Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 252 Have a fabulous night!

Amber White nodded her head, “Fried chicken it is!”

“Sean, there is a restaurant selling chicken near Xingyue Bay, and we can have it there before heading home!”

Sean Smith still remained silent, and Gu Jinyan who was going to get in saw the expression on Sean’s face.

He laughed, scratching his head, “Well, since you guys are heading home, I won’t bother you anymore”

“It’s getting late, I wish you two could have a fabulous night, ciao!”

And the gloomy face of Sean’s was getting even cloudier instantly.

Sean turned back to glare Gu but could only saw his back, and that was when he saw Amber’s pretty face.

Beautiful, attractive, gorgeous…

All those words were well-fitting to describe her beauty, but none of it could tell how vicious she really was!

“Amber White, you went too far this time.”

Sean pushed the gas pedal to the floor and the car was shot out like a bullet.

Amber said expressionlessly, “There’s still cameras behind, you don’t want them to take any picture that could affect the company, do you?”

While Sean glanced at Amber with side-eyed, “Just tell me, what are you planning up to?”

Amber got the corners of her mouth twitched, “You were the one that took Cindy into a nightclub, not me, Sean.”

One sentence from her, and it silenced Sean. The later controlled his temper all the way and pulled over in front of the fried chicken restaurant.

Cindy was seldom allowed to eat outside by Amber, so when she got out of the car, she held Amber’s leg joyfully, “Mommy! I want ten drumsticks!”

Looking at her daughter, Amber couldn’t help smiling, “Alright, tell daddy what you want, and he will get it to you.”

Though it was almost 11 PM, there were still quite a lot at the restaurant.

Checking on the time, Sean rolled his eyes.

Didn’t Amber forbid Cindy eating outside?

In such an hour, she still chose to stay outside, and her intention was way too clear!

She was going to ask him to stay at the night!

But, there was no way Sean was going to bite!

Thinking of that, he was going to turn around and leave, while not far away, the flash of the camera pushed his body to the line right away.

“Daddy! I want fried chicken and coke!”

“No, you can’t.” Sean refused her indifferently.

“But I want it…” Cindy accused him in an injured tone, “You only gave me milk for dinner, and mommy said I need nutrient to grow up!”

The queue wasn’t too long and it came to them in one minute.

“Fried chicken and coke, please! And chicken wings!” Cindy spoke in a hurry.

“Sorry, the kid’s annoying, a kid meal, and change the coke with milk, please.” Sean added with no expression on his face, “And that’s it.”

Ignoring Cindy’s rejection, he then carried her to the table.

Amber was calling someone with his phone.

Seeing this scene, Sean frowned. He had no idea when did Amber took his phone out of the car, and he already had changed his phone, but why was she still able to unlock it?

Could it be because of the private detective she hired?

“Yeah, they’re still following us, but don’t worry, and you don’t have to say anything else except clarifying that our relationship isn’t broken.”

She was talking about the news before hanging up the phone while hearing her words, Sean murmured sarcastically. “Clarify? Like the journalists are wrong.”

But Amber didn’t get angry, and she just stared at Sean right into his eyes, whispering, “They are wrong, Sean, you and I, we have no relationship at all.”

Sean gritted his teeth and took a cigarette out to put it between his mouth.

Amber stopped him at once, “There are children in here.”

Sean’s fingers reaching for the lighter stopped all of sudden.

He didn’t say anything because Sean suddenly remembered how he’d been forced to marry Amber three years ago.

He didn’t remember many of the details very clearly anymore.

The only thing left in his heart was the bone-deep hatred of having to marry a woman he didn’t love at all!

Amber was right. He never had any relationship with her!

He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice that the waiter had already brought up Cindy’s order.

The phone on the table rang, and Sean, holding in his cigarette, picked it up and saw the caller on it. A strange emotion flashed through his face.

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