Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 281: If I Stayed Here Any Longer, I Can’t Hold on

Sean Smith suddenly felt his throat itched.

If Cindy White was really Lu Yi’s daughter, it was understandable that she called Lu Yi as her father!

He could guess some reason why Amber White kept begging that he should marry him. He was the only legal heir left in the Smith family!

The incidence of blood cancer in his body was very high. Lu Yi wanted to win Smith Group with Amber White, and they just needed a child.

In this case, Lu Yi couldn’t inherit the group, but Smith Group was actually his!

Sean Smith clasped his fingers together, and then he laughed.

Amber White’s plan was really well planned!

Standing among so many reporters, even he couldn’t help but want to applaud Amber White’s plan!

However, Amber White, who stood opposite him, seemed to have stopped her breath, and her chest became heavier and heavier, even her consciousness began to blur gradually.

Amber White’s breath became heavier and heavier. She pulled Lu Yi’s clothes and whispered, “Lu Yi, I feel dizzy. If I continue to stay here, I will not hold on… “

If she fainted, there might be some rumors circulating on the Internet.

Amber White was feeling anxious when her arm was suddenly grabbed, and then there was a great force. Amber White’s body fell into a warm embrace.

There were many people here, the air was not very circulating. It was summer, and many people were sweating, so the air would become very heavy.

Amber White had low blood pressure. Without fresh air, her head would become more dizzy.

After her body was caught by a man, a clean breath was felt between her nose.

It was light and smelled of detergent. Amber White felt a little relieved, and then she knew who was coming.

She involuntarily leaned toward Sean Smith’s arms.

Sean Smith’s appearance caused a great uproar among reporters.

He grabbed Amber White by the waist with a fake smile on his face. “You are stuck at the gate of Smith Group, which seriously interferes with the enthusiasm, quality and efficiency of Smith Group’s employees!”

“Before I came down, I had called the police. You are doing illegal gathering, which has seriously damaged the reputation of Smith Group and Mrs. Smith and has caused us great losses! “

“I advise you to leave now, otherwise when the police arrive, you will only be in prison, and then you will not be able to explore the follow-up results between our husband and wife!”

The reporter was shocked.

Sean Smith was tough man. At the entrance of Jin Yang Guang Kindergarten, the reporter suffered losses from Sean Smith.

He also managed HK and Smith Group well. Besides, the victim of this incident was, in a sense, him. Now, since he was so protective of Amber White, they had nothing to say.

“President Smith, does it mean that you will not get divorced if you openly protect Mrs Smith who has cheated?!”

Sean Smith smirked and sarcastically said, “Divorce? Where can I find such a beautiful Mrs. Smith? “


To give Amber White half of Smith Group’s assets and then allow her and Lu Yi to live a happy life, he’s afraid there was no such wonderful dream in the world!

With this, Sean Smith took a meaningful look at Lu Yi, and then took Amber White into Smith group.

There was a live broadcast on the scene, and a series of Sean Smith’s actions aroused people’s discussion on the Internet.

[After this happened, Sean Smith came out to hug Amber White again. If the relationship between them was really so good, then why did he go to an secret institution for paternity test? He has long suspected that Amber White has cheated! ] [Sean Smith, what is this unimaginable practice? As for the child mentioned by the reporter who asked Amber White belongs to Director Lu, can this be confirmed? Does someone say before that Sean Smith and Lu Yi are cousins? ] [Be cuckolded by his wife and cousin, and he has to help them with crisis public relations! Sean Smith will be the worst man of the year! ] […]

Sean Smith’s fingers holding his mobile phone gradually turned pale, and he sat in a large office with a straight face.

Amber White followed Sean Smith to the top floor, and Lu Yi helped her to sit down beside Cindy White. He touched Cindy White’s head with his hand and whispered to Amber White.

“You have hypoglycemia. I ordered you breakfast. We can’t deal with this matter in a hurry. After the delivery, you can eat first … “

Sean Smith watched Lu Yi’s movements, especially when he reached out to touch Cindy White’s head. He seemed to have done it hundreds of times.

After he went downstairs, the reporter’s question was still in his ear …

Was Amber White going to have a showdown with him since it had been revealed?

Sean Smith’s eyes shone with cold light.

“Director White and cousin are really loving. But if you want to talk about love, you should also figure out the occasion first! “

“This is the president’s office, not Xingyue Bay!”

Amber White frowned. With her eyes half closed, she didn’t intend to pay attention to Sean Smith.

Cindy White reached out and tugged at Amber White’s sleeve. “Mom, what does Dad mean by saying this?”

“What is the director?”

Amber White felt a little shaky.

She licked her lips.

“Lu Yi, President Smith and I have something to talk about. Can you take Cindy away first?”

Lu Yi paused and said in a low voice.

“Amber White, after this happened, Sean Smith is very angry, you are not suitable to be alone with him!”

“Amber White, didn’t you forget what happened the day you went to worship Yun Ci?”

“Sean Smith wants to kill you!”

Amber White blinked. “He won’t be so irrational. You take Cindy out first!”

“After such a important thing happened, the public relations department should be very busy. You ask Shen to take Cindy out first. After I talk to Sean Smith, I will send the child to Xiangxiang! “

Lu Yi couldn’t convince Amber White, so he had to walk out the door with Cindy White.

At this time, Sean Smith, who had been paying close attention to the online news, saw the third episode of paternity test.

#Sean Smith took his daughter to the amusement park for a show, and the couple never lived together after marriage!#

This new content on microblog was rich and seemed to have strong evidence, even posting the life rules of Sean Smith and Amber White.

They were married for three years and separated for three years!

Sean Smith seemed to know from the beginning that Cindy White was not his own daughter!

Sean Smith’s mouth was quivered, and the news broke this time had more weight than the news announced before!

He raised his hand to throw the phone out. This mobile phone with good performance was instantly torn apart by Sean Smith.

Amber White was unprepared for this, and his cell phone exploded under her feet. The screen broke and the glass slag were splashed everywhere. Her body was trembled and her eyes were darkened.

“Sean Smith, why are you going to have a paternity test?”

Amber White lifted her head, and her face looked serious and earnest. She looked slim in her white formal dress, which added a lot of brightness to the boring office.

“Why? You just hooked up with my cousin, and now you remember that you are Mrs. Smith? “

“Do you dare to ask me why I do something now?”

Amber White was shocked, took a step forward at Sean Smith’s direction. She looked at him with sharp eyes and then said in an aggressive tone.

“If you want to do a paternity test, you should tell me in advance!”

Sean Smith narrowed his eyes. “Tell you? Even if I don’t tell you, you have the ability to change the appraisal results. “

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