Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 258: Sean Made Dad Angry

With a scream from Mrs. Smith who was sitting next to Sean Smith, she suddenly sat up.

The chair rubbed against the ground, making a harsh scream.

“My god! Blood! Mama Li, call the doctor now…”

“Stop! No one can move!”

Tomas Smith shouted, the atmosphere in the living room stagnated.

“You damn stupid man, how dare you to let Amber be a shot girl!”

“Because of you, you asshole! How many people have been discussing our family over the years?”

He was furious, grabbed the dish on the table, and smashed it in the direction of Sean Smith:

“I’ll kill you!”

The atmosphere was on the verge.

Amber White was also shocked, especially when there were pieces of porcelain shattered under her feet, she suddenly recovered.

For half a second, Cindy White suddenly cried.


Another plate flew over, and Sean Smith just sat still, he didn’t move at all. Amber White stretched out her hand to stop it.

A sharp tingling came from the right hand, and the pain made Amber White gasped.

Tomas Smith saw that Amber White was accidentally injured, his expression changed, he stopped.


“Dad, I agreed to negotiate a contract with President Lin.”

“Besides, Sean helped me.”

“If Sean wasn’t with me yesterday, Cindy might have lost it again. My phone turned off and Sean could not find me, that’s why he would go to Ye Se.”

Tomas Smith’s expression was so complex.

Amber White’s hand was sore, she tried to move her hand, but she couldn’t even hold the chopsticks.

Amber White blinked, then she continued to say: “Dad, Sean did something wrong, but it’s not just wrong.”

“You are not in good health. Don’t always get so angry because of a little thing.”

Amber White’s face was very pale, and as soon as Sean Smith lowered his head, he saw her trembling hands.

He was taken aback first.

Amber White was injured?

As soon as this thought came out, it was cut off by Sean Smith.

No, no, maybe it’s just Amber White’s trick again.

The old man hit him with a dish and hit him on his head. He didn’t even shake. Why did Amber White pretend to be painful?

Did Amber White want to show her fake good intentions?

If she wanted to stop the old man, she should have done it as early as the old man started.

The corners of Sean Smith’s mouth curled up, his fingers stretched out, and squeezed on his forehead. The white fingertips were smeared with blood.

He sat on the chair, his eyes were deep.

The wound on his face was not embarrassing, but added more charming feeling to him.

“Director White, why do you have so many plays!”

“You are willing to come over, don’t you just want to see my dad hit me, why do you stop him now? Just let him kill me, won’t you vent your anger?”

Tomas Smith had calmed down and turned angry again.

“Sean, shut up!”

Mrs. Smith also got angry. If it wasn’t for Sean Smith, she was worried about anything wrong with Sean, she would like to hit him together with Tomas!

What kind of stupid son did she have?

Was Sean an idiot? Tomas Smith was so angry now, he had to say this, and made his father angrier!

Sean Smith still wanted to talk, and Amber White stretched out her left hand and grabbed his clothes.

“Sean, my hand hurts. Can you take me to the hospital?”

Sean Smith’s eyes moved.

Amber White ordered him, and it was quite handy!

Should he call Amber White as Master White?

The smile on his face was somewhat sarcasm.

“I didn’t see anything wrong with Director White before, now you’re delicate?”

“Director White, you are a nice actress when you are in front of my dad.”

Amber White’s words was stopped.

She glanced lightly at Sean Smith.

“I won’t go to the hospital, and you don’t have to pretend to be obedient in front of my parents. I won’t appreciate you!”

“Amber White, I advise you to be less tricky!”

There was a mess in the living room, Jiang Xue twitched at the corner of her mouth, with a hint of fun.

Tomas Smith’s body was trembling with anger, “Sean Smith, you…you go to the studying room and kneel!”

“Get out of my face now!”


Sean Smith twitched at the corner of his mouth and got up from the stool.

With blood on his head, his mother felt distressed.

“Tomas, Sean has an injury, and his forehead is bleeding. I’ll call the doctor over and let him have a body check for Sean and Amber?”

Tomas Smith’s expression became heavier upon hearing this.

“Mama Zhang, call the doctor over and let him check Amber’s hand!”

Tomas Smith gritted his teeth and said bitterly, “As for that man, no one can care about him without my permission!”

“For him, he has no conscience at all. He won’t need the doctor, otherwise, he would think that my kindness is fake too!”

The dining table was almost smashed by Tomas Smith. After he finished speaking, he turned and went upstairs.

Few people were left in the living room. Jiang Xue saw that the matter had been settled down, and worried about Amber White would aim at her, so as soon as Tomas Smith left, she sneaked away.

The door of the studying room was wide open, and Sean Smith stretched his waist, kneeling on the ground, and cast a shadow in Cindy White’s eyes.

She reached out her fleshy hand and wiped wet tears on her face.

“Mommy, why does Dad always quarrel with grandpa?”

Amber White didn’t know to answer her question.

“Mom, my father was so fierce just now, I didn’t like him like that.”

She took a step in the direction of Amber White.

Cindy White was only three years old, and her eyes were foggy and looked pitiful.

“Mommy, is your hand still hurting?”

Amber White felt soft in her heart.

“If you can comfort me, then it won’t hurt.”

Cindy White cleverly leaned forward, and her small furry head leaned on Amber White’s hand. Then she touched Amber’s hand softly and comforted her.

“Thank you. Cindy, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Cindy White’s eyes brightened, but she was not very interested: “Mommy, I don’t like here. I want to go home.”

“Mommy, when shall we go back?”

A wave of ripples appeared in Amber White’s eyes.

She knew that Cindy White was young and she didn’t come here very often, but every time Tomas Smith had to lose his temper, so Cindy didn’t like this place.

“We can’t go back now.”

“You’re a good girl, right?”

Cindy White pursed her small mouth, as if she wanted to talk, but she stopped.

Amber White noticed that Cindy always glanced at the studying room from time to time and knew that Cindy White was worried about Sean Smith.

The doctor came quickly. Amber White’s hand hurt, but the doctor touched her wrist and dropped a blood-activating ointment.

Upon seeing this, Mrs. Smith’s eyes turned red.

Amber White had no problem at all. Tomas Smith was at least willing to call her a doctor, but Sean Smith’s bleeding now and Tomas Smith refused to let the doctor treat him, but he didn’t even agree to let them go in for bandaging!

The doctor came quickly and left quickly.

As soon as he left, Mrs. Smith took the medicine out and stuffed it into Amber White’s hand.

“Amber White, Sean was injured, go in and have a look!”

“You don’t want him to have anything wrong, do you?”

Amber White did not answer her, then she said, “Mom, you know that, it’s Sean, he made Dad angry.”

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