Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 269: Sean, Would You Like to Come in?

“OK! Have fun. We have to go!”

Sean held Lin Man’s hand and left.

It was more than seven o’clock in the evening.

Sean drove to Ritz Carlton and accompanied Lin Man to her room.

Before closing the door, Lin Man blushed.

“Sean, would you like to come in?”

Sean paused.

His eyes fixed on Lin Man. After a few seconds, a smile appeared on his face.

“Well, Xu Lin called me to deal with something just now. I have to go to company.”

Lin Man, “then good bye and be careful.”

Sean nodded with a smile.

Sean thought Manman has always been considerate while Amber was good for nothing.

He, Sean was not so stupid as Lu Yi who liked Amber!

It was still early, after Sean leaving the hotel.

He sat in the car and lit a cigarette.

Silence made him clam down.

Some details came into his mind. Sean unconsciously thought of that list.

According the rules, these things should be managed by the marketing department.

But Lu Yi asked the secretary to send the list to the president’s office.

Was it the order of Lu Yi or Amber?


She wanted to test him?

Sean sneered.

She thought that in three years, he would forget Manman?

Or she thought he was willing to let go of the past and get along well with her?

No way!

At this time, Xu Lin knocked on the window of the car.

Sean lowered the window and Xu Lin leaned over and gave him the document.

The file bag was sealed.

Even if it was not sealed, Xu Lin would not dare to read it.

The result should not known by him!

Sean stuck the cigarette between his lips and looked at Xu Lin, “is there anything else?”

Xu Lin hesitated.

Sean’s eyes was as sharp as a knife, which made Xu Lin’s nervous.

Sean asked him again.

“Did you find out the man who sent you the photos?”

Xu Lin nodded, “it was director Lu.”

“Lu Yi?”

It was surprising but reasonable.

Sean was so indifferent that Xu Lin felt terrifying.

Amber, a really good wife! She attracted his cousin so much.

She even seduced him and paid attention to Manman!

Sean clenched, with a sneer on his face.

“It seems that the staff in the public relations department is not busy. Otherwise, how can director Lu have so much time?”

Sean closed his eyes and said, “tell director Lu that I will give him three days to by the Modern Street!”

Xu Lin: “…”

The Modern Street was the business circle designated by Tongcheng government. In the next five years, it may become the development focus and economic focus!

Many companies wanted to get it!

If they can get this project, the benefits would be no less than that of the Luoshen bay!

Therefore, this task was very difficult to finish. President Smith was obviously putting director Lu into trouble!

But Xu Lin didn’t intercede of Lu Yi!


After that, Sean closed the window and drove back to Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

He lay on the sofa with the file bag. Suddenly he wanted to smoke.

Sean can’t control his desire and lit a cigarette.

Blowing out the smoke, Sean threw the document on the tea table.


Xu Lin really did a good job! He can’t figure out what he was thinking!

He didn’t want to know the result at all!

That little girl was so stupid who can’t be his daughter!

Thinking about it, Sean got up, walked toward the stairs, and then he stopped.


Maybe this document can prove he was not Cindy’s father!

Didn’t Amber insist that they were father and daughter?

She was a liar!

Sean turned around, opened the file bag and took out one paper.

Because of Lu Xiangxiang, he had seen the paternity test.

He looked at the identification result directly.

Sean was shocked.

His eyes fixed on the last line.

Father daughter relationship?!

The paternity test result was the same as the one sent by Lu Xiangxing!

Sean held the paper tightly.

Did he really have a daughter with Amber?

Sean tired to recall but he can’t remember when he had sex with Amber.

He was blue in the face.

Seeing the result, Sean wanted to ask Amber subconsciously.

But he gave up quickly.

He can’t ask.

In order to marrying into a rich family, Amber tried her best to separate him and Manman three years ago.

If he asked, what if Amber wanted to use Cindy?

Besides, Amber always cheated him!

He can’t get the right answer.

Sean tore the document to pieces!

But the ferocious scar on Amber’s stomach suddenly appeared in his mind.

Three years ago, he locked Amber in the bedroom…

It was said that in order to give birth to Cindy, Amber cut her belly with scissors.

Sean sweated at once in such a hot weather.

His face became pale.

How can he be blamed for this? He didn’t know the father of Cindy so that he locked Amber!

What was more, Amber was infamous and drove away Manman at that time!

She has always had many tricks. It was all Amber’s fault!

No matter how Sean comforted himself, he can’t breathe and felt regretful. Anyway, he made Cindy be born early.

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