Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 260: Was Something Wrong With Your Hand?

“President Smith, mom let me in. we’re against dad on this. If you don’t cherish this opportunity, dad will come downstairs and argue with mom—”

“Is something wrong with your hand?” asked Sean Smith faintly. Amber White’s prepared speech was stuck on her throat.

She glanced at Sean Smith suspiciously. After all, it was his first time caring about her.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll take some medicine later. President Smith, if you care about my hand, I hope you can cooperate with me and let me treat the wound for you.”

He sneered, “Amber, what you are up to?”

“Do you want me to care about you?”

“Oh, right, you want me to care about you so that if something goes wrong, you can ask dad to cut off my right hand to compensate you!”

Amber White rolled her eyes. She tightened grip on the tweezers. A sharp pain stung her wrist. Her lashes flickered and she unconsciously let go. The tweezers fell to the ground. Sean Smith shrank.

Amber White stood up and said, “Sean, since you won’t let me take care of your wound, I’ll take my leave now. I refuse to meddle with ungrateful person.”

“I’m uncomfortable. I’ll take Cindy back with me!”

After that, she turned around and walked toward the door. However, after two steps, her arms were grabbed by a strong force behind her. Her body was smashed back. Amber White was surprised; she fell into Sean Smith’s arms. She stared at his blurred line of sight with widened eyes. He smirked. Amber White subconsciously reached out her hand to push him away, but the gap of strength between them was significant. She struggled so hard, but she couldn’t roll out of his arms.

“How are you feeling?”

“Are you not feeling well? It’s a bold move for Inspector White to come back home. Who dares to make you uncomfortable?”

“Come on. Let’s hear it.”

His eyes darkened. He held her waist tightly and stood up, “Let’s go to the hospital.”

Amber White was stunned. She had not yet reacted and Sean Smith went straight to the topic.


“Amber, I don’t want you to use your hand and let me owe you something.”

“I cannot afford it.”

Amber White took a deep breath. Sometimes, she hated herself for knowing him too well. Now, for example, his words were nothing but satire. She had been with him for three years with her bone marrow and all. Amber White was silent.

Sean Smith flinched. He leaned and looked at Amber White. She was frowning. It looked like that she was not in a good mood. Sean Smith might have pissed her off. He never really looked her emotions other than smirk.

However, these days, she looked like she was heartbroken, desperate, and helpless. Those faces didn’t escape Sean Smith’s eyes. She was impatient and somehow, it made him feel strange. He was not impatient. How dare she put on such face?

Sean Smith clasped her waist and pulled it hard. Amber White couldn’t help leaning forward. Their bodies grinded.

“My hand is fine, President Smith. Don’t forget dad punishes you to kneel in the study.”


Sean Smith didn’t say a word. Amber White actually took him seriously when he was willing to take her to the hospital. He was worried about her hand. It was probably her another card and she would use it to let his father punish him. He had to take her to the hospital and found out what other tricks she had up her sleeve. Besides, she was a marketing manager. Her hands were much more valuable than her.

Amber White, however, didn’t want to go the hospital with Sean Smith, “I’m not going.”

Sean Smith was annoyed. He leaned down and buckled her waist. The next second, Amber White was swept off the floor. He carried her on his shoulder completely ignoring her struggles.

Outside the study, they met Mrs. Smith.

“Mom, I’m going to the hospital with Amber.”

Mrs. Smith certainly wanted him to go to the hospital. However, Sean Smith had disobeyed Tomas Smith’s order. It was not good for him to go to the hospital at this moment.

Mrs. Smith’s complexion was not good, “Sean, if you go out now, your father will come out and beat you.”

“Also, why are you lifting her up that way? What a shame. Put her down.”

Sean Smith sneered, “What is he going to be unhappy about? I’m taking his beloved daughter-in-law to the hospital. That’s a good thing, no?”

“Mom, in dad’s eyes, why everything I do is wrong?”

Mrs. Smith choked.

He put Amber White down. Her face was red and her hair was messy, but she was so beautiful it didn’t bother her.

“How old is she? Cant she go to the hospital herself?”

“It looks like I wrong her now. Don’t you understand our doctors?”

Sean Smith was running out of patience. He didn’t intend to explain so much to his mother.

Avoiding her wrist, Sean Smith grabbed her arm and said, “Mom, don’t think about this matter. Just take care of Cindy at home.”

“My patience has limits.”

After that, Sean Smith dragged Amber White out of the door and stuffed her into his Maserati.

“President Smith, I can leave Cindy alone. I’ll go to the hospital, but I’ll take Cindy with me as well.”

He snorted coldly and eyes her head to toe.

“My mother indeed has an objection toward you, but she will not harm the children.”

“Besides, my dad is still here. What are you worrying about?”

Sean Smith started the car. When the car was driven out of the Smith residence, his complexion got worse, especially when he looked at Amber White’s cold face. He slammed the steering wheel and frowned, “Amber, why are you so ungrateful?”

“I take you to the hospital myself. My mom helps you take care of the child. What are you not satisfied about?”

Amber White was in no position to be arrogant.

“Sean, last time Dad and you were there, but you let Shen Ruyun take Cindy away!”

“The palm print on her face has not disappeared yet!”

“You’re asking me what dissatisfaction I have, right? What about I ask you what can be done to satisfy you?”

His eyes deepened.

“This will not happen for the second time. You better curb your anger.”

“Why don’t you think about what’s going to happen after seeing the doctor?”

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