Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 264: I Believed in My Parents

Cindy White’s eyes widened.

Sean Smith was annoyed for no reason, “I’m hungry. I’ll accompany you doing your homework after dinner.”

Sean Smith stood up and walked to the kitchen. Cindy White held her newspaper, kept up, and looked at him innocently, “Mom said the same thing.”

“I believe in mom and dad.”

Sean Smith walked with a quick pace. When he looked back, Cindy White stopped. She lifted up her little face and put on a smile.

“What else did your mother say about me? Did she say anything bad?”

Sean Smith was interested.

When he remembered how Cindy White pestered him, he couldn’t help thinking that Amber White must have told the little girl how rich he was. Cindy White called him dad the first time she saw him. If Amber White was totally not coming for his wealth, he wouldn’t believe it.

Sean Smith took his phone and recorded their conversation. Tonight, he planned to use Cindy White’s words to talk with Amber White. The little girl was defenseless. She answered every question.

“Mom said a lot. She said that Dad loved Cindy very much.”

“Dad didn’t go home every day because dad had a lot of works to do.”

“Also, mom asked me not to bother dad because dad was busy making money to buy me Barbie dolls and beautiful dresses.”

His finger froze. He looked at Cindy White as if he had seen a ghost. Why did Amber White say nice things about him? This was probably her new move. She’s teaching it to Cindy White in advance. Did she want him to feel that he was wrong all along? Cindy White tugged at his sleeve. The man lowered his head and crouched down.

The beautiful girl leaned over and kissed him on the face, “Thank you, Dad.”

He never bought her a dress nor toys, “……”

But, she said thank you anyway.

“Dad, I have enough dresses and dolls. Can you not be so busy in the future?”

“I want to play with you.”

They were really close. Cindy White was still holding the newspaper and her words were like needle to his ears.

For the first time, Sean Smith felt guilty. He didn’t even know how to answer her. He stood up and strode to the kitchen. His heart was pounding as he narrowed his eyes and kept telling himself that it was nothing but Amber White’s another trick. It he took it seriously, he would be caught in her trap. He was not that stupid.

Besides, the paternity test hadn’t come out yet. Cindy White was probably not his child either.

His heart was heavy. He reached out, took two bowls, and scooped some rice. He took them to the dining table. Cindy White was playing with her chopstick when she asked carefully, “Dad, are we not waiting for mom?”

“We don’t know when she’s coming back.”

“If she doesn’t come back, do we have to starve ourselves?”

Cindy White refuted, “What do you mean she won’t come back?!”

He thought that Cindy White was too naïve. Amber White had always cared about her own interests. Maybe, one day, she would forget about Cindy White. The little girl was a fool for trusting Amber White’s nonsense.

Shortly after Cindy White and Sean Smith had dinner, Amber White came back with a big shopping bags. She bought two suits, a pajama, a razor, and toiletries. Although everything was complete, but it couldn’t match the stuff she threw away before.

He went through the things and his pupil shrank, “Amber, are you kidding me? You bought so many things, but you didn’t buy me a tie?!”

He took the suit bitterly and asked coldly, “What the hell is this? If I wear this thing, the reporter will write the Smith Company is facing a bankruptcy! I always wear good things in public!”

“Sean, if you don’t want to wear it, you don’t have to!”

“I’m just a marketing director with a few bonus. I cannot afford a personal tailored clothes!”

The atmosphere was frozen. Amber White had to go outside and sweat herself, but Sean Smith didn’t appreciate her at all. He stared at her coldly and thought.

It was not for the money. She probably, deliberately threw his things away in order to find a reason to get some benefits from him.

He laughed angrily and pulled out his wallet from inside the pocket. He grabbed two cards and put it on the table, “Do you want money?”

“Is it enough?”

Amber White subconsciously glanced at the table. There were only a few black cards in Tongcheng. She smiled faintly, took the card from the table, and played it with her fingers.

“You always use money to buy a woman. It’s like a habit.”

Sean Smith sneered.

“However, as I said before, I don’t need money from your family.”

“Go on. You can take your cards back.”

Amber White stuffed the cards into his hand and said, “As for the suit, you can wear it of you want. If you don’t want to, you can send it to Hai Wan Xiang Xie.”

“I have no money. So, I can only buy you these stalls.”

“You—” Sean Smith choked.

Amber White smiled, “Sean, I know the value of your clothes.”

“The suit you took off yesterday, I sent it to the dry cleaner and after it was done, it was send to Hai Wan Xiang Xie.”


His face was getting darker and darker. Amber White said, “Sean, if you don’t want to use these things, you can go back home. It’s not late.”

Sean Smith’s face was complicated. He stared at Amber White for a while and walked to the bedroom. She didn’t take it to the heart. She simply ate something and went to Cindy White’s room to make her bed.

Cindy White was eating her pudding while answering her question. After finishing her homework, she watched cartoon for half an hour.

Amber White was lying down on the bed when Sean Smith came in.

The lights in the room were turned off and it was dark inside. Only a little moonlight leaked in which barely allowed Sean Smith to see the bed clearly.

Amber White stretched out her hand and patted Cindy White’s body, “Sean, is something the matter?”

She was putting Cindy White to sleep.

He whispered, “Come out. I have something to tell you.”

Half a minute later, Amber White walked to the door. Sean Smith suddenly pulled her hand and dragged her to another room. He frowned and he looked cold.

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