Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 273: Daddy, doesn’t auntie go her own home?

It turned out that he went to her to vent anger for Lin Man!

“Amber?” Lu Yi called her. She suddenly recovered and looked at him.

“I called you once before, you know, to tell you that she has come back.”

Amber thought of the day when her wrist was broken. It was just a while she went to wear a cast, but Sean had already left. The dean said he went to do his business…

Lin Man’s business?

Sadness invaded Amber’s heart. She thought she already didn’t care, but the picture the two hand in hand still pierced into her heart like a thorn.

“Amber, you know this thing? Have Sean ever mentioned about it to you?”

Amber showed a light smile and said, “Lu Yi, Tong city is also Manman’s hometown. That’s normal for her to come back, right?”


Amber stood up and smoothed the folds on her skirt, which was actually very neat. She whispered, “No more but. Sean and Manman are friends, it’s normal for them to meet.”

Lu Yi frowned, “Amber, I always afraid you would be sad. I was trying to hide this thing that day… But I don’t want you to live in a drum, and I don’t want you to afford too much for Sean.” Lu Yi said this deliberately.

When he knew that Sean lived in Xingyue Bay, he began to be anxious. For three years after they got married, Sean always ignored Amber. Why did he come to Xingyue Bay such a sudden? What did he do to Amber? And what about Amber? She could let Sean in her house without any precaution, does that mean she still loves Sean? No matter what Sean did before, Amber can forgive him!

“Lu Yi, I’m not that stupid Amber any more.”

Amber pulled her lips. Although her smile was slight, it was from her bottom heart. Lin Man would come back sooner or later, no one would stop her, which was what Amber knew clearly all the time.

“It’s time to sleep. Have a good rest so that we can have energy to deal with the business tomorrow.”


Hai Wan Xiang Xie

A car drove in the garage slowly. Sean opened the door of the car and got off with Cindy in his arms.

On driver’s seat, Lin Man acted then. She also got off the car with embarrassment on her face.

“Sean, sorry for delaying your time. You know I’m not good at driving.” As Hai Wan Xiang Xie is far from Lu Xiangxiang’s house, plus Lin Man dove over slowly, they spent a lot of time on the way. So Cindy must have a terrible sleeping now.

As Sean was about to say something, Lin Man’s apologetic eyes blocked his accusations.

“That’s okay, Man.”

Manman is different with Amber White. She was timid and gentle. It was a challenge for her to drive for such a long distance.

Sean’s lips lifted. A ray of moonlight shot on Sean’s face, making him look gentler.

Surprise appeared in Lin Man’s eyes. She lowered her eyelids and then tidied her hair up. “Sean, is this… your daughter with Amber?” Asked Lin Man.

Sean’s body froze. There were tears in Lin Man’s eyes. She looked up at him but there was no hatred in her eyes.

That piece of paternity test, which he brought back not long ago, popped into his mind.

With such a hard evidence, he could no longer refuse the fact. He had to change the topic. “Manman, the house key is in the car, take it for me and help to open the door.”

Lin Man hurried to turn around and did what Sean said.

She followed in and turned on the lights.

Cindy was waken up by the sudden dazzling light. There was sleepiness in her eyes. Being in a daze, she turned to Sean.

Lin Man’s face showed some bitterness as she saw Cindy’s eyes.

“Her eyes look alike yours.”

Sean lowered his head subconsciously and met Cindy’s black pupils. She blinked and yawned with her hands covering her mouth. “Daddy!”

“Hmmm?” Sean replied. Seeing she awake, he held up Cindy, which behavior showed Lin Man’s figure.

The innocence on Cindy’s face suddenly faded away. She stared at Lin Man and tilted her head, calling carefully, “Auntie Lin Man?”

Not only Lin Man, but also Sean was surprised. Cindy had a surprising display of hostility toward Lin Man when she saw Lin Man’s picture for the first time in Hai Wan Xiang Xie. She even tore the picture of Lin Man. He once worried Cindy would cry after seeing Lin Man…

Lin Man was dumbfounded. “Cindy? If I remember it correctly, you are Cindy, right?”

Cindy nodded. She didn’t continue the conversation with Lin Man, but turned to Sean. “Daddy, why is she here?”

Sean showed a smile. “You were asleep just now. Your auntie Lin sent us home,” said Sean.

“Thank you, auntie Lin Man.” Hearing this, Cindy turned to Lin Man and said sweetly. Shyness showed on Lin Man’s face. “ pleasure.”

Cindy was sleepy, so she leaned back Sean’s shoulder and said, “Dad, I want to sleep.”

Sean changed his shoes and walked in with Cindy in his arms. “Manman, come in first.”

“Daddy, doesn’t auntie Lin Man go back her home?”

Lin Man’s behavior of taking off her high heals froze. She looked up toward Sean’s shoulder. Cindy opened her eyes big with innocence in them.

Sean blamed, “Cindy, you are rude!” “It’s your auntie Lin Man send you home. How can she come back now? It’s too late!”

Cindy was no longer sleepy. She struggled to be out of Sean’s arms. The little guy widened her eyes and questioned, “Daddy, are you going to keep auntie Lin Man here for a night?”

“Can’t I?” Sean replied. Cindy’s eyes suddenly turned red.

The first time when she came here, Sean had told her Lin Man was his girlfriend. Although Cindy was young, she knew a little about what was girlfriend.

“Daddy, mom told me single girl and single boy can’t live together.” Cindy continued, “You and auntie Lin Man are not a family.” Cindy pressed her lips. The tears in her eyes were going to fall down.

Sean paused, feeling annoyed. Damn Amber White! Does she use the little guy like this at usual?!

What she said to Cindy was to prevent him being with other women one day! Pretend Cindy as an undercover? Good! Amber White was indeed cunning! Gloomy covered Sean’s eyes.

Sean became firmer. He looked at Cindy’s stubborn little face, saying, “There are many rooms here. It’s unsafe if your auntie come home now!”

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