Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 25: Why do you always make trouble for her?

Tang Tian came back to the room, the atomosphere here now is still high, her sight falls directly on the Lv bag and cellphone besides Sean Smith.
She puts on smiles and comes to sit besides Sean Smith with her waist waving.
Sean Smith’s good-looking, even in the entertainment circel, Tang Tian has never seen such handsome face.
He’s so shining among the crowds. Tang Tian is drawn by him in great way.
Since she and Amber are absent, there’s a vacancy on the side of Sean Smith. He holds a glass with his wrist moving around. The liquid inside turns to be so colourful in the shadow of lights.

After seconds later, he then raises his head and drink the liquid.
He finishes the set of moves smoothly without losing elegance.
Tang Tian darkens her sight, she thinks Sean Smith is in bad mood right now, so she holds him by arms and says to him with sexy smile:”Sean, you seems unhappy, i’ve already gave her a lesson, just forget about her!”

Sean Smith takes disgust look at Tang Tian, he thinks subconsciously that the lesson Tang Tian means was the drink thing, so he don’t think so much and pushes her directly off from him. Suddenly Tang Tian changes her expression on the face.
He then takes a glance at her with a despise look.
These women are all the same, in this world, seems there’s only Manman who shows him her sincere heart.
He closes his eyes slowly, the kind of look which can push away everyone, though Tang Tian feel so wronged right now, she dares not to make a fuss.
After few minutes later, Shen says to Sean Smith something in a very low voice.
“Director White said she needs to go to the bathroom, but it’s been half hour, she’s still not back here, i have to check on her!”
Hearing this, Sean Smith turns his head to see the seat besides him. Amber is not here. No wonder he feels here is so quiet.

Someone sees Sean Smith is now fixing his sight on Amber’s bags, she then instantly holds Shen’s mouth in case she speaks some words that may stir Sean Smith’s nerves.
Feeling Sean Smith’s sight moves to her, she kinds sweats a bit and puts on a stiff smile:”Smith? President Smith, Shen is now so drunk, you see, if there’s nothing needs her to do, i’ll send her home.”
Sean Smith stays silent there with an inexplicable look.
She went to the bathroom for half hour? How is that possible?

She’s so good at faking, everyday she puts on a good mom look, he thought she cares so much about Cindy, but she even rejects to have few drinks. He has never seen such hypocritical woman before.
At the thought of this, he suddenly stands up with furious look.
Amber White, you are indeed something! You not only leave the present early but also leave the bag and phone here as a cover! He’s not that silly.
Sean Smith then takes his coat and walks outside. Seeing this, Tang Tian takes her bag too and follow him behind.

“Sean, wait me!”
Tang Tian follows him all the way down to the parking lot, but he’s not there. All she gets is tons of gases from cars.

On the second day,
Sean Smith comes to work few minutes late, he hears the noise the moment when he enters into the office, Lu Yi rushes into with angor.
“Sean Smith, what did you do to Amber? Why she’s not working here today?”
Sean Smith stays silent and moves his sight to Xu Lin who follows behind Lu Yi.
Feeling the sight from Sean Smith, Xu Lin gets stiff there all of a sudden and says hurriedly:”President, i cannot stop director Lu.”
“Sean Smith, Amber hasn’t picked up the phone until now and she’s not home too, why you always make troubles for her?”
Sean Smith then cold hums a voice:”are you her husband? Why you always keep an eye on her?”
He thought at first that Amber will do as she promised, but now seems she’s a liar. All she’s good at is seducing men, look at the man in front of him, he’s totally attracted by her, seems his heart is all on her.

Sean Smith sits there while says in a playful tone:”i wouldn’t know this if you don’t tell me, Xu Lin.”
Xu Lin comes forward and says:”President.”
“You go look up at the company rules, what will be the punishment for a director who fails to fufill her responsibilities at work? Director White has got so many awards before, she surely has enough savings.”

Lu Yi’s face is now a bit sullen, he says to Sean Smith in a cold tone:”Sean Smith, are you a person? What did she do to make you so hateful to her?”
“Do you know what has happened in the bedroom three years ago?”
Sean Smith narrows his eyes and falls his sight on Lu Yi.
Lu Yi’s face is now being redish because of angor.

“You argued with Amber and forced her to birth premature, but you flashed out her cellphone card, it’s you who forced her to have a c-cection in the bathtub!”
“You have no idea how scary that was, we are talking about two lives, how cruel your heart is to cover your eyesj and let her suffer?”
Sean Smith dazes there all of a sudden.
Three years ago, he knew from Amber some information about the left of Manman. Amber then had a fight with him, and she did ask him to send her to the hospital, but he left with angor was because the marriage between them was arranged by his mom.
He thought even if he cut off all of her outside relation, the people his mom arranged would still keep an eye on her and would not let her die!
At that time, he had only hatred for her, but he never thought she would do this to protect Cindy’s life!
Besides, he always thought she’s just stomache, it’s the trick she used on him, he did not know she would birth premature.

He feels so stuff in the heart right now. All of a sudden, he feels pity for her.
She never tought his mom don’t like her too!
Sean Smith closes his lips tightly and then frowns there.
No, it cannot be!

That woman is so good at using tricks, how come he’s sure it’s not one of her tricks?
What if she’s really acting? Lu Yi has been addicted into her so much, so he surely speaks for her. Maybe he’s her helper.
She did c-section for herself, is she a saint?
How much blood will she bleed if she indeed cut her belly? If that is the case, there might already some grass on her tomb!
He’s not a three-year-old kid. How come she uses such words to fool him?
No way!

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