Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 27: It’s not like your wife’s leg was broke

The man slightly lowered his head and his shallow smile froze on his face, newspaper headlines were still sprinkling, and burning his eyes, but Sean Smith only saw the familiar figure.

His breath quitted, his fingertips pressed in the blurred photograph under the huge headline, and his voice was so cold that could not hear a trace of temperature.

“Gu, do you know who this drunken woman is in the paper?”

Hearing the words, Gu Jinyan picked up eyebrows, eyes fallen in Sean Smith’s fingertip point for a moment, he would have liked to ridicule him, after in touch with Sean Smith suddenly serious look he stopped.

Gu Jinyan shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

Just as he finished, he added, “I only know she was from the last night’s celebration!”

After said this sentence, Gu Jinyan noticed something wrong, twisted his eyebrows and said: “Oh, no, yesterday Family Smith did hold a victory banquet to celebrate the opening day of the Luoshen Bay liquidation?”

“Smith, I heard about you invited Lin Han!” Gu Jinyan looked at Sean Smith and smiled. “Don’t tell me that you don’t know,” he said. “This isn’t the bureau you set up for Lin Han to deliberately make trouble for GR Construction?”

The more he thought about it, the more likely it was. He laughed and said, “If that’s true, then you’re too bad!”

Sean Smith’s eyebrow curved gully deeper, just Lu Yi stormed into his office, looking for Amber White.

He said that Amber White didn’t go back all night?

He narrowed his narrow eyes and looked again at the slim figure of the woman in the newspaper. The more Sean Smith looked the more he felt it’s familiar.

His expression suddenly became serious; his temples jumping a few times, his heart scratched a bad feeling.

Or else, Amber White didn’t go away ahead of schedule, but drunk unconscious, was taken away by Lin Han?

Sean Smith licked his sexy lip, and whispered, “Where’s Lin Han now?”

In order to swallow GR, Gu Jinyan obviously did his homework. When Sean Smith asked, Gu Jinyan spread out his hand and said, “In the hotel, Lin Han was stuck in the hotel by Mrs. Lin, and I also heard that he started work. The other woman was broken in one leg by Mrs. Lin.”

Sean Smith’s pupil slightly shrank and cannot be checked: “Which hotel?”

His expression was so serious that Gu Jinyan had to face it seriously. He frowned and said, “Ritz-Carlton, penthouse, presidential suite.”

After Sean Smith heard that, he stride out of the door, stretched out his hand to pick up the coat on the clothes rack at the door, stride out of the door.

He left in a hurry, his face also with some ferocious expression of cold, even the wind passing him with cold.

Gu Jinyan didn’t expect that Sean Smith would go even when he didn’t finish his words, he chased a few steps: “Smith, where are you going? Wait for me!”

At the last second, Gu Jinyan pulled the door of Sean Smith, forced himself into Sean Smith’s car.

Sean Smith also didn’t wait for Gu Jinyan sit well, directly started the car engine; the car suddenly ran out like an arrow.

Gu Jinyan a frightened, twisted his eyebrows, said: “Smith, you are in a fucking hurry to go to die? Can’t you drive slowly?”

Sean Smith eyes too focused, Gu Jinyan cursed in a low voice,

shouted: “You’re really strange today? Since you heard me say that the other woman was broken one leg, you began to be strange, as if the one whose leg was broken by Lin Han’s wife is your wife!”

Sean Smith’s sharp eyes instantly fell on Gu Jinyan, cold to the bone!

“Shit, why are you looking at me for? Look at the road!”

When Gu Jinyan was angry, he thought that Sean Smith is a cold character, he was not thoughtful and understanding, what the difference between Lu Xiangxiang liked him and liked an iceberg!

No taste!

? ?


Sean Smith gave a sharp brake, stopped the car at the gate of the hotel, he directly opened the door to get out of the car, there was no intention to move the car to the parking lot.

Gu Jinyan followed Sean Smith out of the car, a look up to see the hotel’s brilliant decoration, his pupils dilated, scolded in the heart again.

Sean Smith couldn’t be here to see Lin Han’s scandal?

He hurriedly followed Sean Smith to go in, the man in front of him in a steady pace, foot as if stepping on the lights, the smell in his body condensed like ice.

As soon as they entered, they heard a discussion.

Two women, who were not very beautiful, with their heads against them, did not seem to have their consciousness at their feet.

“You saw that woman just now, beaten around by a bunch of men! Oh, my God, that’s a misery, seems very painful!”

After her bestie heard this, she said: “So, women must be good to themselves, we’d better do something else rather than become the other woman. Only if you can defeat the wife, that is capable, like this one has no ability, can only been pressed on the ground to be bullied!”

“But, I saw that blood, and her leg was broken, and it was not over in two hour, from morning till now. Even if she had been the other woman, she would have taught her a lesson, but the man’s wife was too cruel!”

Sean Smith stunned, suddenly stopped, the tall body blocked in front of two people who were talking about, the tone is cold: “Which room are you talking about?”

After two women heard the question, they raised their heads and looked at the handsome face of Sean Smith.

He stood at random, a hand in a suit jacket, a hand in custom-designed trousers’ pocket; deep eyes like a well cannot see the bottom, a ghostly handsome face, which is so perfect that cannot pick out a flaw!

Sean Smith’s face is too recognizable in Tong City, the two women were stunned and said with one voice: “?? Master, Master Smith?”

Sean Smith’s eyes like a sharp blade on the edge of a sweep of cold light, he bit his teeth, almost roared out: “Which room?”


As soon as Sean Smith got the answer, he strode toward the direction of the elevator, Gu Jinyan followed by Sean Smith into the elevator, press the thirteenth floor.

Ritz-Carlton’s decoration was splendid, just walked out the elevator, the corridor was covered with a thick layer of dark gray carpet, Sean Smith and Gu Jinyan did not start looking for, but heard the roar of tears.

“You’re a son of a bitch! You dare to find the other woman secretly. It’s granted for me to beat her to death!”

“Go on!”

Sean Smith’s shiny leather shoes on the ground, he strode to the place where the sound form after he heard this, suddenly pushed the door of the suite.

There was mess in the room, the woman’s clothes were torn apart and thrown to the ground, and the woman lying on the ground was unconscious, naked, only two underwear barely able to cover up the important parts of the body.

Her face lurked behind her long hair, more or less leaking out.

Beautiful face and her slender body.

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