Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 248: Sean Wouldn’t Vent It on the Child

“So what did you worry about? It’s fine if you wanted to chase them out, but let’s hit and agreement in advance. If my little niece makes a scene, don’t you dare to bother me!”

This time, Sean Smith turned silenced.

What Gu Yanjin said was right. Even Amber White herself didn’t care about Cindy White, now that he’s willing to find someone to help taking care of Cindy was already being responsible enough. Or did she want him to take care of her himself?

There’s a bright flash at the corner of the room. Sean Smith glanced over, except for the crowd, there’s nothing else there.

Gu Jinyan followed his line of sight and looked at it, then asked, “What’s wrong?”

Sean Smith shook his head, “Nothing.”

He stared at those women detestably, giving him a headache.

He pointed randomly at some of the women, then said, “Go change a suitable outfit to play with kids then come back here!”


At Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

When Lu Yi arrived, Amber White was crouching on the stairs. Her slender body was hidden behind her knees, and her body trembled occasionally.

Lu Yi’s heart broke looking at her being like that, thus reaching for her and helped her to get up.

“Amber White, don’t panic. Tell me, what happened to Cindy?”

Amber White’s eyes shivered. There was a street lamp hanging above them, putting their shadow outline together.

She drank too much in the evening. Even though she took a nap, her head still felt heavy.

Even more, she didn’t even know how she ended up being in the hotel.

Now that Lu Yi asked, she took a deep breath and answered concisely, “This evening, Mr. Smith asked me to accompany Mr. Lin to talk about the contract. I had a blackout after drinking, and when I’m awake, it’s already 9 o’clock.”

“When I got in the car, I borrowed a phone and gave Cindy’s teacher a call.”

“She said no one was willing to pick her up, so she left first.”

“But when she left, Cindy was still at the kindergarten gate door.”

Lu Yi creased his forehead, “You came here to find Cindy, was it because……You suspected Sean took her?”

Amber White nodded, “I couldn’t find Sean, I couldn’t even get through him on the phone! Lu Yi, Cindy wouldn’t ran about. If she weren’t in Tong City, besides Sean, she wouldn’t leave with anybody else!”

Unless……Cindy White was kidnapped again!

Amber White was very anxious. What happened yesterday was like a nightmare for her. She didn’t even dare to reminisce it.

Even if there’re just a tiny bit of possibilities, she too, was unwilling to think of what might have happened to Cindy.

“Moreover, even if Sean hates me, he wouldn’t vent it on the child.”

“Even though he’s unwilling to, but if he knew, he wouldn’t disregard this……”

Though she said that herself, Amber White too didn’t believe it, but she still looked at Lu Yi, filled with hope.

Lu Yi nodded, “What you said makes sense. No news is good news!”

“If it’s kidnapping, at this time, the kidnapper would have called.”

As he talked, he rubbed his chin, thinking something.

“Amber White, now that there’s no one in Hai Wan Xiang Xie, is it possible that Sean brought Cindy to the old manor?”

Amber White raised her brows.

Concerned too much about something caused disorders. Cindy White is her daughter. Because she’s worried about her, she couldn’t think clearly, instead, when Lu Yi said that, it reminded her of another possibility.


Amber White said doubtfully. Last night, Tomas Smith talked Sean Smith to it again, though maybe Sean Smith himself didn’t want to go.

But another maybe, Sean Smith wasn’t willing to take Cindy with him, so he straightaway left her to the two elders of the Smiths.

“No matter what, we should go take a look first.”

“Let’s go, get in the car!”

Amber White didn’t hesitate. She opened the passenger seat’s door and hopped in the car, then buckled her seatbelt. Amber White blinked her eyes, “Lu Yi, I’m very sorry. It’s already this late, but I still have to bother you to go with me.”

Lu Yi tilted his head and glanced at Amber White.

The light and shadow outside interlaced and reflected on Amber White’s face, making her looked more bright and radiant.

“Amber White, we’re friends. You don’t have to be so modest.”

Amber White’s lips moved slightly, then nodded.

She put her hair behind her ears; her lipline was smooth. The car was moving forward gently. Amber White hesitated for a while, then asked softly, “Lu Yi, could you give a phone call to the old manor first, hm?”

“Dad and Mom are quite old. They couldn’t stand being provoked, so……”

“You call them and sound them out, whether Sean went there or not. I didn’t want to go there for nothing.”

Amber White said softly.

But when she finished speaking, there’s a sudden silence inside the car. The already depressed atmosphere became quieter.

After a while, Lu Yi smiled, “Alright.”

He just took out his phone from his pocket and even before he unlocked his phone, there’s a message notification regarding the latest news in Tong City appeared on the screen.


He stepped on the car brake immediately and due to body reflex, Amber White’s body moved forward then reversed and hit the car seat.

“What’s wrong?”

Lu Yi’s finger tapped on the notification panel quickly. The picture was clear. Looking at the surrounding, it must be Ye Se, and even the private room number was captured too.

The lighting inside was glistening. Sean Smith’s arm was holding Cindy White, and before them stood women with different body types and good looks.

Lu Yi paused for a while, then passed his phone to Amber White.

“There’s no need to make a phone call. Look, I think we found Cindy!”

Lu Yi’s expression was unclear. Amber White’s heart beat fast and took over his phone.

She looked at the phone, and her face turned pale. She’s sitting at the passenger’s seat, and the car was clearly idle, but Amber White’s body instead was trembling intensely.

Obviously, she was outraged.

“Cindy indeed is with Sean, so what’s your plan now?”

The reporter’s effort was more radical, said that Sean Smith brought Cindy White to the bar was to find Cindy White a stepmother.

The comments about the news were more unsightly. Amber White randomly tapped on it and took a glance on a couple of it.

They said something like, what’s the use if Amber White was good looking. In Sean Smith’s eyes, she couldn’t even be compared to a bird!”

Even more, somebody else’s comment had directly attacked Cindy White.

She grasped the phone and her body trembled, the look in her eyes had turned cold too.

“Amber White, don’t get too anxious first, perhaps there’s a misunderstanding in this. Let’s go to the bar and get Cindy out first, then talk to Sean.”

As he talked, Lu Yi started the engine.

He smirked, bringing a child to the bar, what kind of misunderstanding could there be?

He’s Sean Smith indeed, always did something unexpected!

In less than five minutes, Amber White’s expression had turned calm, could even be said that she looked as if nothing happened.

“Lu Yi, keep to the side and stop the car for a while.”

“What’s wrong?”

Lu Yi did as she said and stopped the car, then turned and looked at Amber White.

Her expression was vague; she reached out her hand and unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Sean is the CEO of Smith Corporation. No matter what, this kind of news was harmful to the development of their company. You are the supervisor of the Public Relations Department. It’s better if we go to the office first, then think of a way to suppress this news!”

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