Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 280: Amber White, Are You Okay?

Lu Yi was just about to turn around after hesitating, but the reporters had already rushed over, and the cars were surrounded by reporters.

The window next to the co-pilot was knocked loudly by reporters, and some reporters went to pull the door.

At the entrance of Jin Yang Guang last time, it had a stampede because of reporters. After Amber White saw so many reporters again this time, she felt that she didn’t know what to do.

Lu Yi’s car was stuck, and he frowned slightly. “The car can’t move, we may have to get off …”


The window was suddenly opened with the sound of Lu Yi. Amber White felt some pain on her face, and her body shook uncontrollably. The white dress she was wearing had a lot of broken glass.

Amber White touched her cheek stiffly, feeling warm and a little stinging.

She glanced at the blood on her hands.

Lu Yi also felt stunned. He had long known that journalists were one of the unreasonable people in the world. But he really didn’t expect these people to smash the window directly in order to get the first-hand information!

“Amber White, are you still okay?”

Amber White’s eyes kept turning. She shook her head, and her face seemed calm.

“Lu Yi, let’s go down first. If we continue to be in the car, the reporter may become more out of control! “

When Amber White spoke, her injured left face was instantly exposed to Lu Yi’s sight.

Lu Yi’s eyes contracted violently and uncontrollably.

Seeing Amber White stretch out his hand to open the door, Lu Yi stretched out his hand and pulled Amber White’s hand.

“Amber White, don’t get off the car yet!”

Amber White looked at Lu Yi in confusion, but he didn’t give Amber White a chance to speak. He got out of the car directly, pushed away the cameras that could almost touch his face, and then walked to the front of the co-pilot door.

He opened the door and motioned Amber White to come down.

When she appeared, the reporters spoke fiercely, and their address changed from Miss White to Amber White!

“Amber White, you and President Smith’s daughter are not the crystallization of your love!”

“Excuse me, do you know that President Smith took the information to give the child a paternity test? Does President Smith’s behavior mean that he has long known that the child is not his? “

“Are you facing a divorce crisis?”

Amber White felt the darkness before her eyes. After giving birth to Cindy, her body became a little weak. She didn’t eat breakfast this morning, so her face turned pale. Under such circumstances, she seemed a little guilty!

The reporter’s problem was no longer just a problem, and Amber White was not facing reporters for the first time. She also knew that at this time, no matter what she said, the reporters wouldn’t listen.

Amber White bowed his head and said nothing. But she couldn’t break through the tightened encirclement in a short time, and couldn’t get into Smith Group.

At the president’s office on the top floor of Smith Group.

Lu Yi hadn’t arrived yet. Sean Smith was sitting in an office chair and had no intention of working, while his mobile phone on his desk kept ringing.

“Dad, what do those uncles and aunts say?”

“Do they say that I am not your child?”

Cindy White sat on the sofa for a long time, and then ran to Sean Smith and asked.

Sean Smith looked at Cindy White, and his eyes were filled with mixed emotions.


The answer to the question she asked was yes!

But Sean Smith didn’t know what to say.

No matter how innocent she was now, she was Amber White’s daughter!

Sean Smith stroked the eyebrows with his hand, spit out a mouthful of smoke from his mouth, and his face became a little cold.

“Children mustn’t ask so many questions. Stay on the sofa! “

Cindy White, with her head on her side, blinked and said, “Dad, I am your child and your mother’s child!”

“Dad, you and other aunts were written in the newspaper. Mom is willing to believe you! Don’t you want to trust my mother? “

Her eyes were full of tears, which set off her eyes. They were black and clear, which made people feel moved.

Sean Smith remained silent.

After getting to know Cindy White, he understood that all the words that children said could not be believed.

He lowered his head without showing any expression, and was thinking about how to answer Cindy White’s words when the door of the president’s office was suddenly pushed open.

Sean Smith suddenly looked up after hearing the noise, and his eyes were locked on Xu Lin who hurried through the door.

Xu Lin swallowed his saliva and stammered, “…President, Director White was trapped downstairs by reporters and could not enter the company …”

Sean Smith looked at Xu Lin, but there was no fluctuation in his eyes. He grabbed a document and spread it out.

“You don’t have to tell me this kind of thing. Would you like to tell me how many times Amber White drinks water a day and then goes to the toilet? “

“Secretary Xu, Smith Group give you high salary not to pay attention to the words and deeds of the marketing director, but to make contributions to Smith group!”

“Do you understand?!”

Xu Lin almost cried because he felt anxious, but once he felt nervous, his stuttering problem reappeared. Xu Lin reached out and slapped himself in the face, then explained.

“President Smith, the trend of online news fermentation has become very exaggerated. The reporters had blocked in front of Smith Group. Then there are reporters doing live webcasts, including insulting Director White! “

“The car of Director White and Director Lu was smashed by the radical reporter, which hurt White’s face!”

With this, Sean Smith’s black eyes suddenly contracted. He pinched the cigarette and suddenly pressed it hard, so that he instantly choked the cigarette into two segments.

Was Amber White’s face hurt?

This was a good thing!

Even God didn’t like Amber White seducing men outside. She’d better not live well all her life!

“President Smith!”

Sean Smith suddenly stood up straight and disappeared into the huge office.

He went downstairs in the elevator dedicated to the president and walked steadily to the crowded place.

Sean Smith’s eyes became darkened when he looked at reporters who were almost dense.

According to this development situation, it was very likely that a second stampede would happen!

He was not thinking for Amber White, but for all employees of Smith Group!

After Sean Smith appeared, the crowd automatically made a path for him. He walked all the way in the direction of Amber White.

Standing beside Amber White, the reporters closest to her was still unaware, just moving the microphone in front of Amber White.

“Miss White, I had the honor to meet your daughter once. Her appearance is similar to that of Director Lu standing beside you. Excuse me, is the child’s biological father Director Lu? “

Sean Smith’s steps were suddenly stagnated.

With this, he looked at Amber White with his hot eyes.

She looked down, and the black curly hair covered her face and her eyes.

Amber White leaned against the car behind her. Her lips were bright, but there was no trace of blood on her face. She seemed to have been poked at her inner weakness by the reporter, and then made a guilty performance!

Sean Smith’s mind quickly came up with Cindy White’s face.

If the reporters hadn’t said so, Sean Smith wouldn’t have noticed that Cindy White really looked like Lu Yi.

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