Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 256: What She Cared About Most Is Cindy

“Mom, what does Dad usually do? Does he do what he did like last night? Playing with those sisters?”

“But Uncle said, those sisters want to be my mother?”

Cindy White said, her eyes were stained with tears: “They want to destroy the relationship between dad and you. They’re like Tang Tian and Lin Man, they are both father’s mistresses!”

Amber White was shocked. She didn’t expect that not only did Sean Smith take Cindy to the bar yesterday, but Gu Jinyan had talked so much with Cindy.

She reached out and held Cindy White’s arm, and whispered: “Cindy, what did I teach you before? We shouldn’t talk about others behind their back, it’s impolite!”

Cindy White pouted.

When she moved, she seemed to pinch the heart of Amber White.

The tight shackles made Amber White feel sour and astringent, breathless.

“Mom, don’t be angry, I believe you, I believe Dad!”

Amber White’s eyelashes trembled, and the corners of her lips twitched. When she met Cindy’s bright eyes, she couldn’t say a word.

When Amber calmed down, she called Lu Yi.


“Lu Yi, yesterday’s news…”

As soon as she spoke, Lu Yi knew what Amber White’s purpose. He raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, “The news has not caused too much trouble.”

“When I went back to the public relations department and contacted the newspaper, I asked them to withdraw the newspaper, but some of it has already been sold.”

“There are some people on the Internet who have doubts about your relationship with Sean.”

The corner of Amber White’s mouth twitched. Sean Smith and her didn’t get along well. In the upper class, everyone was tacitly aware of this.

She was most concerned about Cindy.

Amber White did not want that Cindy White was exposed in front of the media.

Especially after experiencing Cindy’s kidnapping, she was so so worried about Cindy’s safety.

“I’m worried about Cindy, she is too young.”

Lu Yi’s eyes lit up when he heard the words, and he pulled out the newspaper that had been published yesterday.

On the newspaper, Sean Smith was standing at the door of Ye Se’s box, his eyes were light, he held Cindy White with one arm, and his tall body covered Cindy’s face.

The only thing Cindy White showed up was her white legs.

It can be seen that Sean Smith protected Cindy White very well.

Lu Yi’s eyes darkened, he licked his slightly dry lips, and said in a low voice:

“Amber, don’t worry about it. I read the newspapers, from the news published on the website, I can see that Cindy did not show her face in front of the reporters.”

“You don’t have to worry about Cindy’s exposure.”

When Amber White heard the words, she felt better.

When she just wanted to say something, she heard someone knock on the door.

Amber White had to hold her phone to open the door.

It was Sean Smith, she didn’t expect him would back, so Amber was a little bit surprised.

“Se… Sean? Why are you back again?”

Sean Smith frowned.

He had long eyelashes and beautiful features. This expression did not weaken his temperament at all.

Hearing what Amber White said, the corners of Sean Smith’s mouth curled up.

He glanced casually and glanced at Amber White.

She was still wearing that pajama, and now she had no intention of changing her clothes.

Why did this woman pretend that she knew nothing? He didn’t believe it anymore. The old man wanted him to go to the old house with Amber White and she would not receive a call beforehand!?

“Director White, the same trick played for once or twice, that is fun, but if you pretend to be too many times, it will make me feel very disgusted!”

Amber White: “…”

He pushed Amber White away from the door and stepped into the door.

Cindy White saw him, her eyes brightened.


Sean Smith nodded, and he sat down on the sofa, his eyes lightened and dimmed, then he glanced lightly at Amber White.

“What are you doing now, why don’t you change your clothes?”

Amber White was stunned.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you still want me to take care of you and bring you the clothes? Can’t you change them yourself?”

Amber White must be kidding with him!

“Dad, why should mommy change her clothes? Where are you going, can Cindy go with you together?”

The expression on Sean Smith’s face paused.

He frowned, glanced at Cindy White, then turned his head to look at Amber White.

The latter paused and said calmly: “Are there any activities later?”

Sean Smith’s expression was weird: “My dad didn’t tell you that he wants me to take you and your daughter to the old house for two days?”

Amber White was silent. When talking on the phone last night, Tomas Smith mentioned it, but at that time, Amber White noticed that Sean Smith wasn’t interested in it…

So she didn’t agree with that.

“He told me that.”

A slightly ironic smile hung on Sean Smith’s face.

“So why don’t you move? Are you waiting for me to kneel and beg you?”

Amber White did not move.

“Sean, I did not agree with that.”

“The location of the old house is too far from the city center, it is not very convenient to go back and forth.”

“I don’t want to trouble you every time…”

Sean Smith frowned.

He misunderstood Amber White as usual. Whenever she said a word, Sean Smith subconsciously interpreted the deep meaning of her words.

Hearing this, Sean Smith looked at Amber White with some doubt.

Was she planning to get a car from him?

Did she know that the circuitous approach was useless, and she planned to expose her true thoughts?

Not only she wanted to be Mrs. Smith, but also planned to ask him for money and property?

Sean Smith twitched at the corner of his mouth.

When Sean just wanted to talk, his eyes fell on Amber White’s mobile phone, with shining blue light on it, and the words “Lu Yi” were pierced in the eyes of Sean Smith.

His jade-like pupils shrank violently.

“Last night, Dad and I made it clear.”

“Did he call you again today?”

Her expression did not seem to be fake.

Sean Smith sneered, and that’s right. If he wasn’t existed, Amber White didn’t need to hold it back. Maybe she would immediately hooked up with a man.

How could the old man’s phone call come in?

He stretched out his big hand, and pointed at the direction of the phone: “Director White, it seems you haven’t finished talking on the phone.”

Amber White licked her lips. When she was talking on the phone with Lu Yi, she did not avoid Sean Smith.

The man leaned on the sofa, his eyes were dark and it’s difficult to distinguish what he was thinking now.

Although Amber White’s phone was hung up quickly, Sean Smith also listened to their conversation.

What she and Lu Yi discussed was nothing more than the news last night.

Also, let Lu Yi help pay attention to the fact that if a photo of Cindy White showed in the newspaper, she wanted Lu Yi could help her withdraw it.

Amber White was amazing, just by her femininity, she could let the Smith Group’s superior public relations director help her.

After all, sometimes, he, the president, can’t Lu Yi do something!

“Director White, you took advantage of your work to deal with personal matters, and you are quite familiar with it. It seems that you have done it always?”

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