Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 251: A tiny bicker.

“Mommy and daddy are going to be sad, too, honey.”

Amber White held Cindy in her arms and she felt like her heart was stabbed by a knife.

But with these journalists around, she had to deal with them first, ignoring Cindy’s feelings.

Having hesitated for a second, Amber put Cindy in Sean Smith’s arms, and for the others, such behavior seemed to be evidence that they were close.

“Guys, there do exist some unpleasantness between me and Sean, but for a couple, that’s just too common.”

“And I can assure you that there’s no way we’re gonna break up with each other.”

“You all can find the details of this matter on the microblog, but we won’t let go of those who slander our reputation.”

“Thanks for listening!”

Just a few words and Amber shut all the journalists up.

She made it clear that anyone kept on reporting the rumor of their divorce might be sued by them!

These journalists wanted to get something but not at the risk of being sued!

While they were hesitating, Gu Jinyan spoke up with a smile, “Alright alright, you heard her, it’s nothing but a tiny bicker between the couple, so, let’s go, guys, come on.”

Hearing his words, these journalists left in a hurry, leaving only the four of them in the room.

Sean leaned on the sofa with a horrible expression on his face.

Journalists were like the shark who could sense the blood even it was little, and that Sean could understand, but why could Amber show up right before them and then drive all of them away with a few words?

It was too hard for Sean not to suspect Amber.

And what Cindy had said, which wasn’t likely to be heard from a three-year-old kid.

Sean thought Amber was being too angry before, and now he believed that what Amber did was on purpose.

This woman knew that after yesterday, he would never clarify for her, so now she did it on her own!

She didn’t blink, using her daughter!

What a woman!

Thinking of that, Sean couldn’t help glancing at Amber who leaned forward to speaking with Cindy.

Her attractive body was shown better in such a posture, “Cindy, where did you learn all these words? Who taught you that?”

For a little kid, there was no way Cindy was allowed to say these words under Amber’s watch.

Yet, having heard her words, Sean rolled his eyes.

What an actress!

“Sean, Amber, those journalists might not leave, and it’s getting too late, what about we go back first?”

“I’m not leaving anyway,” Sean said pettishly.

At his words, Amber looked at Sean before speaking in a low voice, “You’re leaving, and you’re leaving with me!”

But Sean didn’t move a muscle, and he just stared at her without saying anything.

Amber continued as if she didn’t sense the anger in Sean’s eyes, “Sean, just think of your parents, you might not know but your mother passed out last night, and you know that her health condition doesn’t allow her to carry too much burden anymore.”

Sean gritted his teeth.

How dare she threaten him with her mother!

This woman…she was so much more annoying even than these filthy journalists!

It looked like he couldn’t resist his anger anymore and was going to burst out, but to Gu, it was strange because clearly, Amber was making a peace.

“Sean, Amber’s just trying to help you, do you forget your old man’s whip?”

How on earth was this a help?

Sean’s burning glare moved from Amber to Gu, making Gu getting goosebumps.

In Sean’s opinion, Amber just wanted him to die faster so that she could be widowed early just like the sisters-in-law of his to get more money!

“Sean, I misunderstood you yesterday and let you get a good whipping for nothing.”

“But I need you to walk out of this room with me so that I can help to avoid one more whipping today and let’s call it an even. “

The mockery on Sean’s face deepened, but Amber leaned over to take Cindy’s small hand and walked out.

She didn’t want to guess what was going through Sean’s mind.

Amber stood at the gate of Ye Se and took a deep breath.

Though Sean was capricious, he should know that those journalists weren’t easy to fool, and if the news was spread, it was likely to end up causing the company’s stock turmoil again!

Fortunately, she and Lu Yi found out early and contained it just in time.

Sean followed them out, and without saying a word, he drove the car before pulling up next to Amber and Cindy.

After getting in, Cindy touched her stomach and whispered, “Mommy, I’m hungry.”

Hearing her words, Amber smiled gently.

Cindy then said, “I want to eat fried chicken!”

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