Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 249: Misunderstanding

“I’ll go to the bar by myself!”

Lu Yi was stunned.

It’s seemed that Amber White didn’t intend to allow Lu to refute, but just pushed the door and got out of the car.

Amber seemed a little anxious. She stretched out her hand, stopped another car, and got in it.

Lu parked his car on the side of the road. It was dark, making his warm face somewhat serious.

Why was Amber White putting herself in the shoes of Sean Smith?

And Amber knew that Smith wanted to kill her when they in the mountain.

Amber still cared about him. Even Smith’s parents were in her consideration.

What qualities did Smith have that attracted Amber?

Twenty minutes later. At Ye Se.

Amber got off the taxi and was about to go inside, but A little girl stopped her.

“Madam. Do you want a newspaper? The latest one! “

Amber was in a hurry to find Cindy White. So she didn’t answer but bypassed the little girl and planned to continue walking inside.

It made the girl anxious.

“Hey. It’s the latest newspaper. Have you heard Sean Smith? He brought his daughter to the bar. My newspapers are the latest in City Tong. “

“Have one!”

Amber stopped, looked down, and observed the girl.

She looked young. There was a newsstand next to Ye Se, where the female shop-owner looked almost the same as the little girl.

They should be a family.

The moment when Amber bowed her head, she saw a photo in the newspaper, where Smith stood among a group of women with her three-year-old daughter in his arms, which looked quietly conspicuous.

Amber’s voice trembled, “Well. I’ll have one!”

Amber checked out and took the newspaper. She didn’t have a look, but stretched out her hand and folded it, then strode into Ye Se with her High heels.

She hasn’t come to such a place for three years.

When Amber stepped in again, there was noise. Almost everyone dressed in exposure. A little movement seemed distinctly sexy.

Amber, wearing a small suit, looked out of place here.

Maybe there was no place more disgusting to Amber than here.

Amber was so attractive that she became a target as soon as she entered this place, and even someone came forward to ask her to have a drink.

Amber, looking steadily forward, walked to the room where Smith was in and pushed open the door without any hesitation.

Although Amber had already prepared herself, she still felt dizzy when she saw the situation in the compartment.

Cindy, who wear a blindfold on her eyes, reached out her hands and wanted to find her mom. There was a group of women surrounding her.

“Baby. I’m here.”

On the other side, Sean Smith and Gu Jinyan were sitting on the only sofa in the box. One of them was holding a goblet in his hand, while the other was holding a cigarette.

Smith was cold to observe what had happened. Hearing the door open, he glanced at the door. When he saw that it was Amber, his face changed.

Without giving Smith a look, Amber walked directly to Cindy and uncovered the blindfold on Cindy’s face with her fingers.

The light made Cindy subconsciously close her eyes.

“Hey. What are you doing? Do you know the rules?”

They played games, which required Cindy to catch her target by herself. It’s a great time to take a favorable turn to herself. After all, she could stay with Smith.

It’s hard-won for those of them who worked in bars to obtain such an opportunity.

But when Amber appeared here, she broke their “illusion”. On top of that, Amber was more charming than them. So how could they be happy?


Cindy opened her eyes and moved forward to hug Amber’s legs tightly.

“You have finally come.”

Her words made the box suddenly be quiet.

Amber made a sarcastic smile.

“How cheerful interest Mr. Smith has!”

Amber’s words were full of a strong smell of gunpowder.

Neither Smith or Gu looked distinctly bad.

“Sister-in-law. Please listen to my explanation.”

Just when Gu opened his mouth, he was stopped by Amber.

With one hand holding Cindy, Amber smashed the newspaper in her hand on the tea table.

The contents in the newspaper were ordinarily eye-catching in a moment.

Gu Jinyan also saw the bold title in the newspaper when he stood up to talk with Amber.

Amber’s eyes were full of different emotions.

“Mr. Gu doesn’t have to tell me. You’d better think about how to explain these in front of the media.”

It’s rare to make news in the Ye Se, so even Smith felt somewhat incredible at the beginning when he intended to come to here with Cindy, he didn’t care so much.

Although Ye Se was a bar, it’s not surprising if Cindy did her homework in the box.

It was Cindy who was looking for her mom, and Gu Jinyan was afraid of her tears that he had to ask a group of princesses to accompany her.

So when Gu saw the paper, he was so surprised.

Even panic.

“Sister-in-law. You might misunderstand us.”

Subconsciously, Gu wanted to defend himself, but there was no way to talk about it.

Then Gu changed his face and thought about how to talk with Amber. It’s inappropriately to say that he couldn’t take care of the girl, but called a group of women to play together.

As soon as Gu stopped talking, Amber hooked her lips and turned away to have a glance at those silent princesses standing in the corner, which made her feel ridiculous.

“Misunderstand what? Mr. Gu. I am afraid that if I come a little later, Cindy will have other mothers, right?”

“I know Mr. Sean was in a good mood, but I hope you can hold back and don’t bring my daughter to this place next time when you come here.”

“It’s a disordered place, so I don’t want Cindy to get hurt at an early age!”

Smith narrowed his eyes. The fingertips holding the glass suddenly tighten, while his hand joints were glowing with a pale light.

As Amber’s words failed down, there was a surge of emotion in his heart, which made Smith look bad.

Since Amber entered the door, she didn’t mention anything that he picked Cindy up but questioned him, not to mention appreciation.

“As if she loved Cindy much more, but she care herself and didn’t pick Cindy up from school.” Smith wondered.

“He must be insane to help Amber take care of the child,” Smith said to himself.

Anyway, even if the matter didn’t revealed by reporters, Amber would still trouble him!

“Sister-in-law. It’s me asking these women. So there is nothing to do with Smith.”

Smith stretched out his hand and put it on Gu’s shoulder, interrupting him.

Sean Smith, whose face was particularly grim in the bright light, opened his mouth: “What the hell is Amber White? You don’t have to take the blame for me.”

“It’s me calling these women. You don’t care about Cindy, so I hire some princesses to help you. Is it wrong?”

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