery was low and shut down automatically.

Amber was anxious, and her beautiful eyes were filled with tears.


She dropped Cindy again…

Amber called a cab in a hurry and gave the location of Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

The driver looked at Amber White through the rearview mirror, “Miss, what are you doing there? There’s no cab back there!”

Amber licked the corner of her lips and didn’t say anything.

After two or three minutes, she patted the back of the driver’s seat, “Could you please drive faster, sir?”

The driver glanced at her again and said unhappily, “Miss, the maximum speed on this road is fifty, and if I go any faster I will be fined!”

“Besides, safety comes first in everything, right?”

Amber was so distraught that her voice was choked with sobs, “I’ll raise the money, I’m in a hurry to get to my three-year-old daughter!”

But no matter what Amber said, the driver still drove slowly and slowly.

“The baby isn’t with you, then it must be with the father, why don’t you make a phone call first.”

Amber blinked her slender eyelashes, “My phone is dead ……”

The driver slipped his right in.

Though Sean’s number was new, Amber was sensitive to numbers and kept track of his.

The call went through, but there was no answer.

Her eyelids fluttered, after all, Sean wasn’t quite fond of Cindy…

Hesitantly, Amber dialed the phone again to Xu Lin.

“Did Cindy’s teacher call you? I…”

She choked up when she opened her mouth.

Cindy was all she had in her life and she was really scared…

Xu paused before answering, “Her teacher called, but Cindy wasn’t there when my people went there.”

“What? And…did you talk to Sean?”

Xu hesitated, “I did call Mr. Smith, but Mr. Smith said, now I quote, who gave birth to the child then she should pick the girl!”

“You should know Mr. Smith’s personality better than I do, since he said he wouldn’t pick her up, so…”

Amber almost blacked out and cut the call.

If it wasn’t Sean Smith, she couldn’t think of anyone else who could have picked Cindy up!

Amber was so anxious that she was like an ant on a hot pan before she dialed Lu Yi’s number again a little while ago.

In the car.

Cindy kept asking Sean where Amber was from the moment she got into the car.

Sean really didn’t want to pay attention to Cindy.

Finally, she shut up for a few minutes, which for a moment, discomforted Sean, so he looked up in the rearview mirror, right into Cindy’s moist eyes.

She bit her lower lip and looked at Sean in aggravation.

“Oh, Sean, she just wants her mom, isn’t that the easiest thing for you to do? Come on.”

“Look at my little niece, she’s crying!”

Gu glanced at Sean. He always had a feeling that Sean must know where Amber was!

As he expected, less than a minute later, Sean turned the steering wheel and turned the car around.

“Stop crying and I’ll take me to your mother!”

Amber was sleeping at the Ritz-Carlton when Sean left, and since her phone couldn’t get through, he was going to see if Amber was still there first.

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