Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 253: Who Told You This Gossip?

After a moment of hesitation, Sean Smith pressed answer.

As soon as he put his phone to his ear, Tomas Smith’s angry voice sounded:

“You bastard, son of a bitch! Did you hit your head? How dare you take Cindy to a bar?!”

“Sean, come back now. I’ll have to beat you up!”

Sean’s face turned slightly pale because of Tomas’s words.

Amber White! This two-faced woman! She turned to complain to his father!

The phone call just now was not for the company, was it for his father?

“Who told you this gossip?”

Tomas took a heavy breath. He understood Sean’s meaning: “You brute! Do you think everyone is as dirty as you?”

“How can I give birth to a son like you? Stop talking nonsense and come back!”

Sean smiled. If it weren’t for Amber, his father would have been asleep at this time, not talking to him.

When the call ended, Sean stood up. Cindy White quickly reached out and grabbed his palm.

“Dad, I haven’t finished eating. Where are you going?”

Sean smiled and glanced lazily at Amber: “Your mother knows the answer to that question. Why don’t you ask her?”

Amber turned her head to the side and asked with a gentle expression: “Dad called?”

Sean had always hated her expression when she asked something she already knew.

He turned to leave, but Amber pulled him. She was holding a French fry in her other hand. She raised her chin and whispered, “Give me your phone. I’ll call Dad.”

“Director White, don’t you think you are a hypocrite?”

Amber did not falter. She smiled: “Am I?”

After saying that, she smoothly put her hand into his trousers and took out his phone. She then called Tomas.

Just as Tomas was about to speak, Amber’s soft voice came from the phone.

“Dad, it’s so late. Why haven’t you slept yet?”

“Amber?” Tomas’s eyebrows tightened. “Are you with that brute?”

“Dad, Sean is Smith family’s leader. Please don’t address him that way!”

Amber continued, “Sean is taking Cindy and me to eat KFC!”

Tomas was furious: “Did that bastard threaten you?”

“Amber, you don’t have to compromise for him!”

“I’ll beat him up for you!”

Amber was touched, she replied. “Dad, no one forced me, and I didn’t compromise.”

“I didn’t have time to pick up Cindy today. If it weren’t for Sean, Cindy might disappear again!”

“He did take Cindy to Ye Se, but he didn’t call those women.”

“Yes … the reporter was unexpected! ”

Tomas: “…”

When he saw the news, Tomas was so agitated that his high blood pressure paralyzed him.

Only when Sister Li gave him his medicine could he calm down. He then called Sean and ranted!

Despite Amber’s explanation, Tomas still couldn’t accept it.

He spoke in a low voice, “Amber, I know that bastard very well…”


“This time, you really misunderstood Sean.”

“Could it be that you believe the reporters more than Sean?”

After hearing the speech, Tomas sighed.

He could only respond: “Amber, there are so many disputes recently. Why don’t you come back with the boy and live in the old house for a few days?”

“Otherwise, I won’t be able to stay calm!”

He knew his son. He’s usually smart, but when it comes to Amber, his brain’s useless.

Amber glanced at Sean and answered in a low voice:

“Dad, it’s too late already. Sean and I are tired, so we can’t go there!”

“It’s time for you to rest too!”

Amber sent her message quickly and hung up.

She put Sean’s phone on the table, then she reached out and pulled the tray in front of Cindy.


Amber gazed softly, “It’s already late, so don’t eat too much!”

Cindy’s always obedient. Although she was not in a good mood, she still nodded.

She stared at the fried chicken she was eating and didn’t say a word.

Sean’s eyes grew dark at the sight of this.

Not only could Amber seduce men, but she could also control children.

It was close to midnight. The three got in the car with Sean driving.

As he reminisced, he felt a bit of irony.

Amber pleaded with his father again and used the reporter as an excuse.

When she said that she didn’t love him before, it might be her playing hard to get.

At this point, Amber was sure to leave him for the night.

Sean lit a cigarette excitedly. The street lamp was dim, leaving only a few thin shadows on his face.

He wanted to know. What excuse would Amber use to keep him?

Amber reached out and opened the front passenger’s door. She went around the back and picked Cindy up.

They stood at the gate in the still windless night. As soon as Cindy got out of the car, she pulled Amber’s hand: “Mom, it’s hot!”

“Let’s go in quickly.”

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