Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 267: Miss Lin Was at the Hotel

“What do you mean? Do you think I lied to Inspector Lu?”

Amber White licked her lips.

“That’s not what I mean.”

“Your wound cracked. Have you visited the doctor to check on it?”

He stared at Amber White and replied, “I won’t die.”

“Then, why did you drag me to your office? I thought you were going to settle this problem with me.” Amber White was puzzled, but her tone made it sound like she was teasing him. She was relaxed as if talking to an old friend.

Sean Smith frowned.

She had just done flirting with another man and now, she’s here showing off her charm to him? She must have thought that he was the same as Lu Yi, a sucker for her tease.

He was in a complicated mood and his eyes were getting darker. He couldn’t understand her. She got around flirting with another man, but she had the audacity to refuse his every request.

He froze. He wasn’t attracted to Amber White at all, but after Lin Man left him, he was so lonely that Amber White managed to seduce him.

He had Lin Man. they were even that he couldn’t even think of settling account with her, “Get out.” he said calmly.

Amber White nodded her head. She had a lot of work to do back in her department. She didn’t have much time to waste with Sean Smith.

After Amber White left, Sean Smith reached out his hand to pinch his nose bridge.

The light from outside the building penetrated in. he stood up, grabbed his phone, and walked outside. Out of the office door, he and Lu Yi’s secretary bumped into each other.

“President… President Smith, Inspector Lu sends me to give you these documents to screen over.”

Sean Smith had no intention to stay. He walked past the secretary and replied, “Put it on my desk. I’ll screen it over when I get back.”

The secretary nodded his head. Although he didn’t like Lu Yi, his attitude toward work was still very strict.

Downstairs, he went directly to the underground parking lot. He was opening the car door when he reached out for his pocket and felt something was off.

Before the meeting, he took his phone and wallet, but now, only his phone left in his pocket.

He sipped his lips and closed the car door again. He rushed upstairs to take his wallet. He saw his wallet on his desk. He planned to just grab it and left. However, his line of sight fell on the documents Lu Yi sent him. He couldn’t help sneering.

The Smith Company dabbled in many kinds of industries. In Tong City, they had a subsidiaries under the Smith’s name working on a fashion design.

A few days ago, the company hired designers from abroad with high price. The list was in front of him. He tightened his grip on it thinking, since when did this thing become Lu Yi’s concern? Why did he show him the name list? He clutched the list and strode out of the office. Then, he dropped the documents on Xu Lin’s table.

Xu Lin was frightened. He stood up from his chair asking, “President Smith?”

He sneered, “Why does the PR send this kind of document to me?”

“Does Inspector Lu have too much free time or does he think I have too much free time?”

Xu Lin broke a cold sweat. He glanced at cover of the documents and flipped the pages. His face was even more dignified.

Sean Smith ignored Xu Lin’s face and smiled, “Run to the PR Department and tell Lu Yi, if this happen again, I don’t mind changing the head of the PR Department!”

Xu Lin choked. He hesitated and handed the list to Sean Smith, “President Smith… I think you have to take a look on this document…”

Sean Smith put on a sarcastic smile. Xu Lin wet his lips. He could feel his back was sweaty.

“President Smith, didn’t you ask me to find Miss Lin?”

Sean Smith was puzzled, but he was sharp. Seeing Xu Lin stuck, he grabbed the list off his secretary’s hand.

There were not many names in one page. Most of them were in English either. So, the one and only name is Chinese was particularly eye striking.

Lin Man.

Sean Smith saw the name and glanced at Xu Lin.

He was a little confused. He asked, “Where are these designers now?”

“Only a part of these designers will stay in the company. President Smith, Miss Lin attends the exchange batch. After half a month, she will go back.”

Sean Smith’s face was very ugly. Lin Man came back without saying hi and attended an design meeting held by The Smith’s subsidiaries. If it wasn’t for Lu Yi, Lin Man probably planned to come without saying hi and leave without saying bye.

“Miss Lin is not The Smith Company’s employee. She’s staying in a hotel now.”

“Which hotel?”


After Xu Lin finished, Sean Smith turned around and started walking, “Find Lin Man’s room number and send me a message.”

Xu Lin nodded.

Sean Smith went back to the parking lot. After receiving the message, he started the car and drove away. Xu Lin, however, suddenly called.

“What is it?”

“Sir, the clinic is urging us to take the result as soon as possible.”

The sunshine penetrated the car window shining on his face.

He was silent for a moment and whispered, “Go fetch it.”

After that, he hung up the phone immediately.

Xu Lin was silent. Sean Smith was not in the office and he, himself was also sent away. In case something happened, they were both out of reach.

Did he expect someone else to keep the company stable?

The minutes later, Ritz-Carlton Suite 2709. Sean Smith rang the doorbell uneasily. He was a little confused.

Things were rather coincidental. Lin Man appeared in the pub last Saturday and on Monday, she appeared on the list.

He was worried, yet ecstatic when the door was opened.

“Wait a minute.”

He froze when he heard the sound. The voice was clear and clean like a rippling water.

When the door was opened, her face appeared before his eyes. The beautiful and petite Lin Man was wearing a plain white dress. When she saw him, her face changed greatly. She subconsciously closed the room door.

He reached out and tried to hold it from closing.

Lin Man couldn’t fight back. Soon, he placed his big hands on her shoulder. His tall built towered over her. He could easily pulled her slender figure into his arms.

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