Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 254: I Thought You Didn’t Want To Stay

Amber White nodded and told Sean Smith, “Sean, the reporter has already left. You can drive away now!”

“It’s late, so drive carefully!”

Sean was stunned!

“Did you say you will let me go?”

Sean almost sounded angry. His handsome face was distorted.

Amber must be proud because he said this. After all, he proposed to stay without her forcing him.

He exhaled a thick white smoke from his mouth, but it could not ease the chill on his face.

Amber touched the door handle and spoke softly:

“Sean, I thought you didn’t want to stay because you didn’t move out of the car.”

Sean froze, and Amber added, “You don’t have your clothes here. If you stay, you’ll be uncomfortable.”

Sean’s face darkened. Was Amber talking about driving him away?

Was this her new approach? Was she playing hard to get?

The atmosphere grew stiff because of Sean’s silence. Meanwhile, Cindy White’s face was dripping with sweat.

But since Sean didn’t leave, Amber was embarrassed to go inside.

She knew what Sean thought of her, so she didn’t think Sean would be willing to stay. She frowned and whispered, “Sean?”

“Mom, why isn’t Dad getting off? I’m sweating.”

Sean knew that Amber would try every means to keep him here, but it turned out she didn’t have any new ideas. He still used his daughter against him.

“Dad is busy, didn’t he tell you before?”

Amber’s light tone lit a fire in Sean’s heart.

He took a strong puff of tobacco and looked straight at Amber. She also looked deep into his eyes.

Did she really want him to leave?!

Then, Sean’s fingers touched the steering wheel.

He moved his fingertips and started the car. He was just about to step on the gas and leave, but he noticed a flash of relief on Amber’s face from the corner of his eyes.

Sean stopped.

Was there something else she was keeping from him?

He suddenly pushed the door open and got out of the car. He must stay to see what Amber was hiding!

Sean picked Cindy’s chubby little body up and smirked.

He stepped forward, “Dad is not busy today. Let’s go to bed.”

Cindy’s eyes brightened.

Amber was shocked. She followed him after coming to her senses.

“Sean, aren’t you going back?”

Sean glanced at Amber and sneered: “Director White, where do you want me to go?”

“Smith family’s old house, Hai Wan Xiang Xie, Ye Se. There are countless places you can go…”

“Director White, when you bought this place, did you go to the property notary office to prove that this is your personal property?”

Amber did not know the meaning of Sean’s question, but she shook her head anyway.

“So, you bought the house after the marriage?”

Amber nodded.

The smile on Sean’s face widened, “In that case, it seems that I have half of the right to enjoy the house?”

“I’m still the man of the house!”

“I can go to Ye Se, Smith family’s old house, Hai Wan Xiang Xie, but why can’t I go back to my own home?”

Amber had nothing to say.

But the word “home” was too luxurious for Amber and Cindy!

When Sean saw that Amber was startled, he raised his head and pointed toward the door:

“Open the door, Director White!”

Amber hesitated.

“Sean, do you really want to stay?”

The trees outside were luxuriant, a trace of wind passed by and brought a sense of coolness in the dry night.

Sean squinted, “How many times do you want me to repeat myself? Why? Is there something shady inside?”

Amber’s eyebrows jumped. She opened the door after a slight pause.

When Sean came inside with Cindy and changed his shoes, Amber mentioned, “There’s a store nearby. I’ll buy you a pajama.”

“But the quality may not be as good as what you wore before…”

Sean didn’t respond. He heard her, but he just didn’t want to talk to Amber at the moment.

Now that she wanted to win his favor, he would not let her!

Amber sighed and went to the store without entering the door.

Sean hadn’t had a good rest for several days. He took a shower and got on the bed.

Sean thought he would not be able to sleep there since Amber would be present, but he fell asleep the moment his face hit the pillow.

Sean slept like a baby. When he opened his eyes, it was all bright outside.

He sat up from his bed and looked around. The bed beside him was still tidy, no one had slept there.

Did Amber not sleep here yesterday?

She missed this chance to stick to him on purpose?

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