Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 278: You Are A Bastard! You Don’t Have A Father!

After being photographed like that, it would give people a feeling that she was guilty.

After it had a picture, it would naturally have many speculations.

One store was highlighted, and it was marked as selected by Xu Lin, which was a place for paternity test. Amber White went there some time before Xu Lin.

Amber White’s eyebrows were shaking.

“Lu Yi。”

Amber White’s voice became very low.


“Online news said that Sean got the paternity test result that Sean and Cindy were father and daughter! They also said that I bribed the boss and then revised the results! “

Lu Yi suddenly stepped on the brake and parked his car on the side of the road. Lu Yi took the phone and read the microblog content.

No wonder Amber White’s cell phone was quiet up to now, so for a woman who bought fake identification results for her husband, wasn’t all the explanations false?

The media didn’t need Amber White to explain!

His eyebrows was shaken and he asked in surprise, “Amber White, where did you go and what did you do yesterday?”

Amber White frowned. “I …”

“It’s not far from Chao He Hotel, and there are some problems with the equipment arranged for Chao He. I went there with several employees of Smith Group to buy it!”

“Lu Yi, Chao He Hotel is halfway up the mountain, so I can buy what I need here. If I go to another home, the distance is farther!”

“This is a shoddy practice in itself, and I am not at ease about it, so I will follow there!”

Amber White always thought there was something wrong with this.

She moved her lips and whispered, “Let’s not discuss this first, let’s go back to the company first!”

Sean Smith watched Lin Man cross the street, and then touched his cell phone.

Last night, Sean Smith and Cindy White both slept in the master bedroom, fearing that they would disturb Cindy’s sleep, so he muted his cell phone.

As soon as it was unlocked, Sean Smith’s mobile phone was bombarded by countless missed calls and unread information.

Sean Smith’s mobile phone had good performance, so this information was presented after a while.

Another call came in, Sean Smith hung up directly, and then called Xu Lin.

When the phone rang, it was picked up by Xu Lin.

“President Smith。”

Sean Smith frowned coldly.

His eyes were sharp, and he stared at the jade pendant in the car without speaking.

He also understood why.

What he said just now was something perfunctory for Lin Man.

And Lu Xiangxiang’s paternity test was a rumor!

The paternity test agency also branded the paternity test results.

The one that came out by the media had a trademark on it, but the one that was mailed to him had no trademark.

The result was in the car, and Sean Smith turned it out and watched it again.

The result he got was false?

“President Smith, I …”

Xu Lin felt anxious and stammered.

“About paternity test, I told you in advance to keep it a secret? How can it leak? “

Sean Smith was in no hurry to leave. He lit a cigarette and pinched his lips.

The thick white smoke swallowed all the emotions on Sean Smith’s face, and even made his voice as cold as the steel.

With this, Xu Lin felt even more flustered. This matter was only known between Sean Smith and him. Sean Smith actually said this to show that he released the news.

Xu Lin hurriedly explained, “President Smith, I don’t know why Director White will be there …”

Sean Smith suddenly sat up straight.

White smoke covered Sean Smith’s face with ice.

“Amber White?”

Xu Lin said helplessly, “President Smith, this matter should have nothing to do with Director White. I have already investigated it. Director White went there to purchase equipment to decorate the Chao He River! “

Sean Smith sneered, “Does Smith Group have no purchasing department? Is it necessary for Amber White to do the purchase herself? S he is so powerful that she is not wronged by being a marketing director! “

Xu Lin kept silent.

Somehow, he always felt that Sean Smith seemed even angrier after explaining it!

He even took it out on Amber White.

“This is because there is something wrong with the equipment temporarily …”

What a coincidence!

Sean Smith sneered, and Xu Lin went on to say, “President Smith, what is said on the Internet is false, and Director White didn’t enter that institution at all.”

“Please believe Director White!”

“President Smith, there is a problem with the company. Can you go back to the company first …”

Sean Smith suddenly hung up the phone.

A blue vein popped out of his forehead, and then he clicked on microblog directly and took a look at the new follow-up content.

His eyes were finally fixed on Amber White’s photo.


Amber White was really capable, and his words and deeds were understood by Amber White!

Mobile phone password and paternity test!

Did Amber White dare to say that she didn’t have anyone to investigate and follow him? !

For some reason, Sean Smith took a breath, and then clicked into the identification results.

He looked at the paternity test form with the trademark.

He became anxious and stared at the words.

“It’s not a father-daughter relationship!”

Sean Smith watched it for five minutes, then lifted up his hand and smashed his cell phone into the carriage.


He used so much force that even the windshield in front of the co-pilot smashed some crack.

Sean Smith put his big hands in his short black hair, and a cold light was emitted from his eyes.

Cindy White was not his daughter!

Sean Smith only had this thought in his heart.

The appraisal result he got was what Amber White wanted him to see, but it was not true!

He suddenly burst out laughing.

That’s right. Nothing happened between him and Amber White. How could he have child with Amber White?

Since Lin Man had returned, he should take this opportunity to divorce Amber White!

He should be happy about it!

Sean Smith pulled his hair with his hand, and a text message came from his cell phone.

Sean Smith was not going to ignore it, but the next second, he bowed his head and looked for his mobile phone in the carriage.

Sean Smith saw Amber White’s text message after finding the phone under the passenger seat.

[Sean, don’t send Cindy to school. If she has already arrived at school, you should pick her up first! ]

Sean Smith sneered.

He took care of Cindy White for Amber White all night, and now he had to go to kindergarten to pick up the child!

Amber White dared to falsify his paternity test results, and now she had the face to ask him to help her pick up her daughter? !

Hadn’t she woken up yet?

Sean Smith threw the phone he just picked up again.

His eyes became cold, and he immediately pushed open the door and stepped out.

Sean Smith left in a hurry, and went straight to Jin Yang Guang Kindergarten.

He didn’t feel bad about Cindy White, he did it for Smith Group!

If he left Cindy White in the kindergarten, it would only make the news ferment even more!

Sean Smith went to Cindy White’s class. Because he came early, there was no class and few people in the class.

Cindy White was confronting a little girl in a pink skirt!

“You are a bastard! You have no father! “

Cindy White’s smiling face was full of stubbornness, “I am not a bastard, I have a father!”

“Ha, that is lying to you. Your mother spent money and she not only lied to you, but also lied to your father! “

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