Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 272: Take a document at midnight at her home?

Sean pulled his mouth corners slightly. Amber would never get anything on him! So that she wouldn’t complain that he bullied her friend. Cindy’s eyes were squeezed, full of smiles, “Dad, cool!”

“Do you love dad, Cindy?”

“I love you most!”

A smile flashed in Sean’s eyes. Anyway, Amber did a good job in cultivating her daughter. Cindy was adorable.

As soon as the thought came out, the smile on Sean’s face froze.

If it was not because of Amber White, he would already have a child with Man! And, they would have already got married!

It was already late. Cindy rubbed her eyes at this time. After living here for several days, Sean knew it was the sleeping time for Cindy.

“Miss Lu, Cindy is sleepy.”

”Then put her down. I will take her to sleep,” hummed Lu Xiangxiang.

Turning to Lu Xiangxiang, Cindy said, “Auntie, dad is here, I want to go home with dad tonight.”

Lu Xiangxiang widened her eyes while Sean lifted his mouth. “Miss Lu, please pack Cindy’s clothes up now. Staying up too late is bad for kid.”

Failing to block Sean and being unwilling to make Cindy stay up, she had to take Cindy’s stuff down.

It was almost 11 p.m. when they came out of Lu Xiangxiang’s house. Gu Jinyan was going to pick up the car while Sean was holding Cindy in his arms. Still, before he could get to the car, a smoky gray Bentley came over. A man got off from it. He had board shoulders and good shape.

As he looked up, Gu Jinyan saw his face clearly.

It was actually Feng Chen?!

Gu Jinyan stood still and blocked in front of Feng Chen.

“Mr. Feng.”

Feng Chen raised up his head and nodded toward Gu Jinyan, “What a coincidence, Mr. Gu. What are you doing here?”

“And you?” Gu Jinyan didn’t answer him but asked.

“I need a document, so I come to take it.” Feng Chen looked at Gu Jinyan, smiling.

“Is that so?” Gu Jinyan sneered, “What’s that document? So urgent that you need to take it from a female staff’s home at midnight!”

He held a meeting until midnight with Lu Xiangxiang last time, and this time, he came here to take a document at midnight! Again! How cunning he is!

“Mr. Gu, sorry. I’m afraid I can’t tell you about the work of our company.”

Feng Chen walked pass Gu Jinyan and directly toward the house of Lu Xiangxiang.

Stuffing the key into Sean’s hand, Gu Jinyan said, “Sean, you go first, I have to…”

Sean narrowed, “You have to what? Cindy is going to sleep, I can’t drive.”

“Call your designated driver then! That bastard Feng Chen actually finds Lu Xiangxiang at this time! I can’t leave Lu Xiangxiang alone! She is so stupid! She would must be fooled by Feng Chen!”

The moment Gu Jinyan finished speaking, he ran toward Feng Chen without waiting for Sean to answer.


Gu was so hurried that he ignored Sean’s shouting.

Cindy was in Sean’s arms with her head leaning on Sean’s shoulder, sleeping soundly.

She was only three years old. In this state, no matter putting her on the front passenger seat or the back seat was dangerous.


Chao He Hotel.

Amber hang up the phone and sat down on the bed.

The curtain was still open, revealing the shadows of the trees outside. Amber was not sleepy at all now.

After Amber dealing with the work for a while, someone knocked the door, “Amber, are you asleep?”

Amber was confused, then came to open the door and asked Lu Yi, who was standing outside, “Nope. What’s up, Lu Yi?”

Lu Yi gestured outside with his head and said with a low voice, “The hotel has midnight snacks, how about enjoying with me?”

Staring at Amber’s pretty facial features, Lu Yi’s voice became softer, “I have something wanted to discuss with you. It’s about work.”

Amber’s original shaking intention was interrupted. She nodded, and whispered, “You go first. I have to take my phone.”


Lu Yi nodded and went downstairs.

When Amber got to the dining hall, the servers were serving the dishes. There were no special dishes. It was just a hotel after all.

Amber sat down opposite Lu Yi and asked, “What do you want to ask?”

There was a piece of newspaper in Lu Yi’s hand, which should be taken from the cabinet at the door of the hotel.

Hearing Amber’s words, Lu Yi put down the newspaper and got right to the point.

They were in good relationship in this company, so Amber could give him some advice in work. So did Lu Yi.

After the discussion, the two began the meal.

Lu Yi lowered his head and took a glance at the newspaper. He frowned and asked, “I heard Sean’s voice last time I called you. Does he go back Xingyue Bay?”

Amber pressed her lips. Yes, he goes back. Not only that, he also did something crazy!

Amber nodded.


Lu Yi was confused. “Make trouble for you?”

Amber turned to Lu Yi. He was looking at her with his warm eyes full of concerns. It was Lu Yi who helped her in the past three years.

Amber thought of those ‘troubles’ Sean made for her, then shook her head, “No.”

“No? Then why does he go back?” Lu Yi was still skeptical.

“Amber, I don’t think he wants to have a good life with you,” Lu Yi continued.

Of course, she had no idea about Sean’s thoughts. But Lu Yi’s words indeed made sense.

If Sean could let the past go easily, he wouldn’t wait until now.

Pulling her mouth slightly, Amber didn’t answer Lu Yi.

As for Lu Yi, his eyes grew deeper after seeing Amber’s stiff look, “Amber, he doesn’t deserve you to be like this!”

Amber pressed her lips, tightly.

Anxiety appeared on Lu Yi’s face. He took the newspaper and handed it to Amber.

When Amber was going to take it, she saw the picture on it.

In that dim background, a tall and slender man was holding a woman in white skirt.

The reporter missed the face of that woman, whose eyelashes cast shadows on her face, which made her look purer.

Amber’s pupils shrank sharply!

It was Lin Man!

“Amber, why are you still deceiving yourself? Sean doesn’t love you any more! You know he loves me now…”

Amber’s heart seemed to be cut into pieces, so hurt that she couldn’t even breathe.

That was why Sean got so angry on Saturday?

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