Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 255: At Leisure

When Sean Smith came out of the bedroom, Amber and Cindy were in the living room, it seemed that she was helping Cindy for the homework.

Amber White lowered her head. She was wearing a loose house clothes, leaning against Cindy.

As soon as he entered the living room, a light scent of the dishes filled Sean’s nose.

Hearing the sound, Amber White turned her head and looked at Sean, her eyes were clear: “Sean, are you awake?”

Sean Smith’s complexion deepened.

There was the unhappiness on his face as usual: “Director White, you do have nothing to do. Why are you so free?”

“So, because someone will support you, you don’t even plan to go to work anymore?”

Sean Smith said someone support her hard.

Amber White was confused for a moment and looked in the direction of Sean Smith.

Where he stood, with the light behind his back, his long eyelashes were dyed with a fine golden layer by the sunlight infiltrating from outside.

She could only see the soft light on his eyes, and only heard the indifference in Sean Smith’s tone.

Amber White did not speak, and Sean Smith sneered.

Was it because what he said just now was correct, Amber White was speechless?

He just said yesterday that he was the host of Xingyue Bay, and Amber White regards herself as the hostess of the Smith Group, and she even didn’t go to work today?

His sneer recalled Amber White’s wandering thoughts.

Amber White pressed her black eyelashes, reached out to buckle the tabletop, and whispered, “Sean, today is Saturday.”

“I don’t need to go to work today.”

The mockery on Sean Smith’s face froze, and then a slight irritation turned into anger.


“Fine, you have Saturdays and Sundays now? Director White, you are a big boss!”

“You get your salary so easily.”

Amber White had long been accustomed to Sean Smith’s uncertainty, and she had already know how to cope with him.

Released the fingers that pressed Cindy White’s homework, Amber White got up from the sofa and walked towards the kitchen, saying, “I’ve kept the breakfast for you, let me bring it out… “

Before Amber White had finished speaking, she saw Sean Smith walking towards the entrance.

Sean Smith bent down to put on his shoes, then Amber White understood that he was not going to have breakfast.

“Sean, wait a minute.”

After Amber White finished speaking, she turned and walked into the room.

Sean Smith’s expression changed, and he stopped opening the door.

What was Amber White going to do, was it possible that before he left, she intended to humiliate him again?

Why did Amber White ask him to wait, and he just stayed obediently?

If Amber White wanted the Smith Group, would he also give the company to her?

Sean Smith was very irritable, he didn’t know what Amber White was going to do, so he opened the door and walked out.

Amber White chased him out and gave him a stick of ointment.

“Sean, it’s good for your injury. Remember to use this.”

Sean Smith frowned.

He turned directly and slammed the door.

With a “bang”, Cindy White couldn’t help but tilt her head and glanced here.

He drove directly out of here, the ointment was dropped on the co-pilot at will, and Sean Smith’s impetuous.

The ointment Amber White put on him was the same one she gave him before.

Sean Smith can only use that one.

Once, it can be said that Amber White was lucky and guessed it right.

But this was the second time, still in her home.

Amber White can’t have a perfect plan, and make him stay overnight, right?

This ointment was not new, but had been opened…

His eyebrows furrowed. People from the Smith family had a high risk of blood cancer, and his skin was more sensitive after being injured, he picked up ointments…

But this ointment, because it was specially developed, and it’s expensive, Amber White didn’t need to keep this as a backup.

Sean Smith sneered.

It seemed that Amber White still loved him.

She probably loved him deeply, otherwise, how could she know him so well?

Sean Smith drove the car and galloped all the way. Three seconds later, the sharp brakes cut through the lifeless air, and the beautiful Maserati stopped quietly on the side of the road.

Sean Smith took out his phone from his trouser pocket, found out Xu Lin’s phone number, and dialed it out.

The phone went through soon.

“Mr. Smith?”

Sean Smith responded and asked, “How’s the matter going?”

Xu Lin complained repeatedly, “It has been sent there, but the appraisal results will not be available until three days later.”

Sean Smith was silent.

He didn’t mean to hang up, nor did he answer Xu Lin’s words, which made Xu Lin was even more worried.

“Mr Smith, the formal identification process takes more than ten days. This is fast enough.”

Sean Smith frowned: “I looked anxious?”

Xu Lin was silent.

Sean Smith felt that he might be overthinking.

But Sean still ordered: “Call over there, let them do it faster!”

Xu Lin: “…”

Wasn’t Mr. Smith not anxious?

Sean Smith dropped these words and hung up the phone directly.

Within two minutes, a call from Tomas Smith came in.

Sean Smith glanced at the caller ID, frowned, and cut off the phone without hesitation.

Then, Mrs. Smith called again.

Sean Smith paused, then he still answered the phone call.

“Sean, why did you hang up on me!”

Tomas Smith’s scolding was full of anger, and Sean Smith’s eyebrows were never pressed. Hearing this, he whispered: “What’s the matter?”

“This weekend, you should take Amber and the kid back to the old house!”

“Your mother misses a child!”

Sean Smith chuckled when he heard the words.

His mother knew that Amber White’s daughter was not of Sean Smith’s, how could she miss Cindy White?

The old man became so stupid because of Amber White?

Otherwise, how could he use such a ridiculous excuse and ask him to take Amber White back?

“You can call you’re good daughter-in-law, I’m busy now!”

Tomas Smith’s expression turned gloomy: “What are you doing on Saturday? Isn’t it because you don’t want to back home?”

“Yes! I don’t want to!” Sean Smith admitted without hesitation: “What shall I do? Shall I ask you for a whip?”

Tomas Smith couldn’t say a word. Before he could react, Sean Smith hung up the phone.

Cindy White looked at the closed door, and asked Amber White:

“Mom, did dad and you quarrel?”

Amber White shook her head calmly.

The word “quarrel” was too intimate, and the relationship between Sean Smith and her had not been so relaxed.

Cindy White was unhappy, “Mom, why did Dad leave without eating?”

Amber White was silent, yes, she didn’t know how to explain it to Cindy.

At first, when Cindy was young, she could comfort her with some excuses, but as Cindy grew older, the questions she asked became more complicated.

She can always be surprised by Cindy. And Cindy always made Amber White speechless.

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