Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter: 28 Was he worrying about Amber White

There are a lot of people in the room, and even reporters, but they were just there, watching the bodyguards punch and kick a woman,no one tried to stop it, they were just taking photos.

When Sean Smith opened the door, the people inside looked at him.When saw that it was Sean Smith, Lin Han’s body was stiff for a moment!

As soon as Gu Jinyan approached, he recognized the man who was lying on the ground. He reached out and poked Sean Smith. Then he said in a low voice which could only heard by them: “Sean, isn’t that woman from your company’s public relations department? But what happened here?”

Sean Smith sighed with a deep sigh of relief, then he recognized her. The person who was lying on the ground and was almost fall in a faint was Wang Jing of the Public Relations Department.

“Mr. Smith?? Mr. Smith, I could explain?!”

Lin Han thought that Sean Smith was here for scolding his wife for making Wang Jing like this. so he did not say a word for a long while.

As soon as Seam Smith appeared, the reporters was more crazy and they run to him and put the microphone to his face.

“Mr. Smith, why do you appear here? Everyone knows that the lady on the ground is an employee of the public relations department of your company. She and Lin Han appeared on the same occasion. Is it just an coincidence?”

“Mr. seam, you are in a hurry to appear here, is it because that Miss Wang and you have other relationships besides colleagues?”

When Sean Smith saw that the person was not Amber White. He reached out and pushed away those microphones in front of him. Then he made a way from the crowded reporters and went out of the hotel directly.

When they got rid of those reporters, he sat on the car and looked calm. Gu Jianyan glanced at him and whispered: “Sean, don’t tell me that you just to make a fun!”

“Your expression showed your worry, talk to me honestly, who did you think the woman was?”


He frowned, more seriously, was he worried about Amber White?


He admitted that he had a little worried when he saw Wang Jing’s back in the newspaper,it looked like Amber White.

But he was not worried about her at all, it was just that she was still his wife in public, so it would definitely made him shameless if such scandal appeared!

He was Sean Smith, how many women in City Tong wanted to get him,wanted to be his lover,but they had no ways!

If his wife in law became others’ lover? He couldn’t afford this!

That’s right!

Sean Smith affirmed in his heart, he would not worry about Amber White, he was only worried about his own reputation!

He worried that her had affairs again!

“Gu,What’s wrong with you. why did you like gossip more than those women?”

Sean Smith scolded Gu in a low voice, the gloomy feeling in his heart had almost disappeared by his own defense, and he also forgot his worry.

Gu Jinyan saw that he was even joking with him. So his eyebrows were picked up again. A pair of eyes glanced up and down, then he asked, “Are you sure?”

Sean Smith’s lips hooked, and showed an ironic smile.

The woman who could make him worry?Only Manman,but…

She had already left city Tong three years ago!

When Amber Whit woke up, the sky was already bright.

The touch of the ground was cold, so she sat up immediately. She looked around the surroundings and regained her memory for a moment.

Yesterday, Tang Tian locked the door of the bathroom while she was in here.

The floor of Night was tiled, her body was chilling, so she stood up slowly.

As soon as she had an action, she felt the tearing pain on her head. She took a deep breath and knocked the door. She shouted: “Is someone here? Open the door!”

In the daytime, it seemed that there was a dead city. There was no light, even in the daytime, it was dull.

There was a slight smell of the incense that was brought last night, and her body was getting colder and colder.

Since three years ago, after Sean Smith locked her in the bedroom, she became a little scared. Of this kind of silence. It made her feel that she was all alone in this world.

It seemed that there were many ghosts behind her, her body was getting stiffer, so she patted the door hardly.

“Open the door! Come on!”

There was only echo, which made her feel bad, there was nothing else.

Amber White was very panicked, her hand was painful. Because of the loudness, there was a pain in her throat.

She never changed her posture the whole night. All her body was tired and sour. There was a layer of cold in the bones. And it was like that there was a big hole in her heart. Cold wind flew to her heart.

“Open the door -“

No matter how she screamed, how to shout, no one responded, her voice broke,she had hoarseness.

Amber White licked her lips, her lips were chapped, and her throat was so painful. She shouted for half an hour. In half an hour, she was disheartened and had to admit one thing. .

No one was there..

No one was there.

She forced herself to calm down and stand in front of the big mirror. She saw herself in the mirror, alone, and even herself felt pitiful for herself.

She only felt that she really had a bad luck.

No one found her the whole night, no one found that there was another person in the bathroom of this place!

She had been here several times, knowing that it was only open at night, but she didn’t expect that there would be no one during the daytime.

After all, it was the place for rich, such a big place, she was only all alone.

Amber White felt that it was really ridiculous and sad!

She squeezed her sore throat and maybe it was because that she had wore a high-heeled shoes for a long time. Amber White’s heel hurt. On the occasion of the bar, the partition was added around the house, which was originally used to block the sound.

But the house that was built was cold. This season, Amber White felt the kind of deep cold in advance.


When Sean Smith and Gu Jinyan returned to company, they were almost off work.

Gu Jinyan had also been in the midst of curiosity about whether there was a confidante, but even he was curious, he did not asked it. Instead, he had been discussing with Sean Smith about whether the stock of GR building materials should be acquired.

Gu Jinyan showed the stock market of GR building materials to Sean Smith. He said: “GR’s stock has fallen to the lowest level in history. When Lin Han and Mrs. Lin are finished, they must definitely conduct public relations. Their stocks will definitely recover.”

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