Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 247: Lots of Women Wanna Be Your Mom

“How is it possible? You’re very cute. If I had a daughter like you, I’d be so happy!”

“Your dad wouldn’t have such a bad sense of judgment.

Gu Jinyan smiled and said, “Don’t cry. Come, drink up your milk.”

“Kids gotta drink more milk so that you could grow taller!”

Cindy White nodded and finished her milk, then she looked at Gu Jinyan eagerly, “Uncle, I’ve finished my milk, could you bring me to find my mom?”

Gu Jinyan paused for a while.

All kids love to be with their mom. He knew that. Something flashed through his mind, and there’s a hint of a smile on his eyes.

“Isn’t it easy if you want a mommy? Count on me!”

“I’ll find you a group of young mommies!”

Cindy White was dumbfounded, “A group?”

“That’s right!”

Cindy White blinked. She looked around the room and said, “Uncle, does my mom know how to duplicate herself?”

“Like the one in TV shows?”

The smile on Gu Jinyan’s face was kind of mysterious. He didn’t answer Cindy White’s words and said, “Give me two minutes!”

As he talked, Gu Jinyan stood up and muttered by himself.

“Kiddo, don’t you know that there are lots of women who want to be your mom!”

He opened the door and asked for the manager.

Upon seeing that it’s Gu Jinyan who asked for him, the smile on his face turned stiff, “Mr. Gu, do you need anything?”

Gu Jinyan rubbed his chin and lifted his thin lips. There’s an evil smile shown on his face.

“I heard that you have all kinds of women here?”

The manager seemed to understand and asked, “What kind of woman do you need, Mr. Gu?”

“She has to look elegant, love kids, and it’d be the best if she has motherly charm!”

“The respectable woman type?”

The manager looked at Gu Jinyan dumbfoundedly. Gu Jinyan nodded. After thinking for a while, he added, “Bring some of them here. Oh, and ask them to wear suits!”

“It’s to accompany a child; it shouldn’t be too gaudy!”

The manager nodded, and while looking at Gu Jinyan going back to his private room, the stunned look on the manager’s face stayed.

“Wear a suit? Kid? Mr. Gu’s preferences are quite something, huh!”

The manager muttered. He went on to bring some women according to Gu Jinyan’s demand.

He was worried that Gu Jinyan wouldn’t have enough fun. Thus, he let those women wear suits on top of their naked bodies. Their cleavage could be seen even from a distance.

This……should be enough motherly charm, right?

The manager was pretty satisfied. He brought the women towards the private room that Sean Smith booked and pushed the door open.

Cindy White was pestering Gu Jinyan and kept asking him where Amber White is, then a group of women swarmed in.

The lighting inside the room was quite dim. Gu Jinyan fretted being bugged like that, and he didn’t notice anything peculiar. When he saw the women came in, his eyes seemed brightened.

He held Cindy White and said, “Kid, look. Which one do you like? Tonight, who you’d like to be your mom, she’ll be!”

Cindy White took a look at the women at the entrance.

Gu Jinyan laughed. What he said was supposed to be a joke.

Even though Cindy White was kind of hard to handle, he believed that among all these women, there should be someone that could divert a 3-year-old child’s attention.

“Uncle, my mom is not among them.”

“You were lying.”

Cindy White started sobbing. She pouted her tiny lips, and her tears began to fall, causing Gu Jinyan to be caught by surprise.

“Oh no, don’t cry!”

“Even though they’re not your mom, you could still consider them as one!”

“Let them play with you, alright?”

“Your mom has something else to do. If you don’t listen, she might not like you anymore later.”

Gu Jinyan was scaring Cindy White. At the same time, Sean Smith had finished smoking his cigarette and came back to the room.

He pushed the door and saw the private room was full of bargirls. He was dumbfounded.

Sean Smith looked up subconsciously to check on the room number. His face went dark after that.

He cursed softly, pushing aside the group and barged in. He was dying to punch Gu Jinyan.

“Gu! Jin! Yan! Give me a reasonable explanation!”

When he came in, he saw Cindy White’s eyes were red. It’s obvious that she just cried.

Different kinds of scents were mixed all together in that room, causing Sean Smith’s head hurts.

He strode forward and brushed aside the two women that surrounded Cindy White on her left and right side. He reached for Cindy White and held her up from the sofa.


Sean Smith’s gaze was dark and cold. Gu Jinyan touched his nose, feeling uneasy.

“I was just playing with my little niece, wasn’t I……”

Sean Smith sneered and took a glance at the bargirls who started to feel uneasy since his appearance.

“What were you playing? Playing dress-up?”

Gu Jinyan felt guiltier, but he blinked his peachy eyes and retaliated, “You talked as if you’re responsible enough. Wasn’t it you who let me take care of your daughter?”

“Moreover, could you even think of something better?”

Sean Smith glared at Gu Jinyan.

He held Cindy White and stood up. There’s no warmth at all in his eyes. His fingers pointed at the door, and said drily, “Get out, we don’t need you girls here!”

“Hey, wait!”

Gu Jinyan heard him and sat up on the sofa immediately.

The bargirls who were initially dejected and were planning to leave suddenly went brightened upon hearing Gu Jinyan’s voice and looked at him with high hopes.

A group of people blocked the private room’s doorway, and that’s so eye-catching. Many eyes in that bar were looking at them.

“What are you doing?”

Sean Smith glanced at Gu Jinyan and creased his forehead.

“Sean, I meant, there’s no need to drove them away hurriedly. Even though my idea was a bit lame, for the very least, since you came back up till now, my little niece stopped asking for her mom, right?”

“My plan worked!”

“You couldn’t find sister-in-law as well and can’t do anything with my little niece. Might as well let them stay to play with my little niece, right!”

Sean Smith thought that’s so absurd.

No matter how bad he is, he never thought of letting Cindy White play with the bargirls. And still with that question, what is it that they could play together?

Cindy White’s only three years old. It’s when she’s curious about everything. Just look at what these women are wearing, could it even be considered a proper outfit?

He couldn’t let Cindy White hangs around these women and learned bad stuff, could he?

“No way!”

Sean Smith felt something fishy; his brows drew together.

It’s not that he cared whether Cindy White would learn bad or not. He was scared.

He was scared if Amber White found out that he brought her daughter to this kind of place and even called for a group of bargirls, she would fight him.

“Wait, Sean, I think you’re way too rigid, aren’t you?”

“Could you possibly be better than a group of women to coax a kid?”

Gu Jinyan asked unhappily. He racked his brain and staring at Sean Smith with his tilted head,

“You……couldn’t possibly be worried that sister-in-law will misunderstand if she found out?”

Sean Smith’s expression changed, “You’re saying I’m worried that she’ll misunderstand?”

“Am I stupid?”

Gu Jinyan was speechless.

“That’s what I’m saying. A guy like you, who kept being on headlines for being seen together with models and celebrities, doesn’t seem like someone who can’t tackle his wife.”

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