Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 276: Why Can Your Mother Keep Lu Yi and Your father Can’t Keep Lin Man?

Suddenly, the smile on Sean Smith’s face became stiff. He hesitated, looked at Cindy and asked.

“Cindy, Dad has a question for you.”

Cindy White didn’t speak, and Sean Smith didn’t care. He pressed his eyes and asked in a low voice, “You said before that boys can’t live alone with girls …”

“Why can your mother stay with Lu Yi and your father can’t stay with aunt Lin Man?”

“Cindy, don’t you like Aunt Lin Man?”

“Didn’t you say before that you wanted me to introduce you to Aunt Lin Man?”

Sean Smith’s voice was careless, but Cindy White stopped swallowing. She looked at Sean Smith with her head on her side.

There was only dim moonlight between them, but Sean Smith felt that without the light, he could see the emotion in Cindy White’s eyes more clearly.

She blinked, as if puzzled by why Sean Smith asked this question.

Sean Smith’s lip was pinched into two sharp blades, which made him feel a little uncomfortable.

If he remembered correctly, Cindy White seemed to say last time that Lu Yi seemed to have stayed at Xingyue Bay more than once.


Would Lu Yi replace him as the male host of Xingyue Bay in a few days? !

Amber White was a shameless woman. She cheated on him!

Should he still thank Amber White for saving him an extra expense? !

Cousin and cousin’s daughter-in-law, and Lu Yi and Amber White also meant to do this!

Sean Smith’s eyes showed a fire that could not be concealed, and Cindy White suddenly opened her mouth. Her voice was soft and sleepy.

“Dad, Uncle Lu lives in my house for a reason!”


This was all a lie to children, only Cindy White would believe it!

His daughter was so lovely and simple. She called Lu Yi Dad Lu. If he had nothing to do with Amber White, he didn’t believe it!

Sean Smith showed a disdainful expression, but pretended to be confused and asked her, “What is the reason?”

Cindy White leaned in the direction of Sean Smith. “Cindy was sick that time, so Uncle Lu stayed once.”

“My mother doesn’t have a car, and Uncle Lu sent me to the hospital during the day and sent me another trip in the middle of the night.”

Sean Smith frowned.

Cindy White went on to say, “Another time, my mother fainted. I don’t know my father’s mobile phone number, so I called Uncle Lu … “

“Uncle Lu sent my mother to the hospital and then lived with Cindy once!”

Sean Smith was stunned.

With this, Sean Smith feels complicated inside.

Cindy White said lightly, but Sean Smith was not a child!

He could naturally hear that Cindy White was ill, and Lu Yi stayed to prevent unexpected situations!

However, after Amber White fell ill, she was hospitalized alone, and Lu Yi stayed at Xingyue Bay to help Amber White take care of the children! ?

Xingyue Bay was a bit far away from the Hospital at Tongcheng city, and it was inconvenient to take a taxi at ordinary times.

But who knew that this was not Amber White’s deliberate plot?

Was this woman willing to be wronged?

She had always been very powerful. Even if these things really happened, would she keep it in her heart?

“Dad, can you tell me your number?”

Sean Smith glanced faintly at Cindy White. “Huh?”

Cindy White’s eyes were sparkling. She looked at Sean Smith and said, “Dad, I don’t want beautiful clothes and dolls. I just want my dad.”

“I want you by my side when my mother fainted.”

“Can you?”

“Can I call you?”

Sean Smith was in a daze.

He was lying on his side in the bed, which made him feel uncomfortable. Especially, Sean Smith still had a wound on his back, so his body line was still tightened, and the wound on his back made him feel dull pain.

He didn’t answer for a long time, and Cindy White gradually lost her voice.

Her breathing became more and more stable. Sean Smith just wanted to call the number, but when he bowed his head, he saw Cindy White sleeping quietly.

Sean Smith paused, touched his cell phone and sent Xu Lin a message.

[You find someone to come to Hai Wan Xiang Xie tomorrow, and then you decorate a children’s room for me! ]

Sean Smith raised his mouth, no matter what Amber White did, he could never wronged his daughter!

With this, Sean Smith reached out and touched the bottle, and then walked out of the master bedroom.

Sean Smith suddenly came to his senses after washing the bottle. He really wanted to brush Cindy White’s bottle because he had nothing to do!

The next day.

Sean Smith opened his eyes at seven o’clock in the morning on time.

Cindy White was still sleeping, Sean Smith sat up from the bed, then went to the bathroom to wash and then changed clothes.

When the master bedroom door was knocked, Sean Smith suddenly remembered that besides Cindy White, he had brought back Lin Man last night.

Sean Smith reached out and opened the room door after buttoning the top button of his shirt.

At the moment of seeing Lin Man, Sean Smith’s eyes contracted.

“Lin Man, how to change clothes! ?”

Although Lin Man’s dress was still white, Sean Smith had a good memory. He clearly remembered that the skirt of Lin Man’s dress last night had a complicated pattern.

Lin Man smiled shyly, stretched out her hand and pulled the skirt, and whispered,

“Sean, I just drove your car to buy breakfast, so I bought a skirt by the way.”

Sean Smith sipped his lips. “Hai Wan Xiang Xie is far away from the place where breakfast is sold. Why don’t you wait for Cindy and me to eat together?”

Lin Man smiled and shook her head.

“Does Cindy get up yet? Go down and have breakfast. “

Sean Smith nodded, then turned to call Cindy.

He didn’t close the door, so Lin Man went in with him. Sean Smith came to the bed, stretched out his hand and patted Cindy White, and then he called her softly.

Cindy White was very good. She rubbed her eyes and sat up. She also pulled out her skirt and wanted to dress herself.

“Dad, Cindy is a girl. You can’t watch me get dressed! “

Sean Smith smiled and walked out of the master bedroom door.

There were only Lin Man and Cindy White left in the master bedroom. Lin Man took a step forward. “Cindy, let me help you.”

Cindy White shook her head. “I can take care of myself. Thank you Aunt Lin Man.”

She was only three years old, but she was in perfect order in dressing. After getting dressed, Sean Smith brought her new toiletries. She looked very good, then brushed her teeth and washed her face.

“Dad, dad! Come in! “

Sean Smith was shocked to hear Cindy White’s voice and quickly went into the bathroom.

“What’s the matter?”

Cindy White stuffed the comb into Sean Smith’s hand. “You help me tie my hair!”

Sean Smith,”…”

His footsteps were stiff, and it took him a while to maintain his expression on his face. He then cleared his throat and said, “I won’t. You wait here, and I’ll ask your aunt Lin Man to come in and help you braid your hair. “

Sean Smith went out of the bathroom without giving Cindy White any time to refute. In less than half a minute, Lin Man came in.

She tied Cindy White’s hair in the mirror, Cindy White played with hair band, and then looked at Lin Man in the mirror and asked, “Aunt Lin Man, do you like my father?”

Lin Man felt stunned and then smiled.

“Why do you suddenly ask?”

After combing her hair, Cindy White handed her hair band. She blinked and whispered.

“I guess.”

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