Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 261: Fracture

The car took a turn and stopped at the gate of a hospital. Amber White was pulled by Sean Smith and came out in a hurry. She was only wearing slippers and light jacket.

When Sean Smith arrived, the director of the hospital was already waiting outside. He pushed Amber White forward and said, “Do x-ray examination on her wrist.”

After that, Sean Smith lit a cigarette. Amber White was taken inside by the nurse. Halfway through, she looked back and glanced at Sean Smith. He stood at the end of the corridor breathing out the smoke out of his lungs. He was aware of Amber White’s gaze, he turned his head and smiled sarcastically.

Sean Smith walked through the private passage in the hospital. He didn’t wait long until the result was out. His injury was also treated by the nurse.

“Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith’s wrist has been hit. It fractures.”


His face stiffened. He glanced at Amber White. When she heard the nurse’s words, her face didn’t change. It didn’t seem that she was disturbed.

Sean Smith was vaguely guilty. He seemed to have misunderstood Amber White and even said so many unpleasant words. His face stiffened again.

He thought that Amber White was a strong woman with strong bones. He didn’t know that she was so fragile that her bone was fractured.

Amber White was not pretending in front of his father. It was not a trick.

Sean Smith was in a bad mood. The attending doctor was still talking, “the fracture is not serious. We can cast the fractured wrist, but it may not be able to function properly. It can’t—”

Sean Smith’s phone rang.

Amber White glanced at his direction. He frowned and said, “What are you looking at? Aren’t you going to cast your wrist? What are you doing standing there?”

“You’re old enough. Do I have to accompany you to get it done?”

Amber White put on a strange smile. Sean Smith’s face darkened. He watched her turning around and following the doctor. Sean Smith took his phone out and found out that it was Xu Lin calling him. He frowned remembering what he asked Xu Lin to do. He looked up and walked out of the doctor’s office.

He walked to the corridor. It was a VIP chamber. There were not many people passing by; even the smell of ethanol in the air was not too strong.

“What is it?” Sean Smith asked, “Is the result out yet?”

When he asked this, he tightened his grip on the phone and his other hand unconsciously rubbed his neckline.

Xu Lin took a deep breath and hesitated, “It’s not about the result…”


The atmosphere was frozen. Even through the phone, Xu Lin could feel the imminent pressure exerted by Sean Smith.

Xu Lin st ammered, “Sir, Sir… I just received a strange phone call saying that this person saw Miss Lin at Muguang…”

Sean Smith’s heart skipped a beat.

Miss Lin?

That Miss Lin?

His throat was parched with thirst. He narrowed his eyes and asked, “Who?”

“Lin Man! Miss Lin!”

Sean Smith looked up. His eyes and mood were uncertain. Xu Lin was flustered.

“Talk clearly!”

Xu Lin tried to calm down and said, “Someone called me around one o’clock in the afternoon saying that this person saw Miss Lin at Muguang. This person even took a photo…”

“I sent it already.”

Sean Smith’s breathing was a mess for that short minute. Upon hearing the news, he was inexplicably guilty. He looked up at the room where Amber White was at.

He hung the phone and opened the picture Xu Lin sent him.

Muguang was a pub; it was more of a coffee shop during the day. It was different from Ye Se.

In the light-leaked photo, he saw a group of people sitting in the pub and there was a face he was most familiar with. The woman was wearing a crimson-colored dress, sitting in the middle of the crowd. She looked fresh like a gardenia flower. It was Lin Man. She’s back.

Sean Smith put his phone down. He turned around and strode out of the hospital.

After Amber White finished getting her wrist casted, she went out, but she didn’t see Sean Smith around. She stopped for a moment.

Amber White was forcibly taken out by Sean Smith. She didn’t bring her phone with her. She looked around and saw the director standing on the stairs.

“Director, do you see Mr. Smith by any chance?”

Amber White walked over and asked.

The director’s face stiffened. He forced a smile and said, “Mrs. Smith, Mr. Smith had just received a phone call and left saying it was urgent.”

“He asked me to tell you to go back by yourself.”

Amber White’s eyes darkened. She knew what kind of man Sean Smith was. Even if it was against her will, he would take her out by force.

Now, before she was cured, he’s gone.

“Mrs. Smith…”

Amber White looked at the director. He looked embarrassed and uneasy. She felt like she was pricked by a thorn. Sean Smith’s excuse was lame. The director couldn’t fool her.

“Okay, I see.”

“Thanks for today.”

Amber White turned around and planned to go downstairs. After two steps, she stopped and looked back.

The director was relieved, but seeing her turning back, he stood up straight and asked, “What’s the matter, Mrs. Smith?”

“How much is the medical expenses today? I didn’t bring my wallet when I went out today.”

“You can tell me and I will transfer the money after I go back.”

The director waved his hand, “No, no, Mr. Smith had paid all the expenses before he left.”

“Moreover, the building in the back was donated by Mr. Smith. Even if Mr. Smith doesn’t pay, I can’t really ask for money.”


Sean Smith remember that she no money to pay the medical expenses.

She didn’t bring her wallet with her. So, she went out, stopped a taxi, and told the driver the address. The driver agreed that she could pay later after she arrived home.

Half an hour later, Amber White arrived. Tomas Smith and his wife were drinking tea in the living room. The Smiths had a tea maker at home. As soon as she entered the house, she saw the curl of smoke in the living room. Hearing the noise, Mrs. Smith and Tomas Smith looked in the direction of Amber White.

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