Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 259: A Good Daughter in Law

“As long as he listens to Dad, let alone doctor, it won’t be a problem to send him to hospital!” it sounded like a rejection when Amber White said this.

Mrs. Smith’s face changed instantly, “Okay. Fine!”

“Amber, you won’t listen to what I say, will you?”

“Do you think you can ignore everyone because of your backing?”

Amber White was stunned, “Mom, I didn’t mean it that way.”

“You didn’t mean it that way?” Mrs. Smith sneered, “I think you are dying to see Sean drops dead in the study!”

“Amber, I agree with your marriage with Sean because you said your bone marrow could save him!”

“However, since you entered the door, Sean is always hurt. It’s like you torture him. I’m worried if he can survive leukemia…” Mrs. Smith said as tears rolled down her cheek.

Amber White sipped her lips and reached out for the medical kit, “Mom, let me see Sean. I can’t guarantee whether he will agree with me to bandage his wound.”

“Okay.” said Mrs. Smith with hostile eyes.

“Amber, every time Sean is injured, it has something to do with you.”

“If you’re so great, you must find a way to help him take care of his wound.”

Amber White frowned. She always felt that her mother-in-law’s words were too harsh. She said it as if Sean Smith’s wound was not treated well because she was unwilling to do it.

Mrs. Smith, of course, didn’t care what Amber White thought of her. She stuffed the kit into Amber White’s hands with strength. Before making sure that she held it well, Mrs. Smith let go of the kit.

The kit hurt Amber White’s wrist. She subconsciously let of the kit and it fell to the ground. The alcohol, the ointment, and the bandage were smashed to the ground. She screamed.

Mrs. Smith turned around and looked at Amber White in disbelief. She seemed to have misunderstood Amber White. Amber White tried to explain, “Mom—”

“Amber, if you want to take care of Sean’s wound, just say it. You don’t have to break the kit, right?” Mrs. Smith patted her chest and interrupted her.

The container filled with alcohol was smashed to pieces leaving a strong and pungent smell on the air. Mrs. Smith’s face was black and blue.

Amber White touched her wrist, frowned, and said, “Mom, I didn’t mean it. My wrist—

Mrs. Smith sneered.

“Amber, can you think of a better reason? The Smith’s family doctor is the best doctor exists and we spent a lot of money to hire him!”

“The situation in the family is unknown to public. Don’t you understand?”

“That old doctor is good at Chinese medicine. He treats you already!”

“It’s just a little bruise. Why are you being so dramatic about it?!”

Mrs. Smith trembled with anger.

Tomas Smith has just hit Sean Smith on the head with a plate. The fresh blood was still flowing. The old man, however, turned a blind on his son’s condition. It took a while for his anger to die down that he misused the doctor. When the old doctor came, he asked him to check on Amber White’s wrist instead.

Amber White’s hand trembled. She thought Mrs. Smith was not making any sense. She crouched down, picked up all the unusable things on the ground, and put it back to the kit. She picked it up with her left hand and entered the study without saying a word.

Mrs. Smith trembled even more. Her face was consumed by anger. She was a lady of self-control and etiquette, but Amber White annoyed her too much that she forgot about it all. She raised her hand, pointed at Amber White, and shouted sarcastically, “What a good daughter-in-law you are!”

Sister Zhang was about to say something, but she closed her mouth again. Finally, she said, “Madam, just now I saw the young lady’s face was pale and her forehead was sweaty. I think…”

“… what the young lady said is true.”

Amber White heard the conversation. She opened the door of the study and Sean Smith, who was inside, heard the conversation as well.

As soon as Amber White was inside, Sean Smith looked at her face. The light in the study was sufficient. Amber White carried the kit with her left hand. It was a hot summer, Amber White was wearing a thin clothes. The skin on was wrist was as white as snow and it seemed to be swollen.

She walked toward him with shoulder-length hair let down. The only thing ruining the view was the cold sweat on her forehead.

Sean Smith’s eyes darkened. So, just now in the dining room, she was not pretending? Was her hand really uncomfortable?

Amber White hated him to death. It was probably one of her tricks. Wasn’t Amber White a doctor herself? If she loved herself so much, why let herself suffer? Besides, his father was in the house. She was, of course, trying to kill him.

Sean Smith was busy thinking; he didn’t realize Amber White was near and crouching down in front of him. The faint fragrance of her body filled his nose. She didn’t bother to say hello and directly grabbed the medical kit. She took a wet wipes and wiped the blood off his forehead. The cool touch took him back to his senses. Amber White was holding a tweezer with alcohol soaked cotton balls and leaning toward him. He backed away.


His eyes were cold. The light seemed to have all moved to his eyes making them bright, but gloomy at the same time. He looked like an ancient king, lazy and dull.

Sean Smith vaguely found something strange with Amber White. The hand she used to hold the tweezers was shaking. He was dumbfounded. He had met all kinds of people, but now, he couldn’t the truth from lies because it was Amber White who was hurt.

It was difficult for him to decide whether Amber White was worthy of concern and whether she was really injured.

Three years ago, Sean Smith knew that Amber White was scheming. He felt that she could even sacrifice her body to reach her goals.

He bit his lips and frowned deeply. He stared at Amber White with burning eyes.

Amber White loosened her hand as her lashes flickered, “President Smith, your mother is still outside. You’re seriously injured and she is worried.”

“I know you don’t like me, but at this time, no one dares to come to the study and take care of your injury.”

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