Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 250: Self-knowledge

Then, Sean Smith made a self-mockery smile, so that his voice was particularly Low-pitched: “Do I have to find a general manager to accompany your daughter?”

“Amber White. Don’t you know your place?”

Amber was somewhat shocked. Smith stared at Amber, whose slender finger hid in the shadows.

“You know. Maybe I am wrong. And I shouldn’t spend more time to go to kindergarten to help you pick up your daughter!”

Amber’s hands holding the girl tightened.

“Smith. You are so bad.”

“Anyway. Cindy is so young. You won’t take her here.”

“And she is smart. So I don’t want her to contact anything relating to this place when she is young.”

Smith’s expression became much more gloomy.

It was when Smith wanted to say something that he caught a glimpse of the newspaper on the table.

The light was dim, but Smith could still clearly see the title above.

“Sean Smith showed up at Ye Se with his little girl, while immense amounts of women stayed in the box. Suspecting that the marriage broke down, and the man wanted to find a stepmother for her little girl.”

No wonder his eyelids jumped straight. There were various evidences listed in the newspaper, and the wife abuse incident before was also posed.

It’s so detailed that he almost confessed them.

Smith said to himself that no wonder Amber would behave so angry. It turned out that his carelessness hurt Mrs. Amber’s reputation.

“I think I am better than someone who left her baby alone but cared for its interest to play outside.”

Smith stretched out his hand and rolled up the newspaper, revealing the neat layout in the eyes of Amber.

“Director White came at a particularly bad time. If you come a little later, maybe Cindy’s stepmother will be in place.”

Just as Smith was saying the words, the box door was suddenly pushed open, and a group of reporters flocked in and recorded Smith’s words thoroughly.

The air seemed to be unchanged at this moment. The loud music outside looked like drums beating Gu’s heart.

Gu frowned while his sparkling eyes tightened.

He closed to Smith and whispered:

“Damn it. The bastard manager of Ye Se called the reporters.”

“Buddy. Why are you doing with those angry words? Just make an apology to sister-in-law, huh?”

“If Uncle Sean knew that you had brought the little girl to the bar and called the princesses, I guess he will kill you.”

Smith showed a disdainful look.

Make an apology to the woman? Smith wondered he’d rather accept scold.

Before Smith said something, a flock of reporters swarmed up.

“Mr. Sean. What’s the meaning of what you said just now? As far as I know, these women in the box are all prostitute in Ye Se. So you’d rather pick a princess as your daughter’s stepmother than go on living with Amber?”

“Mr. Sean. Have you already divorced with Mrs. Sean?”

“Mr. Sean. Is the confrontation between you and your pre-wife the maintenance and education of Cindy?”

Journalists’ questions have always been distinctly sharp. They would no show mercy because Cindy White, a three-year-old child, was present.

Even when the fact was not clear, the reporters spread rumors with a few unsubstantiated photos.

Amber felt annoyed but ridiculous.

The point was, she didn’t even know how to clarify. She didn’t know at all the aim that Smith brought Cindy here.

What’s more, she was not sure whether Smith would buy it or show his respect for her.

Amber held Cindy with a gloomy mood, while the flickering light shinned Amber’s pretty face.

“Shut up. Haven’t you ever seen the couple being quarrel?”

“Amber White is my justified sister-in-law. You guys should be polite to them.”

Gu’s face was gloomy.

“How do you guys qualify as journalists? Since you were able to come in the bar, maybe you have figured it out!”

“It’s me called the princesses, and it has nothing to do with my buddy!”

A crowd of reporters looked at each other and whispered. Since Smith got married, there has been full of different rumors outside, but weren’t related to divorce.

There are a lot of reporters who wanted to reveal hot gossip about Smith, but dared not go too far!

If it was Gu that called these women, it’s, obviously, not enough to catch up the public eyes.

Anyway, there were still individuals who were bold in the crowd.

Then, a man stepped forward and asked, “If the words what Mr. Gu just said was true, can Mr. Sean explain the meaning that you said when we entered the door?”

“Yes. Mr. Sean said that if Mrs. White came a little later, Cindy would choose a new mother by herself. What does it mean? “

“Hey. Mrs. White. Does Mr. Sean means that if you divorce, the child’s custody will hand in Mr. Sean?”

After these men came in, there were full of different questions. And the reporter who just questioned Amber almost poked Cindy with his microphone.


Cindy White pushed the microphone away with one hand, glared at the reporter with red eyes, and shouted:

“You talk nonsense. Mom and dad will not divorce!”

“Dad loves mom best. He opened a house with my mother at the hotel this afternoon!”

“If it’s not because he didn’t find mom, he won’t bring me here to this place.”

“Dad is a good man.” Cindy didn’t know the meaning of opening a house.

She just remembered what Gu had said and repeated it. Then Cindy pointed at Gu: “Uncle Gu is not a good person!”

Gu was stunned.

Gu wondered. It’s unfair. If Cindy didn’t look for her mother, how could he call so many princesses?

But Gu didn’t know how to express his feeling.

Hearing this, Smith felt ashamed that his face turned to be red.

The grim expression on his face almost collapsed.

However, the reporter in front of them seemed to trust Cindy’s words.

At this time, Amber reached out and grabbed Cindy’s hand and whispered, “Sweetie. You can’t clap uncle’s microphone. You are impolite, Okay?”

Enormous people were standing in the box. The box was spacious but looked crowed.

What Amber just said made everyone in the room somewhat surprised.

If it’s not for the microphone going to poke the little girl, the girl won’t slap the microphone away.

So it’s not Cindy’s fault. And it sounded like Amber was condemning some others.

On top of that, Cindy was obedient to make an apology to the man with her sweet voice.

“I’m sorry. But you guys can’t talk nonsense about my parents.”

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