Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 274: Sean, Cindy seems doesn’t like me

“Didn’t your mother say it?”

Cindy stirred her fingers, pouted, almost crying.

She was so adorable. Lin Man couldn’t help but walk forward to pull Sean’s arm, whispering, “Sean. It’s okay. I can go back now.”

Sean’s face was dark. What? Since Amber can keep Lu Yi for one night, why can’t he keep Man here tonight?

Single girl and single boy can’t be alone together? Good!

Amber’s rules only worked on him? Ridicious!

Cindy is his daughter, so he would definitely spoil her. But who is Amber? She is nothing! And she doesn’t deserve him to wrong Lin Man!

Sean looked away and turned to Lin Man, saying, “Hai Wan Xiang Xie is a single-family villa. There will be no cars passing by here. It’s late, Manman, you stay here tonight.”

“But Sean…”

Sean interrupted Lin Man, “But what? No but!”

Cindy’s tears were abruptly held back.

She looked at Sean and nodded to Lin Man, “Change your shoes and go upstairs!”

Lin Man pursed her lips, “Well…well.”

Cindy looked at Lin Man and lowered her head.

Her small schoolbag was taken back by Sean, so she took out the bottle and milk powder prepared by Amber and walked to the water dispenser to make her own milk.

The water is not hot yet, Cindy stood there waiting.

Lin Man leaned forward, squatting down beside Cindy, and asked softly, “Are you hungry, Cindy? Auntie will help you!”

Cindy glanced at Lin Man and handed her the bottle. The little guy licked the corner of her lips and whispered, “Thank you aunt Lin Man!”

Lin Man added milk powder to the bottle, took the water and put it in front of Cindy.

Cindy’s pupils dilated,and her pouting mouth was tightly closed.

She was holding the baby bottle and sitting on the sofa, her small body curled up into a ball, looking pitiful.

Lin Man panicked as soon as Sean came, “Sean, Cindy doesn’t seem to like me. Or…I leave now?”

Sean’s vision was dark and deep. He shook his head and said in a low voice, “Manman, I will take care of her. You can go to rest now.”

Lin Man hesitated.

“Go ahead.”

Sean repeated it, and then Lin Man turned upstairs.

Sean walked to Cindy. His tall body obscured the light in front of Cindy.

Complex emotion had covered his eyes!

Does Amber, that damn woman, fit with a device in Cindy White’s body to exclude Lin Man?

Otherwise, how could she react so much when she faced Lin Man?

A three-year-old child actually knew him and Lin Man before. How many times had Amber told Cindy about them!

Sean grew more upset. “Have your milk first and then go upstairs to sleep!”

Cindy shook her head. She said nothing. Sean had no choice but to squat down to see what she wanted to do.

As soon as he lowered his head, he saw Cindy’s face was wet.

Amber never compromised, but she taught Cindy to attack with tears!

Sean sneered. He didn’t plan to spoil Cindy.

“Dad, I want mom!”

Cindy sobbed. In her big eyes, tears flooded, making her look sad.

“You are not obeident!”

Cindy’s body trembled. She glanced at the dark face of Sean, then a panic flashed in her eyes.

But Amber taught Cindy not to lie. After hesitating, she said softly, “I don’t like auntie Lin Man.” “The milk she made for me tastes bad.” Cindy sobbed, “Dad, I want to go home.”

Sean’s eyebrows twitched: “This is your home.”

Cindy’s tears flowed more violently because of his words.

“Not here!” She retorted timidly, “This is your home with Lin Man.”

Cindy choked, “Here are pictures of Dad, Lin Man, but no mom and Cindy…”

“Mom said that Dad loves Cindy, dad will fullfill Cindy’s wishes. You are not…my dad… Uuuuu…”

Sean was speechless. Doesn’t she want him to do her dad? Fine.

Sean felt that Cindy was born to make trouble for him!

“Enough is enough! Don’t cry. What’s your wish?”

Cindy wiped her tears and requested, “I want my mom!”


Lin Man was now in Hai Wan Xiang Xie. Could he take Cindy to Chaohe Hotel? It was definitely impossible!

Is he so powerful in Cindy’s thoughts? How can he take Cindy to another place right now?

Was this Amber’s request? Before he found Cindy, he called Amber!

That damn woman guessed he would find Cindy, so she taught Cindy to say that in advance?

So that was why Amber hung up his phone!

It turned out to be premeditated!

Sean did not hesitate, “Change one!”

Cindy remained unmoved: “I want my mom!”

“Mom, mom, mom, Cindy White! Are you still a baby?”

Cindy unconsciously hugged the bottle in her arms.

Sean was speechless.

It was unrealistic to find Amber now. If he drove there, it would be dawn when they arrived. Cindy had to go to school and he had to work.

Something popped into Sean’s mind. He reached to take out his phone and open the WeChat.

He didn’t have Amber’s WeChat, so he can only enter Amber’s phone number to add her.

Sean pressed his lips.

Amber might be crazy if she saw him adding her WeChat.

As soon as he added Amber, he would explain to Amber what he did was for her daughter!

And, after dealing with this matter, he would delete Amber White from his WeChat friend list.

Sean rubbed Cindy’s furry head and whispered, “Wait, you will see your mom later.”

Ten minutes later, there was still no progress in his WeChat.

After Sean had been staring at it for a long time, he finally sneered.

Amber White dared to refuse his friend request? Or is this phone broken?

Sean laughed angrily.

Sean had a cigarette in his mouth but he didn’t light it. He checked the phone for several times, and finally, he ensured that his phone worked well. His face instantly became gloomy.

“Dad, I want mom!”

Cindy’s voice was gentle and innocent. Sean pulled his collar. He was a little agitated.

He quit WeChat and called Amber.

She seemed to have fallen asleep, her voice was hoarse, “Sean?”

Her words made him think of the night when they slept together.

Her smooth skin, blushing lips, and the gentle but touching moans, all of which made him more agitated.

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