Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 279: Will You Divorce Mrs Smith?

Sean Smith’s footsteps were stopped!

There seemed to be a deep sea in his eyes and eyebrows.

The bad things made by Amber White had not only become the talk of people after dinner, but also been talked about by children aged three or four!

This was really too bad!

Those people who were close to them knew Amber White had cheated!

Now the whole world knew about it!

Sean Smith really wanted to turn around and leave!

What did Amber White’s daughter have to do with him? Why did he care about Cindy White’s life and death? ?

He should let Amber White, the damn woman, die!

He just wanted to turn around when there was a fierce argument in the classroom. Sean Smith looked back and saw three children pushing Cindy White to the ground.

The girl in the pink skirt pointed at Cindy White’s nose and scolded her.

“Are you not bastards? You are a girl who broke the chubby! “

“You are a wild child without education and father!”

“The whole kindergarten knows about this, and you are stupid!”

The girl in the pink skirt smiled, “Admit that you are a bastard, or we will hit you!”

Three or four children raised their fists, as if they could fall down at any moment.

Sean Smith was shocked and contracted her black eyes.

Three or four-year-old children in Jin Yang Guang Kindergarten should have been little angels, but at this moment, they looked ferocious! They played verbal violence even like adults!

Sean Smith paused, then walked in quickly.

He lifted Cindy White with a straight face.


Sean Smith didn’t answer. He crouched down, and then patted Cindy White’s dust off, clasping the little guy’s shoulder. Sean Smith’s eyes were deep and dark. “Who did this?”

Cindy White reached out and pointed to the girl in the pink skirt.

Sean Smith’s sudden appearance scared the children, and they took a step back.

Sean Smith pushed Cindy White and said, “You push back!”

Cindy White stepped forward quickly and suddenly pushed the girl in pink skirt. “You are the bastard. I’m not! I have a father! “

“My father’s name is Sean Smith!”

“My mother is Amber White!”

Cindy White said seriously, while her little face turned red, and the girl in pink skirt was thrown to the ground.

“Ouch”, she cried out!

Sean Smith grabbed Cindy White’s body and picked her up from the ground. He was full of temperament, it seemed that he had no consciousness to bully children.

He walked out of the classroom with Cindy White in his arms.

Sean Smith found out his cell phone, and then called the headmaster of Jin Yang Guang.

The phone soon got through, and Sean Smith spoke directly.

“President Lin, I only say it once!”

“Cindy is my daughter, if you let me hear someone in your kindergarten scold her bastard again, whether it is a child, a teacher or a rumor …”

“I will dismantle Jin Yang Guang and then contribute a public toilet to the city center!”

With this, Sean Smith hung up the phone and walked outside the school with Cindy White in her arms.

Cindy White held Sean Smith’s neck and asked in confusion, “Dad, why are you back?”

“Dad, where are you taking me? Don’t I go to school today?”

Sean Smith had a straight face.

Out of the kindergarten, Sean Smith was surrounded by reporters who heard the news.

“President Smith, Xu Lin went to help you with Miss Smith’s paternity test. Did you order it? When did you suspect that Miss Smith was not your own? “

“President Smith, would you forgive Mrs Smith? Or will you divorce her? “

Journalists were rushing up, and the questions they asked should be sharper.

Sean Smith pursed his lips and clasped Cindy White in his arms. He didn’t answer a question. He just hugged Cindy White and opened the co-pilot door.

After settling in Cindy White, Sean Smith went round to the driver’s seat and got a car. The reporter tried to stop, but Sean Smith didn’t care so much, and then drove the car to leave.

There were more reporters gathered under the Smith Group building. Sean Smith drove the car and went directly to the parking lot. The security guard knew Sean Smith’s car, so he took care of Sean Smith and Cindy White to enter Smith Group at the first time.

He held Cindy White in his hand. After entering the hall, they became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Sean Smith didn’t bring Cindy White to the company for the first time, but it was his first time to make everyone think that Cindy White was Sean Smith’s daughter!

Since there was so much noise on the Internet, and all the evidence thrown out was true, but Sean Smith reappeared in the company with Cindy White in his arms.

Everyone thought it was a little subtle.

As soon as he went upstairs with Cindy White in his arms, people in the hall began to talk in succession.

“Do you think that child is so similar to President Smith? How can she not be the daughter of President Smith?”

“They are alike. But that child is not just like President Smith! “

Sean Smith knew nothing about these discussions, and he directly took Cindy White into the president’s office.

After putting her on the sofa, Sean Smith sat in the office chair, and Xu Lin pushed the door and came in.

His black eyes couldn’t be concealed even with glasses on his face.

Obviously, after these scandals came out, he already knew what happened.

Sean Smith had a gloomy expression on his face. He lit a cigarette, while his tall body was stuck in the wide chair back, and then he took a puff of smoke lightly.

“Hurry up and call Director Lu up!”

Xu Lin was nervous, and Sean Smith said, “Let him pause for a moment about Modern Street …”

“President Smith, Director Lu is not in the company now …”


Sean Smith raised his eyes. Lu Yi was also the director of the public relations department. After such a big incident, he was not in the company, so where will he be?

“Director Lu and Director White went to Chao He Hotel yesterday, and now … They are on their way back …”

Chao He Hotel?

Sean Smith sneered and this was really great!

He was overwhelmed by gossip here, while Lu Yi and Amber White went to the hotel for a date in the name of work!

They said they were going on business?

Amber White probably felt lonely!

He thought Amber White loved him very much before, but since she could do such a thing to force him to marry her, how could Amber White be willing to keep her innocence for three years?

Xu Lin, who was standing opposite Sean Smith, was trembling.

The atmosphere suddenly became cold, and Xu Lin licked his lips, thinking that Sean Smith was angry with Lu Yi. He paused and then said something nice for Lu Yi.

“Director Lu knows what happened and is already on his way back. In addition, Director White also came back together! “

“President Smith, With Director White and Director Lu, the scandal will be controlled. You can rest assured! “

Sean Smith’s face was covered with a cloud, and the smoke from his mouth diffused into layers of haze, and it was finally condensed into frost.

Xu Lin paused, just felt incredible. In the hot summer, President Smith’s office was obviously not air-conditioned, but it made people feel cold!

“Get out!”

Xu Lin, “…”

Since Lu Yi wasn’t here, the public relations department couldn’t speak at will, and could only allow the negative news on the Internet to ferment.


The Smith Group building had been surrounded by reporters, and Smith Group itself also had entertainment projects. Although Lu Yi received the news that there were reporters downstairs in Smith Group, he did not know that there would be so many reporters.

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