Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 266 She Didn’t Know What to Do

There was something unusual about Sean Smith tonight.

Her body shook. She licked her dry lips and kept silent. At this very moment, she really didn’t know what to do.

He stared at her, sat up from the bed, and took off his pajamas in front of Amber White. His upper body had nice built and thin waist. He put on his shirt and pants and walked out of the bedroom.


“It’s getting late. It’s not safe to drive.”

Sean Smith sneered and glanced back at Amber White unprovoked.

Was she trying to let him stay? Why was she trying to let him stay?

Amber White seemed to think that she was that much of a treasure. Did she think that he was that thirsty?

Sean Smith went out of the bedroom and walked directly toward the main door. He slammed the door shut and the sound echoed harder during the night.

Amber White rubbed her temples and took her phone to look at the time.

The window of the master bedroom faced outside. She pulled the curtain aside and saw Sean Smith striding toward his Maserati with a cigarette between his fingertips. The burning tip was flickering a little too bright in the driver seat amid the dark.

Monday, 7 AM at Sean Smith’s office.

He called Xu Lin to come in.

“Has the result come out yet?”

“I have contacted our partner. They said the test result had come out.”

“I’ll fetch it soon after the morning meeting is done.”

The Smith Company held a meeting every morning. Sean Smith’s brow was moving as she stood up from the chair and whispered, “Let’s go to the meeting.”

At the door, he stopped and looked back at Xu Lin with a blurry face. He said lightly, “you don’t have to get the result.”


Xu Lin watched his back suspiciously. Sean Smith cleared his throat and whispered, “I have something to do there. I’ll fetch it myself. You don’t have to do it for me.”

Xu Lin slowly nodded.

On Monday, the company was always busy and Sean Smith wouldn’t have the time to go out. Xu Lin was a little curious. After a thought, he said to Sean Smith, “Mr. Smith, you have lunch with Jiang Bureau today.”

“Postpone it. I cannot make it this noon.”

“Are you really going out later?” Xu Lin was surprised.

Sean Smith nodded indifferently, coldly almost. Xu Lin made no noise.

The atmosphere was much quieter in the conference room. People from different departments were already there. Sean Smith sat down and saw Amber White in a light green formal suit. With a smile on her face, she kept turning over the document pages.

She looked nice. Suddenly, she turned her head and smiled at Lu Yi.

Sean Smith was choked.

Amber White didn’t seem to forget to flirt with another man in front of so many people.

The HR director was reporting the work when Sean Smith suddenly slammed the documents on the huge conference table.


In the solemn atmosphere of the conference room where a falling needle could be heard, the slammed document noise was particularly loud. Everyone shuddered and looked at Sean Smith in succession.

He was already in the bad mood and now his face was even uglier. The meeting should have lasted all morning, but it ended in three minutes because Sean Smith left the room.

The PR and Marketing Department were next to each other. Amber White and Lu Yi went back to their respective offices together.

“Amber, I called you last Saturday.”

She smiled.

“My hand was injured at that time being. I didn’t bring my phone to the hospital, so I didn’t pick it up.”

“By the way, why did you call me? Did something happen?”

Lu Yi’s eyes darkened. It was not a big deal. It’s just that he called Amber White and she didn’t pick it up. He thought that she would return the call later.

“Lu Yi?”

He looked at Amber White.

“How did your hand get hurt?”

Before she could explain, Sean Smith suddenly came out of the president’s office. When he heard this question, he walked to Lu Yi’s direction in a steady pace.

“Cousin, I suffer more serious injuries than that of Inspector Qin’s. How come you don’t care about me?” he said indifferently.

Lu Yi listened and smiled, “Sean, how’s your injury?”

Sean Smith put on a light, ambiguous smile.

“It’s better, but my wife pushed me when I was sleeping and the wound cracked again.”

“It hurts.”

He said the last two words lightly, but his raspy voice made it sound like he was flirting with Amber White.

Her face stiffened. She suddenly remembered what happened last Saturday night. She pushed him and his back hit the wall. For a brief moment, she couldn’t really tell whether Sean Smith’s story was true or false. She had a lot in mind that she failed to notice the change in Lu Yi’s face.

Sean Smith was in a better mood at last. His rage dissipated a little as he reached out his hand to hold Amber White and smiled at Lu Yi.

“Cousin, I have something to say to Inspector White. You can go back to work.”

After this, he dragged her into the president’s office. Lu Yi was left alone. His warm face changed into a cold and scheming one.

Did Amber White pushed him and made his wound crack? Did he live with Amber White? He hadn’t returned to Xingyue Bay for three years. What was he up to now?

He took a deep look at the president’s office and strode back to PR Department’s office and called the secretary.

“Inspector Lu?”

Lu Yi took a pile of documents, put it above his previously arranged ones, and said, “These documents need to be run through by President Smith. Send them.”

Without any suspicion, the secretary nodded, picked up the stack of documents and went out of the office.

In the president’s office, Sean Smith let her go after dragging her inside. He strode to his chair and sat down. His face was indifferent. Amber White didn’t care. She hesitated a little and asked, “Sean, is your wound cracked?”

When Amber White asked him this, his face darkened in an instant. She must have thought that he disturbed her mingle time with Lu Yi. He didn’t know how they managed to have an affair under his watch. How many men did she keep behind him after all?

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