Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 257: It’s Not Your Company

Amber White was stunned.


If Sean Smith had to think so, then this matter can be regarded as Sean Smith’s personal affair too !

The corner of Amber’s mouth twitched slightly.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Amber White, the public relations department I raise is the Smith Group’s public relations department. It is used to deal with the Smith Group’s related work, you can’t treat it as your public relations team!”


Amber White squeezed the phone tightly.

There was a smile on her face, and it did not dissipate for a while.

Sean Smith moved his body uncomfortably. Although Amber White was smiling, the smile was too awkward and too indifferent.

It was the same as Amber White he saw in the company on weekdays.

“Sean, I can call Lu Yi and let him stop paying attention to Cindy’s photos.”

“But are you sure that you want Cindy, who is known by everyone in the name of Sean Smith’s daughter?”

Sean Smith choked.

His brain paused intermittently.

He rolled his eyes and fixed his gaze on Amber White.

So, last night, Amber White went to the old man to help him because he took Cindy White to Ye Se and was photographed by the reporter?

She thought that everyone had seen Cindy’s face, and he would recognize the identity of Cindy White?

He originally thought Ye Se’s reporter had nothing to do with Amber White.

Now it seemed that he was right!

This matter must be Amber White’s new plan!

He had fell into her trap again!

“Amber White, I underestimated you!”

Amber White sneered, unable to see the emotion on her face.

“Sean, Cindy and I won’t go to the old house. If you want to…”


Sean Smith couldn’t help but interrupted what Amber White hadn’t finished.

The named Cindy White looked up.

If Amber White said they wouldn’t go there, and they just stayed at home, then he was very shameless!

Sean Smith said again: “Let’s go to grandma’s house.”

The old house of the Smith family.

When Sean Smith and Amber White arrived, they were just in time for lunch.

When they entered the door, Mrs. Smith eyes lit up.

“Sean is here? Mama Zhang, go get three more sets of tableware and some dishes!”

Hearing this, Tomas Smith slapped his chopsticks on the table and his expression became gloomy: “Bastard, aren’t you coming back?”

Sean Smith lazily smiled, holding Cindy White in his arms, and sneered:

“Didn’t you say that my mother missed her granddaughter?”

“I didn’t come to see you!”

“Anyway, I have to fulfill my mother’s wish.”

Mrs. Smith was confused.

She missed granddaughter?

Which granddaughter could be missed by her? Her son never touched Amber White, who’s her granddaughter?

Thinking about it, the smile on Mrs. Smith’s face chilled.

She turned her head, gave Tomas Smith an angry look, and asked, “What did you say? Sean has been living apart from his wife over the years. Where did my granddaughter come from?”

“If I miss my granddaughter, I have to let Sean fulfill my wish!”

Tomas Smith slapped the tabletop sharply, and the porcelain bowl and the tabletop made a crisp sound. Mrs. Smith was abruptly shocked.

“Shut up!”

Amber White had known for a long time that this would be the case when she came to the old house of the Smith family.

Sean Smith was whip repeatedly by Tomas Smith because of her. If Mrs. Smith treated her so well, she would be afraid.

However, even though she was mentally prepared before she came, when Mrs. Smith spoke and aimed at Cindy, she was still a little bit sad when she was facing Cindy.

Mama Zhang and Mama Li walked out with the tableware, Tomas Smith looked at Amber White: “Amber, have a seat, you must be hungry!”

“Mama Li, go to the kitchen and add a vegetable dish, Amber likes it.”

Sean Smith’s eyes darkened, and his grip on Cindy White tightened.

The old man probably didn’t even know what he liked to eat, Amber White must have witched the old man!

As soon as the three of them sat down, Tomas Smith looked at Amber White softly: “What happened to the news last night?”

His voice was calm, they couldn’t feel his emotions, as if the old man was asking how ordinary the weather was.

Amber White gave an egg to Cindy White and sat on the side. Jiang Xue, who has been acting as a transparent person, rolled her eyes and smiled:

“Dad, Sean took his little daughter to Ye Se is to give her a good experience!”

“Cindy will thank Sean in the future, right? Amber?”

Amber White squeezed the hand. She raised her head, glanced around Jiang Xue’s beautiful face, and smiled.

“It turns out that the second sister-in-law used to gain a good experience on such occasions when you were young?”

“It’s no wonder that until now, I can still hear your love affairs now and then.”

Jiang Xue choked.

Mrs. Smith looked over suspiciously, “What?”

Amber White swept towards Jiang Xue as if nothing happened.

When the news of Sean Smith’s wife abuse scandal first came out, what Amber White said when she came back, instantly sounded to Jiang Xue’s ears.

She knew what happened at Chaohe Casino clearly, and she might still be holding her evidence.

Jiang Xue was cold and suddenly remembered the ending of Shen Ruyun.

“Mom, mom! I’m joking with Amber!”

She replied stiffly, and the smile on her face couldn’t hold back.

“Is it?”

Mrs. Smith looked suspiciously at Amber White.

“If the second sister-in-law said yes, then so be it!”

Amber White didn’t lift her head either. Cindy White was a bit picky, she put back the vegetables that Amber put in her bowl.

Tomas Smith glared at Jiang Xue unhappily, and said, “What are you talking about? We even didn’t ask you anything.”

“Sean Smith, I asked you what happened last night?”

In just three days, Tomas Smith flicked Sean Smith twice. When Tomas Smith spoke, Mrs. Smith can feel her husband’s tone became heavier, and she was a little panicked and worried that Tomas Smith would beat Sean again.

“Tomas, the child just sat down, what can’t you say after the meal?”

“Shut up!” Tomas Smith scolded indifferently: “Is he still a kid now? Which kid is out there every day with constant news, fooling around in sensual places?”

Mrs. Smith: “…”

Sean Smith stretched out his hand and stopped his mother: “Second Sister-in-law is right, I just took my daughter to Ye Se to have a good experience!”

There was a bit of cynicism on his face, and the accent in the two words “my daughter” sounded very sarcasm.

Tomas Smith’s expression sank instantly.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Sean Smith felt that it was not enough, he fiddled with the rice grains in the bowl with his chopsticks.

“It’s not what happened all yesterday, your good daughter-in-law has a good way of hooking up with men. She asked me to go to Ritz-Carlton to accompany Mr. Lin for dinner!”

“You don’t know how popular she is. In the public, President Lin swore an oath with me, he wanted to let Amber White divorce with me…”


There was a pain on his forehead, and Sean Smith only felt that there was warm liquid on his forehead, sliding down the forehead.

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