Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 271: Dad Should Apologize to Aunt Xiangxiang

Twenty minutes later.

Gu Jinyan and Sean knocked on the door of Lu Xiangxiang’s house.

Lu Xiangxiang opened the door. But when she saw Gu Jinyan, she closed the door.

Gu Jinyan’s face became bad and he stretched out his arm against the door.

Gu Jinyan’s beautiful eyes became fierce now.

“Miss Lu, is this your way to treat guests?”

Lu Xiangxiang was in a bad temper. She sneered and said loudly: “Mr. Gu, I never entertain uninvited guest!”

Regardless of Gu Jinyan’s cold face, she tried to close the door.

Sean can’t stand. The grudge between Gu Jinyan and Lu Xiangxiang has nothing to do with him. He was here to find his child!

But Gu Jinyan blocked his way.

Sean pulled Gu Jinyan with one hand away and was against the door with another hand.

Lu Xiangxiang was shocked.

But when she found it was Sean, she became more angrier.

“Mr. Smith?”

“Why? You two are going to bully me?”

Sean said in a cold voice.

“Miss Lu, I’m here for Cindy!”

Lu Xiangxiang didn’t believe it.

She knew clearly Sean didn’t care about the paternity test.

Even to let him help Cindy, Amber must calculate!

“Looking for Cindy? Mr. Smith, she is not here! “

Sean glanced at Lu Xiangxiang, “Miss Lu, I called Amber before I came!”

“I’m one of the nominally guardians of Cindy. I have the right to see her.”

Lu Xiangxiang’s face changed and let them in finally.

Sean and Gu Jinyan followed her.

Cindy was sleepy, sitting on the sofa who was wearing a small pink flower pajamas. Her arms were white and her hair was wet.

She was adorable.

Sean walked towards her. However, he saw the box of ice cream on the table.

Sea turned his head and stared at Lu Xiangxiang.

Lu Xiangxiang was scared. She retreated subconsciously. Soon, she controlled herself and looked at Sean unhappily.

“Why do you look at me like this?”

Sean pointed to the ice cream box and asked, “who ate this ice cream?”


Sean glared at Lu Xiangxiang and strode to the sofa, squatted down, and said gently:


Hearing the voice of Sean, Cindy opened her eyes and hugged Sean.

“Dad, Cindy want to sleep.”

Sean became worried now. He recalled he took Cindy to have ice cream last time and then she had a fever and stomachache.

Sean looked at the empty box on the table thoughtfully.

Lu Xiangxiang can’t take care of kids!

And Amber didn’t have a sense of responsibility!

She even didn’t tell others how to take care of Cindy.

If Cindy died, Amber would lose her chips!

Sean picked up Cindy and wanted to leave.

Lu Xiangxiang stopped him

“Sean, what are you doing?”

Sean’s face was terrible, “It is not obvious enough?”

“It’s obvious, but I can let you take Cindy away!”

Lu Xiangxiang looked him up and down and said in a cold voice, “You haven’t care about Cindy for three years. Stop acting!”

“You are awakened by the whips of the old Mr. Smith?”

Lu Xiangxiang satirized. And even Gu Jinyan couldn’t stand her unpleasant words.

Sean’s face was cold, and Gu Jinyan subconsciously walked towards Lu Xiangxiang.

“Anyway, I’m better than Miss Lu!”

“You went to the hospital to visit Cindy last week and bought ice cream for her today!”

Lu Xiangxiang was a little guilty.

She was busy always and forgot that Cindy was hospitalized last week.

Sean became more and more aggressive: “Miss Lu deliberately abuse your best friend’s child?”


Sean moved forward with Cindy in his arms.

“Sean! When Amber goes on a business trip, I take care of Cindy every time. “

“I think I am better than you at least!”

“Amber trusts me. I won’t let you take Cindy away!”

Sean laughed at Lu Xiangxiang.


Gu Jinyan patted Sean on the shoulder: “Sean, you just come here to pick up your daughter. Don’t behave like a bandit! “

With that, Gu Jinyan glanced at Lu Xiangxiang.

“And Miss Lu have no right to prevent a Daddy picking up his daughter!”

“Are you going to ask for the money?”

Lu Xiangxiang was stunned.

She always had a good relationship with Gu Jinyan. At least, she thought they were good friends. She never thought that Gu Jinyan would humiliate her!

Her face turned white. Even if Gu Jinyan wanted to help Sean, he couldn’t say that!


Cindy reached for Sean’s shirt to attracted Sean’s attention.

Cindy pouted and said unhappily, “you bully my aunt!”

“Mom said that boys who bully girls are bad guys!”

“I don’t like baddy!”

Lu Xiangxiang’s eyes became red.

She was aggrieved. When Cindy helped her, a mind came to her.

Maybe the feelings had nothing to do with the time!

For example, the relationship between her and Gu Jinyan.

Cindy didn’t notice Sean was angry. She continued,”Dad should apologize to Aunt Xiangxiang.”


Cindy was misled by Amber!

She must complain about him to Cindy!

He, as her father, was not important than Lu Xiangxiang for Cindy.

Sean was more and more upset, but he wanted Cindy to like him so he apologize.

“I’m sorry, Miss Lu.”

“I hope you can forgive me.”

Oh, God!

Lu Xiangxiang was surprised.

Because of Amber, Sean left a bad impression on her.

She thought he was a shameless, conceited, dirty man.

She never thought Sean would apologize to her.

Even Gu Jinyan looked at Sean surprisingly.

Sean was still indifferent who stood casually with Cindy in his arms.

Obviously, the apology was not sincere!

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