Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 262: Mom, Where Was Dad?

“Amber, why do you come back by yourself?” Tomas Smith frowned and glanced at Mrs. Smith, “Your mother said that Sean sent you to the hospital.”

Tomas Smith saw the cast on her wrist.

“What’s wrong with your hand?” he frowned.

Amber White waved her hand, grabbed her bag to take some money, and went out to give it to the driver.

Mrs. Smith frowned unhappily, “Tomas, look, that’s your beloved daughter-in-law!”

“We talk to her, but she doesn’t say a word. She is not polite at all!”

Tomas Smith’s face darkened. He was too lazy to deal with Mrs. Smith’s rambling. He asked Sister Zhang, “Go and see what the young lady is doing.”

When Amber White came back to the living room, the peaceful atmosphere had changed. The air, however, was still misty by the tea smoke.

“Mom, where are you going just now? Why don’t you take me along?” asked Cindy White.

The little girl leaned over and reached out her hands, “Mom, where is dad?”

“What happened to your hand?”

“Mom is fine.” Amber White said.

“Where is that scoundrel?” Tomas Smith asked angrily, “How did he let you come back alone when he knows that you don’t have money?”

Amber White was tired. She said in a low voice, “Sean was a busy. When he saw that I was okay, he left.”

Tomas Smith’s face worsened, “Busy? What is he busy about? It’s Saturday! He’s probably out there stirring some gossips!”

Amber White’s eyes flickered.

“Tomas, there is a child here. can’t you watch your language?”

Tomas Smith endured it and said coldly, “look at how you teach your son! I will beat him when he comes back!”

“Amber, why is your wrist casted?”

Amber White moved her wrist and said, “The bone’s fractured. My right hand may not be able to function properly for the time being.”

“Dad, don’t beat Sean. He is the president of the company. If he is hospitalized, I don’t think it will bring the company any benefit.”

Amber White took the pot and poured a cup of tea for Sean Smith.

Tomas Smith snorted coldly. He sipped his tea and went upstairs. He took his phone and dialed Sean Smith’s number. He made two calls, but they didn’t get through.

Sean Smith was driving to Muguang Pub. Muguang Pub in the afternoon was dreamy. They played old songs and people would flock for its coffee.

When Sean Smith entered the pub, he didn’t see a group of people he saw in the photo only a bunch of strangers. He even searched the longue, but he couldn’t find Lin Man. It seemed that Lin Man didn’t come to the pub, but appeared in the photo. Sean Smith stopped and called Xu Lin.

“Who called you?”

Xu Lin was confused at first, but then he knew that his boss was asking about the person calling him and saying that Lin Man was at the pub.

“It’s a strange number. I checked it but the identity of the owner and the user seemed to be different.”


He bit his lips and his eyes was blurry. Sean Smith hung up the phone and saw some calls from Tomas Smith. But, he didn’t bother to call back.

The phone rang all the time. Sean Smith ignored it while smoking his cigarette.

At this time, Amber White should have gone back home. Did she say something to his father? Otherwise, why wouldn’t his father stop calling him? He couldn’t figure anything out. He didn’t find Lin Man. so, he want back home in a bad mood.

The home was very quiet. There was no one in the living room. When Sean Smith walked to the stairs, he met Sister Zhang who was coming downstairs.

He didn’t look happy, but it was too late for Sister Zhang to avoid him. She had no option but to greet him, “Young Master, welcome back.”

“Where is Amber?”

Sean Smith asked without looking at Sister Zhang.

“Young Lady had taken Miss Cindy back home.”

“Young Master, why did you leave the young lady at the hospital alone? She didn’t bring any money. If the driver refused to send her, or if she met a bad person—”

Sean Smith’s grumpy face worsened. When the atmosphere was even colder, Sister Zhang choked. Sean Smith quickly changed his complexion. He cocked his head and looked at her unprovoked, “what did Amber say?”

Did Amber White say a lot when he was not here? It seemed that the wound on his head and the whip mark on his back were not enough to make Amber White feel avenged. She wanted him dead, didn’t she?

When Sean Smith asked, Sister Zhang shook her head and said, “Nothing. The young lady didn’t say anything.”

“She went out with you and didn’t bring any money.” Sister Zhang said it again.

Sean Smith didn’t believe it. Amber White must have said something to trigger his father’s anger. He refused to go upstairs and drove to Xingyue Bay instead.

Xingyue Bay.

When Amber White arrived home, she saw Lu Yi’s missed calls. After hesitating for a while, she put down her phone without making a call back.

It began to get dark outside. Amber White went to the kitchen to cook dinner. When she heard the noise behind her, Amber White didn’t look back and continued fiddled with her cooking, “Hungry? The food will be ready soon. Go out and wait. Mom will come out immediately.”

Then, she heard a sneer.

Amber White paused and looked back. She saw Sean Smith standing at the doorway looking pale.

“President Smith, what are you doing here?”

He sneered again. President Smith? In front of his father, she’s always call him Sean. She didn’t intend to pretend now, did she?

“Xingyue Bay has half of my right. I can come whenever I want.”

“Inspector White, should you give me a spare key?”

He couldn’t find Lin Man. he was upset and bad mood and had nowhere to vent it out.

“Sean, are you going to live with me and Cindy?”

Sean Smith frowned, “Do I have to report anything I do to you?”

Amber White put the cooked dishes on the plate and went out, “So, are you going to use this place as a harem?”

Sean Smith was surprised. A harem? If he was really an emperor, he would’ve kicked her out and chopped her body.

“Sean, I just want to live quietly with Cindy. Xingyue Bay is not suitable for you.”

His face frozen. It was glowing with a faint, cold light.

In the past, why didn’t he realize that Amber White could end someone with one sentence? Now, she’s telling him that Xingyue Bay was not a place for him.

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