Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 263: Married for Three Years and You Wanted to Live Quietly?

Sean Smith sneered. Before Amber White finished, he retorted, “Live quietly? We’re married for three years and you’re talking about living quietly now?”

“You’re delusional.”

Sean Smith said flatly. Amber White couldn’t tell his emotions. Only when he blinked his eyes did she see the rage leaks out. She couldn’t help putting her guard up.

Amber White couldn’t persuade Sean Smith. She couldn’t only find a spare key and gave it to him. He left her in the hospital when she needed him the most, but she didn’t expect that he actually came back.

Amber White cooked dinner for two. Since Sean Smith was here, she couldn’t help cooking more dishes. She had just finished cooking when the kitchen door was opened vigorously. Sean Smith barged in, “Amber, where is my clothes?”

Amber White paused.

Every time Sean Smith chose to stay, he’s always asked Xu Lin to bring him new clothes in the morning. She picked up the knife and cut the vegetables and said, “Sean, you rarely wear the same clothes for the second time. I thought you didn’t want them.”

He couldn’t believe what he heard.

“Did you throw it away?”

Amber White silently said yes.

Sean Smith took a deep breath, “Amber! My toiletries, razors, and pajamas are gone!”

“Did you just tell me that I don’t use my stuff for the second time?!”

Sean Smith raised his voice. Cindy White, who was sitting the living room doing her homework, looked into the kitchen.

“Sean, I thought you wouldn’t come back.”

“You have never been to Xingyue Bay for three years. I thought these past two days, you were only acting on impulse or that you were unconsciously trying to be a better father.”

Sean Smith frowned deeply. Acting on an impulse? Unconscious behavior? What nonsense did Amber White say?

It’s just that he hated the way he left her in the hospital this afternoon.

He didn’t care if she was persuading his father, but why did she throw away all this things in Xingyue Bay?!

Amber White was wrong, but she was eloquent, “Sean, there is no other man at home and you won’t use your things, so I throw them away.”

That was ridiculous!

It was not that there was no other man at home. It’s just that the time of her seducing another man had not come yet.

Sean Smith pulled Amber White and pointed outside, “Go! Buy the things you throw away without my consent!”

“Buy the brands I usually use. The stuff doesn’t have to be the same. Go!”

Amber White’s face, however, was calm and unbothered. She achieved the position of marketing director of Smith Company by facing harsh experiences ad difficulties. But, among those who troubled her, Sean Smith troubled her too much. She put on a faint smile and regretted throwing his things too early. Without an excuse, she went out of the kitchen, took her wallet and left.

“Mom, where are you going?”

“I’m going out. Have dinner with Dad. I’ll bring you pudding when I come back.”

“Okay, Mom!”

Amber White smiled and walked out the door. After the door was shut close, the living room suddenly fell into a complete silence.

Sean Smith walked to Cindy White’s side. She was doing the last question on her homework. Perhaps, it was difficult. She bit her pen and didn’t write it. Sean Smith glanced at the question and frowned.

Aware of his approach, the little girl tilted her head. Her black eyes were glowing with light. Sean Smith sipped his lips. When he got closer, he could perceive that Cindy White’s eyes was exactly like his. He looked away and reached out his hand pointing to the last question on her book.

“Describe your dad with four words. Is it difficult?”

Cindy White shook her head, but then she nodded. He didn’t know what Cindy White meant by that. She turned her head, looked at Sean Smith, and asked him a question instead.

“Dad, where did you go today? Why didn’t you come back with mom?”

Did Amber White ask Cindy White to ask him this question? Sean Smith didn’t answer. He smiled sarcastically instead. Cindy White was unhappy. She pursed her little lips. She looked a lot like Sean Smith. The only thing that looked like Amber White was her lips. Sean Smith suspected for a brief moment that this little girl might be his daughter.

“I know even if you don’t tell me!”

She opened the drawer and took a newspaper from inside. After that, she pointed to a photograph. He sat straight up and glanced at the paper.

It was his picture wearing a suit with a woman at Muguang Pub. The headline was eye-catching; Sean Smith was secretly meeting a woman in a pub.

His face changed. He didn’t really pay attention to this kind of gossips, but it was the first time a three year old pointing a newspaper to him. She rubbed it on his face, his own gossip. It was complicated for him.

“Where did you get the paper from?”

Did Amber White bring it to the house? Did she deliberately let Cindy White question him? It was probably her revenge; her hand was fractured and he went to a pub for another woman. His eyes darkened. Amber White was so cheap. She even used her own daughter to do such thing.

“I picked it up in a trash can.”

Cindy White said, “Mom won’t let me see the newspaper.”

Amber White didn’t let her see it, but she bought it anyway. Sean Smith sneered, “Did she read it?”

Cindy White shook her head, “Second Aunt gave it to mom when I and mom went home this afternoon.”

Jiang Xue?

Sean Smith was surprised. He kept looking at Cindy White.

“Mom threw the newspaper in the trash can outside. She didn’t know I picked it up.”

“Dad, what does tryst mean?”

“My teacher said that you had a secret lover and I might have younger brothers and sisters outside.”

“Is that true?”

Sean Smith remained silent. His heart was filled with anger.

Why did she ask so many questions?

Why wouldn’t Amber White control her?

Also, what kind of school did Amber White choose? They didn’t teach the students, but provoked their pure hearts instead.

He clenched his hands.


He looked at her sideways and said, “the newspaper is rigged!”

“They do it to lie to children! Only fools will believe it!”

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