Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 275: Your Daughter Is Looking For You!

Sean Smith’s Adam’s apple moved a little, while his body was slightly feverish.

He cursed in a low voice. Amber White was a damn woman, and she really wouldn’t miss every chance to seduce him.

“Look at WeChat!”

Sean Smith’s thin lips was moved, and then he reached out and hung up the phone.

His body was a little hot. Sean Smith unbuttoned another button with his fingers, pinched the collar of a high-necked suit and fanned.

Cindy White stared at Sean Smith. “Dad, is it mom? Why don’t you let me talk to my mother? “

Sean Smith grunted coldly, “Who is your father? Didn’t you just say that I am not your father? “

“Why does my wife want to talk to you?”

Cindy White pursed her lips.

At this time, Sean Smith’s cell phone rang.

He moved quickly, and then he saw Amber White agree with friend request. Sean Smith felt a little annoyed again.

He added her friend and called Amber White to ask for permission!

Look at Amber White’s ability now! ?

Sean Smith’s grip on the phone gradually increased, even making his fingers pale.

Half a second later, Sean Smith sent a video call to Amber White, and Amber White answered the phone quickly.

Sean Smith raised his eyebrows and saw Amber White in silk pajamas on the screen.

Her skin looked very white, lying on her side, which did not damage her aesthetic feeling as a woman.

Sean Smith’s eyes suddenly fixed on Amber White’s chest.

“Sean, it’s so late, what can I do for you?”

Sean Smith suddenly stopped and came to his senses in an instant.

He threw his cell phone to Cindy White and said bitterly, “Your daughter is looking for you!”

“Cindy White?”

With this, Cindy White’s white and tender little face suddenly appeared on the screen.


“What’s wrong with you? You are not with aunt Xiangxiang? “

Cindy White nodded and whispered, “Dad went to pick me up, and then Dad and I went back to Dad’s home.”

Amber White soon saw Cindy White’s baby bottle in her arms.

“Cindy, are you hungry?”

Cindy White nodded, and Amber White glanced at the contents of the bottle.

“I taught you how to dissolve milk powder in water? Why is it still so thick? “

Cindy White looked at the bottle, pouted and said with some unhappiness, “I didn’t make this.”

Amber White didn’t think much. If Cindy White didn’t do it, Sean Smith did it.

He didn’t take care of the children, so it was excusable.

“You give your mobile phone to Dad, and I will talk to Dad.”

Cindy White obediently handed Sean Smith the cell phone.

Amber White sat up from the bed, she reached out and brushed her hair and whispered, “Sean Smith, Cindy has caused you trouble, and I’m sorry.”

Sean Smith didn’t speak ill of Amber White, just looked at her and asked, “When will you come back?”

Amber White paused and whispered, “I will go back on Wednesday.”

“Sean, Cindy will be hungry at night, and the way you made milk just now is wrong.”

“She is still young, so she doesn’t need to dissolve milk powder in water for a bottle. You pick up 150 ml of water first. When the water is not hot, you can put two and a half spoonfuls of milk powder and then give her a drink … “

This was really troublesome!

Sean Smith frowned, took Cindy White’s bottle and walked towards the water dispenser.

He took the bottle, and then walked to the water cooler before suddenly stopping.

A dark light appeared on his face, and he felt a little stuffy. He realized that he had listened to Amber White without knowing it.

Why should he listen to Amber White? Was it because Amber White gave birth to his daughter? ?

After giving birth to him, Amber White could get countless benefits.

Amber White dared to ask him for more things!

The milk bottle held by Sean Smith was like a very hot thing.

Sean Smith glanced at the pink bottle in his hand and suddenly had a straight face.

As the president of Smith Group, he handled a contract worth tens of billions of yuan, and Amber White actually asked him to made Cindy White’s milk? !

Sean Smith raised his hand and dropped the bottle he had just prepared to hold, while the water in the water dispenser gave a sting, indicating that the hot water was boiled.

Sean Smith’s hand was suddenly stopped.

Forgot it. Since the bottle fell, it was his daughter who was hungry!

Sean Smith grunted, turned and went to the kitchen, poured out the contents of the bottle, and then went to the water dispenser to pour water.

When he returned to the living room, Cindy White was already sleepy with her cell phone in her arms.

When the water temperature was about the same, Sean Smith put two and a half spoonfuls of milk powder into the bottle and shook it evenly. When he was about to give Cindy White a drink, Amber White on the phone said,

“Sean, take Cindy to the room first, and then give Cindy a drink after turning off the lights. She can’t sleep if the lights are on. “

Sean Smith raised his eyes and showed sharp eyes. “You have a lot of problems with Cindy!”

With this,Amber White’s mobile phone screen became dark.

Her mouth was moved, and she just seemed to see a slender figure on her mobile phone.

Amber White frowned.

If Sean Smith really took the woman back to Hai Wan Xian Xie, why did he take Cindy with him when he went to Xiangxiang’s home? Wasn’t this to ruin what he wanted to do?

She might be too tired these days, which was why she had such hallucinations.

Amber White didn’t think much, so he reached out and turned off the headlights in the hotel, and then closed his eyes.

In Hai Wan Xiang Xie, Sean Smith reached out to pick Cindy White up, turned around and saw Lin Man.

Her eyes were instantly fixed on Sean Smith’s bottle.

The milk powder she made was thick, not as moderate as Sean Smith’s.

“Sean, I haven’t taken care of children before. Is my milk bad?”

Sean Smith’s eyes turned gloomy.

“It’s okay, Lin Man, why haven’t you slept? Do you have anything? “

Lin Man shook her head and reached for the bottle in his hand. “I’m fine. I just heard your voice and Cindy’s voice, so I came down to have a look. “

Sean Smith raised his eyebrows slightly. Instead of communicating with Cindy White, he asked Amber White how to take care of her daughter by video phone.

He felt a little uncomfortable and shook his head at Lin Man.

“I’m going to put Cindy to sleep. I have something to do tomorrow morning, so you should go to bed early. “

With this, Sean Smith went upstairs with Cindy White in his arms, while Lin Man was left in the living room.

She looked in the direction of Sean Smith’s departure, and Sean Smith looked tall, holding Cindy White with great care, and he seemed to be a good father.

Lin Man’s eyes flashed a dim light quickly. She pinched the bottle in her hand and followed her up.

There was no children’s room in Hai Wan Xiang Xie, so Sean Smith went directly to the master bedroom with Cindy White.

He took the bottle and said to Lin Man, “Lin Man, Cindy can’t have light while sleeping. When you go out, help me turn off the lights and doors. “

Lin Man smiled and nodded, and then left the master bedroom.

The master bedroom became dark, and Sean Smith frowned.

Amber White was really capable of spoiling Cindy.

However, Sean Smith finally started feeding Cindy White.

Cindy White was lying in bed drinking milk with a bottle in her hand. Sean Smith looked down and found Cindy White’s little face round. There was moonlight outside the window, and the shallow moonlight gave Cindy White’s eyes a luster.

Sean Smith’s lips were slightly raised, showing infinite softness.

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