Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 277: I Can Introduce Aunt Lin Man to Uncle Gu!

“However, my father only likes my mother. He doesn’t like you. Last time I tore up your photo, my father was not angry! “

Lin Man’s hand to tie Cindy White’s hair was suddenly paused.

Cindy White blinked and whispered, “However, I know that Uncle Gu around my father doesn’t have a girlfriend yet, and he is also very handsome …”

“Next time when we play together, I can introduce you to Uncle Gu!”

Lin Man pinched the hair rope, then tied a knot in Cindy White’s hair. She made a small hairpin for Cindy White and stood up with a gentle smile on her face.

“Cindy, let’s go, your father is still waiting for us below!”

Cindy White pursed her lips.

Sean Smith took Cindy White and Lin Man out after breakfast. Sean Smith smoked a cigarette in front of the kindergarten and walking to the car after sending Cindy White to the kindergarten.

Sean Smith opened the door, and saw Lin Man shaking, while her mobile phone flew out without any trouble.


Sean Smith couldn’t ignore this scene.

He got on the car, pulled the seat belt buckle, and then casually whispered to Lin Man, who picked up the phone.

“What are you looking at?”

The smile on Lin Man’s face was somewhat far-fetched. “I didn’t see anything!”

Sean Smith didn’t believe it. Although Lin Man was not daring, she would not throw her mobile phone out excitedly because he opened the door.

He didn’t ask, Lin Man breathed a sigh of relief. Sean Smith suddenly leaned over and stretched out his hand to pull out Lin Man’s cell phone.

Lin Man went to grab it subconsciously, “Sean…”

Sean Smith put one hand against Lin Man’s shoulder and looked down at the phone screen.

Lin Man had no lock screen, and the above content instantly fell into his sight.

#Sean Smith and his daughter’s paternity test showed that they have no biological relation#

#Sean Smith’s marriage seems to be broken#

#Sean Smith…#

Sean Smith was in a daze. He asked Xu Lin to have a paternity test, but this matter was kept secret from the beginning!

His heart was pounding, and the ominous premonition was so strong that it could not be ignored and it became stronger.

He clicked on a topic and then saw the paternity test form.

This was exactly the same as the one given to him by the paternity testing agency, but the only difference should be the result.

They were not father and daughter.

The top was marked with Cindy White and Sean Smith’s names, and Sean Smith smiled coldly.

“Sean, the Internet is full of nonsense, don’t believe it!”

“Cindy looks so much like you, she must be your daughter!”

Sean Smith’s eyes turned gloomy.

“I didn’t believe it.” His voice was dull and sultry. “Lin Man, I guess the last time Lu Xiangxiang gave me and Cindy a paternity test, it should have been known by the media!”

“These popular searches should be played by reporters, so this credibility is not high.”

“However, such a big scandal is unfavorable to Smith Group, so I will go to the company to deal with this matter. In recent days, I may not be able to accompany you! “

Lin Man nodded. “Smith Group is more important. Besides, Tongcheng is also my home, you don’t have to accompany me. “

Sean Smith nodded. “I’ll take you to the hotel first.”

Sean Smith handed Lin Man his cell phone, and she took it and smiled, then reached out and pushed the door open.

“Sean, you are not suitable for the same occasion with me now. Let me get off first.”

“Just go to the company!”

Sean Smith frowned slightly. She said with a smile, “Besides, it’s not far from Ritz-Carlton. I can take a walk by the way!”

“Sean, go to work.”

With this, Lin Man got out of the car.

Chao He Hotel.

Amber White planned to hold a meeting just after reading the information. As soon as he walked out of the hotel door, he saw Lu Yi buttoning his shirt while walking.

His pace was very fast, and his look was very cold. It seemed that something had happened.

“Lu Yi, what’s wrong with you?”

Lu Yi suddenly stopped after seeing her. “Amber White, have you read microblog?”

His expression was very dignified, and Amber White couldn’t help but become serious. “What happened?”

“Sean and Cindy’s paternity test book broke out on the Internet. Now everyone knows that Cindy is not Sean’s biological daughter!”

The smile on Amber White’s face disappeared completely.

“What are you talking about?”

“Lu Yi, this joke is not funny!”

Lu Yi looked at Amber White, and the blackness in his eyes swelled up. “Amber White, you know I won’t make such a joke!”

He glanced at his watch. “Amber White, the plan for Chao He Hotel has to be suspended first. We must go back to the company immediately now!”

“Just now, Secretary Xu called me. Because of this news, Smith Group’s stock plummeted and the news fermented all night, so this loss cannot be counted, which is more than the wife abuse scandal before!”

Amber White’s heart seemed to be soaked in cold water. She didn’t feel a trace of warmth this summer.

She stuffed all the documents in her hand into her assistant’s hand, and subconsciously kept up with Lu Yi.

Amber White didn’t have time to watch her cell phone until she got on the car. Now, her cell phone was so quiet that she hadn’t received a phone call.

Amber White couldn’t take care of that much, and then opened microblog and took a look, and saw that the paternity test was directly hung on the top.

“Lu Yi, this paternity test is fake!”

“Cindy is Sean’s daughter.”

Lu Yi nodded. “I know, but the fact that I believe this fact is useless. We have to let others believe it!”

Smith Group was in danger of turbulence. If this situation was not handled well, it would be a difficult time for Smith Group!

Amber White was in a panic.

In this matter, she was one of the parties. Generally, someone should call her to get some information!

But her mobile phone, except for the spam message that just came in, seemed to be quiet.

Amber White pinched her lips and made a phone call to Sean Smith.

The phone was not connected. Amber White worried about Cindy White and made many calls in succession. Sean Smith’s cell phone was busy all the time.

Amber White had no choice but to send a text message to Sean Smith.

[Sean, first of all, don’t send Cindy to school. If she has already arrived at school, you should pick someone up first! ]

The messages were sent out, and Amber White was posted on microblog again.

Lu Yi looked in her direction, and she hung her head. Her pale hands clasped her cell phone tightly, and a wisp of broken hair fell on her cheeks, which made her look soft and moving.

“Amber White, first of all, don’t worry. After going back, you can let Cindy and Sean go to a formal paternity test institution and finally do a paternity test. “

“This can refute slanders!”

Amber White was just about to nod, but her eyes were fixed on the screen of her mobile phone.

#The second conclusion of paternity test, Mrs. Smith showed up in person, bribed the unscrupulous boss and faked the result!#

Amber White felt very flustered.

She quickly turned over the latest topic.

The latest news was all photos, one of which was Xu Lin and the other was Amber White!

She must know her photo. Amber White was wearing a sun-protective clothing, which happened yesterday. Amber White disliked the sun at the time, so she wore tightly and wore a mask …

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