Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 268: Sean, I Didn’t Want To Disturb Your Life

“Man Man.” Sean Smith called out softly. Lin Man was shook as tears slowly welled up in her round eyes.

“President Smith, why are you here?”

She let her guard down and leaned her head on his arms. She lifted her head up slowly and wiped away her tears.

“President Smith?”

“Man Man, I’m not your boss!”

Lin Man put on a far-fetched smile and because of his words, her tears rolled down her cheek like broken beads.

These days, he had been staying with Amber White. She kept her poise on the matter. No matter how he humiliated her, she didn’t flinch, let alone cry. No, Amber White was not a woman at all. He shouldn’t have compared her to Lin Man.

After a little while, Sean Smith went back to his senses and subconsciously reached out to hold her shoulders.

“Sean, I don’t want to disturb your life. I will come back after the exchange.”

“How do you know I’m back? You’re the president of the Smith Company. The exchange is held by your company’s subsidiary. I don’t know if you’re paying attention to it…”

“If I had known, I wouldn’t have come back.”

Sean Smith’s face changed. He tightened his grip on her shoulder.

Lin Man was different from Amber White. Three years ago, Amber White ruined his relationship with Lin Man, threw herself in, and forced him to marry her. Lin Man didn’t blame her for that. The only thing she said to Sean Smith was that he still had his family.

He had his family…

Sean Smith smiled, “Man Man, you’re back. Why don’t you come looking for me?”

“I don’t know where you have been for years. I have been looking for you…”

Lin Man wiped her tears away and smiled.

“I went to my favorite country. The people there are nice and I’ve been having a good time.”

Her answer was delicate and selective. It hurt him.

“What about you, Sean? How have you been?’

“I’ve been okay.” he looked at Lin Man and nodded.

Lin Man nodded as well. She took his hands off her shoulder and reached out for the door.

“I’m glad that you’re fine. I know Amber will take a good care of you.”

Sean Smith parted his lips, but he couldn’t say a word. Lin Man smiled and looked down. She wore her hair down it covered half of her face.

“Man Man, stay with me. Can you not spoil the fun?”

Mu Guang Pub.

Gu Jinyan was sitting and enjoying the music. His body danced with the groove. Every time he hanged out, he and Sean Smith would go to Ye Se. Mu Guang, however, was hitting different. It gave him goosebumps.

When Sean Smith came, he didn’t come looking for Gu Jinyan, but Gu Jinyan happened to see him first. He didn’t call him. He stood up and strode toward Sean Smith’s direction.

“Let’s go. What are you doing here? This is not bar.”

“This is the quietest coffee shop in Tong City. Every other places are better than here.”

“Let’s go to Ye Se!”

He took Sean Smith’s arm and was about to drag him out when a slender figure appeared before his eyes. The smile on his face cleared away.

Lin Man was wearing a plain white, chiffon dress. She looked out of place under the dim light of the coffee shop. Gu Jinyan looked at her and turned to Sean Smith, “Sean, you come with a beautiful woman. Do you still need me to drink with you?”

He glanced at Lin Man from the corner of his eye. The smile on her face was gentle. He couldn’t help comparing her to Amber White. Amber White had a bold style. Even though he didn’t work for the Smith Company, he would still know her name.

Besides, he contacted Amber White several times. That woman was bright and beautiful. She was on par, or even better looking than those stars in the entertainment industry.

Lin Man was beautiful, but that was all. Her presence was too weak, unlike Amber White who could seem to claim attention all to herself wherever she saw.

Gu Jinyan smiled. It was not a good thing to look down on a woman. Besides, he and Sean Smith were like brothers. He just didn’t know what Sean Smith sees in Lin Man.

Sean Smith took them to the nearest table and grabbed a chair. After Lin Man sat down, he sat down next to her.

“Man Man hasn’t eaten dinner yet and this pub is neat. She doesn’t like too much noise.” said Sean Smith. He called a waiter, asked for the menu book, and handed it to Lin Man first.

She didn’t answer, but pushed it back to Sean Smith and said softly, “Sean, I’ll have the same meal as you.”

He took the menu. He was familiar with both Lin Man and Gu Jinyan’s likings. Within two minutes, he ordered the all the dishes.

Gu Jinyan squinted at her.

After listening to her, he found out that the biggest difference between Amber White and she was that Amber White wouldn’t be so dependent on a man.

After dinner, he received a phone call from Xu Lin. It’s getting dark outside. He frowned and went to the toilet to pick up the phone. As soon as the call was connected, Xu Lin said carefully, “Sir, I’ve gotten the result.”

“Shall I give it to you tomorrow or send it to you now?”

Sean Smith hesitated. He looked outside on Lin Man Gu Jinyan who was sitting opposite each other. Lin Man’s figure was slender as if a gust of wind could blow her away.

“Well…” he paused, “Send it to Ritz-Carlton in half an hour.”

“Okay, Sir.”

After hanging up the phone, the atmosphere in the pub had changed.

At night, the atmosphere in the pub naturally changed. The music was louder, the light was shaking, and the crowd was moving. There were more dynamic.

When Sean Smith returned to his seat, there were women dressed in revealing clothes sitting at other table.

Lin Man lowered her head. She hid her face in the dark side of the pub. This corner looked out of place with its bustling surrounding.

Gu Jinyan saw Sean Smith coming. He exclaimed, “Sean, this pub is really something!”

Sean Smith frowned. He chose this place because Lin Man had been here before. He thought she would like it.

“Let’s go.”

“Go where?” Gu Jinyan sneered, “The night has just getting started. Do you have to go?”

Sean Smith gave him a look. Mu Guang Pub was different from Ye Se. its confidentiality was no good. Although the incident of Ye Se’s Princess had died down a little, it had not fully subsided yet. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of Lin Man.

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