Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 26 Should I call the police

Lu Yi saw Sean Smith was pondering with his eyebrow low, didn’t know what he was thinking, he thought he had a guilty conscience to Amber White.

His face calmed down a little, but the anger in his heart could not be suppressed. He only managed to suppress the anger in his voice: “Sean Smith, Amber White is your wife. In the past three years, you don’t know what she has gone through.”

“Everyone sneered at her and made difficulties for her. So far, Family Smith has refused to recognize Cindy as their child! Just because of your attitude toward her, they all said Cindy was a wild child, and Amber White married you for the Family Smith’s money.”

“She’s only three years old! Sean?”

“She was a wild child, and you can’t let anyone else talk about it?” Sean Smith suddenly opened his mouth, blocked the next words of Lu Yi.

Sean Smith’s eyes like the winter snow and ice, cold and bone-chilling.

“Why, when she married to Family Smith with a wild child, did she still want to ask my parents to kneel down and lick her every day to thank her for me and gave our family succession?”

“Cousin, you have repeatedly defended her and that wild child, should not you are the one who made her pregnant three years ago, aren’t you?”

Lu Yi was asked by Sean Smith like this so as to turn pale.

He came to advise Sean Smith with good intention, he didn’t know good or bad even, unexpectedly also slander him!

Although this was not the first time that Sean Smith did, he could not bear it.

Lu Yi worry about Amber White in the heart, looked at Sean Smith with a light look, with a thin tone: “Sean Smith, you had better not regret one day!”

Sean Smith laughed out loudly, full of irony.

See him so unreasonable, Lu Yi stood in place for two seconds more, the in the mind is full of contempt for himself.

He must have been crazy to come over and say something to Sean Smith!

Lu Yi thought of this, didn’t say a word, directly out of the president’s office, intended to look for Amber White again.

In the large office, only a room of cold atmosphere, Sean Smith sat alone behind the desk, the temperament on his body as if winter snow, rustling down only cool.

After a moment’s hesitation, Xu Lin asked in a low voice, “President, do you want to call the police?”

“Call the police?”

Sean Smith looked at Xu Lin obliquely and motioned to him to say the reason.

“Director White has been working for three years. She is a well-known strong woman in the company. She never leaves early or late. Mr. Lu’s words seem to be not false, so I am worried that something may have happened to Director White. So?? I suggest to calling the police first!”

Sean Smith stared at Xu Lin in silence.

This look makes Xu Lin’s hair creepy; there is a kind of wait for an opportunity to move by a viper on the fear.

Sean Smith felt that the means Amber White used to win popular support were really brilliant, even Xu Lin who had a little relationship with her on work, also could constantly bear the pressure he exerted on him, proving Amber White’s sense of existence in front of him,!


“You have plenty of time, haven’t you?”

Sean Smith’s tone, gentle and thin, but the pressure on Xu Lin made him cannot breathe.

“I’ll go to work now!”

He turned around but was shouted at by Sean Smith. “Xu Lin, if you say something in front of me that makes me feel like a waste of time, I don’t mind changing you by another special assistant who doesn’t make me feel like a waste of time, do you understand?”

Xu Lin’s body was shaken, and it took a long time for a word to spill out of his mouth: “Yes!”

After Xu Lin said that, he came out from the president’s office. When he opened the door, Gu Jinyan just about to step in. Gu Jinyan looks handsome, stop gestures, eyebrows up.

“Secretary Xu, where’s Smith?”

It’s not a secret that Gu Jinyan and Sean Smith are in a good relationship in Tong City; moreover, Gu Jinyan’s face is too iconic to be stopped by the reception in the front desk.

So did Xu Lin.

“The president is inside, please Gu Shao.”

Gu Jinyan smiled and patted Xu Lin on the shoulder with one hand. He was in a good mood and said, “All right, go to work.”

He directly across Xu Lin, as soon as he entered the office, he saw Sean Smith who was sitting behind his desk and looking down at the documents, his fingers pressed on top of A4 paper, heard the movement lifted his eyelids, gave Gu Jinyan a cool look.

Sean Smith has been like this for so many years, Gu Jinyan had accustomed to it.

Sitting on the sofa not far from his desk, he began to say with a mockery: “Smith, look at XuLin’s face, you must have lost your temper again, have you?”

Sean Smith didn’t move, a layer of light frost condensed between his eyebrows, don’t know if he acquiesced in this sentence.

But Gu Jinyan thought he acquiesced, tone of ridicule was more deeper: “You are not a big girl, why do you have so much temper every day?”

Sean Smith finally reacted. He lifted his eyebrows, glanced sideways at Gu Jinyan, and asked coldly, “Why, are you here to say this nonsense? Shall I call Xu Lin in to send you off?”

Gu Jinyan suddenly stood up from the sofa, smiled and said: “No, no, no, I’ll don’t make a scene, I have a business!”

Sean Smith didn’t believe, glanced up and down a circle of Gu Jinyan, slightly disgusted: “What kind of business do you have?”

Gu Jinyan also didn’t mind, striding to Sean Smith, patted two times on the desk which blocked his steps.

This noise forced Sean Smith to wring his eyebrows. Then Gu Jinyan said, “Have you read today’s newspaper?”

Sean Smith had no interest, he thought for a moment, yesterday he had been to participate in the celebration, and left the scene ahead of schedule, without a woman accompanying him, it shouldn’t have to do with him!

“What? Something interesting?”

Gu Jinyan directly handed over the newspaper in his hand, from the moment he entered the door, Sean Smith noticed that he was holding a newspaper in his hand, he reached out and took a glance at it, and it was nothing nutritious gossip.

“General Manager Lin of GR Construction, Lin Han, you know?”

Sean Smith picked a deep eyebrow, said secretly in his heart, not only know, in order to frustrate Amber White’s prestige yesterday, he also invited Lin Han to attend the celebration banquet within the Family Smith!

Gu Jinyan added: “Last night someone photographed him taking a beautiful woman to a hotel to open a room. Add to that the incident that Amber White had told us before, the stock of GR Construction fell again and again. Would you like to take it?”

“At this time, you and I, we buy GR shares at a low price in the market. We can take the opportunity to directly enter the board of directors of GR and swallow up GR Construction!” Gu Jinyan added.

After Gu Jinyan finished, his mouth was dry, but Sean Smith smiled indifferently.

“Why, you’re not moved?”

Sean Smith curled his mouth.

Gu Jinyan’s eyebrows picked and he blurted out a sentence with a ridicule tone: “All right, Smith! You just back to Smith Group for only a month, but became so ambitious, even can’t look upon GR construction!”

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