Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 270: Amber, You Hate My Family?

Sean’s eyes darkened. He stood up and drove to Xingyue bay instantly.

It was dark in the house. Amber didn’t seem to be at home.

For the first time, Sean was eager to see Cindy so much. He took out his mobile phone and called Amber.

Amber answered the phone quickly.


Sean was very angry now.

“Amber, look at the time. It’s so late and you’re still out with your kid?”

“Director White, Cindy is still a little girl!”

“You are really good at acting to be a good mother”

Amber kept silent. After a long time, she said, “Sean, are you in Xingyue Bay?”

Sean felt a little embarrassed.

It seemed that he cared about them. Amber must be very proud!

“Why? I can’t come?”

Amber said with a smile: “of course not. But have you forgotten you have the key?”

The key was in the pocket of that trousers. But he has changed trousers many times.

Moreover, the clothes were washed by the hourly worker so he didn’t know where the key was now.

“I forgot to take it!”

“Come back quickly!”

After a pause, Amber said, “Sean, I’m working in Zhaohe hotel. I won’t go back tonight.”

“You can book a room nearby and have a rest.”

Zhaohe hotel?

Sean’s voice was cold: “are you on a business trip?”

Zhaohe hotel was still in Tongcheng. It can’t be regarded as a business trip.

Amber smiled: “I am still in Tongcheng, but just on the mountain. Zhaohe Hotel is far away from Xingyue Bay. So I have stayed here!”


What about the child?

Sean was furious.

Zhaohe Hotel, the largest resort, was charged by Smith group. Amber must date with somebody.

Sean was more angrier.

It was Monday today. Amber was on a business trip. She hasn’t picked up Cindy yet?

“What about Cindy?”

“She is with Xiangxiang.” Amber said in a low voice.

Sean has always been indifferent to Cindy and even called her bastard. But when he asked about Cindy, Amber still answered.

However, this answer did not satisfy Sean.

He even wanted to strangle Amber.

This woman was capable. She didn’t let him know that Cindy was his daughter on purpose!

She even has covered it for three years!

His three brothers were all dead. Amber must want to get Smith group!

Sean was in a rage and he held the mobile phone tightly.

“Amber, when you go on a business trip, you don’t call me or let my parents take care of Cindy!”

“You hate my family?”

Amber paused for a while: “Sean, Xiangxiang is my best friend. She won’t treat Cindy badly. I still have work to do. If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up.”

It was Sean who refused to recognize Cindy. If she called Smith family, it would be humiliation.”

Amber smiled sadly and hung up.

Sean looked at the phone screen in astonishment.

Amber, this dead woman, dared to hang up?

Sean wanted to drop his mobile phone.

But he stopped at last. He found the chat record and got Lu Xiangxiang’s phone number and then called her.

His daughter shouldn’t be cared by others!

However, there was the voice of a female.

“Sorry, the phone you have dialed is busy…”

Sean was worried and called Gu Jinyan at once.

The loud music came. Gu Jinyan was in the bar.

“Sean, you didn’t be with Lin Man?”

Sean froze. Manman!

When Amber was pregnant, he was still be with Manman.

So, he had an affair?

Sean was shocked.

He loved Manman so many years. It was impossible for him to cheat!

Except Manman, he has never had sex with anyone. It was very strange that Amber can be pregnant.

He must talk with Amber in the future.

Sean ignored the thoughts in his mind and asked Gu Jinyan: “Jinyan, are you still in the blacklist of Lu Xiangxiang?”

Gu Jinyan stopped smiling.


As soon as Sean heard this reply, he knew that the answer was yes!

“You deserve it.”

Gu Jinyan: “…”

He poured himself a glass of wine impatiently,”As soon as Lin Man came back, you become a good man?”

“Well,would you like me to sort out the news about your affairs in the past three years and send to Lin Man?”

Sean snorted coldly and said, “Stop talking. Send me the address of Lu Xiangxiang’s home.”

Gu Jinyan was stunned!

“Sean, you have Lin Man and Amber. What do you want to see Lu Xiangxiang?”

“Women are troublemakers!”

Sean was speechless, “what are you talking about?”

“Amber is on a business trip. Cindy and Lu Xiangxiang are together!”

Gu Jinyan was silent.

After a long time, he asked, “where are you now? I’ll come to you!”

When they met each other, Sean let Gu Jinyan drive.

After fastening his seat belt, Sean looked at the watch and said:

“Hurry up, or Cindy will go to bed!”

Gu Jinyan drove the car and couldn’t help satirizing Sean.

“I remembered you said that you didn’t have sex with Amber and called my little niece bastard all the time!”

“Sean, you changed so quickly!”

Sean was indifferent,”I really haven’t touched her!”

“I don’t even know how Amber got pregnant!”

Gu Jinyan didn’t believe it.

Sean pinched his eyebrows. He secretly told Xu Lin to do paternity test and Amber couldn’t tamper with the result!

Surprisingly, he became the father of a three-year-old girl all of a sudden. He was not only surprised, but also flustered!

Gu Jinyan frowned.

“You have gotten the result?”

Sean didn’t reply.

According to Sean’s attitude, Gu Jinyan knew his answer.

But this matter was Sean’s private affair. Gu Jinyan was just a onlooker.

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