Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 282: Wouldn’t the Outcome Be More unpredictable?

“Wouldn’t the outcome be more unpredictable if I told you?”

Sean’s tone was so cold with unfriendliness.

At this point, Sean suddenly remembered last night, when he got the paternity test, he was anxiously looking for the child, and even called Amber.

Amber must feel so triumphant, right?

Maybe in her heart, she had already thought of him as a fool.

Thinking about it, Sean’s face became so gloomy, and his eyes were fixed at Amber.

Amber White was also very angry. For three years, she had always held her anger and divided herself and Sean into two worlds, hoping that Cindy could have a peaceful life.

Now, Cindy was three years old, but has been in the police, been in the paper, been in a bar, and even has been kidnapped!

The paternity test was out but then it was screwed up, which made Cindy cursed all over the internet!

Reporters never could keep any secret, and soon the kid might learn that she’s not her parents’ biological child!

Amber was so sad in her heart.

“I’m Cindy’s mother, so don’t I have the right to know about this matter?”

“Didn’t you always deem her as a bastard, why did you suddenly think of doing a paternity test?”

Sean was dumbfounded by the question.

Why did you suddenly think of taking a paternity test? How to answer? Was he going to tell Amber that he suspected because many people had said that Cindy looked like him?

Wouldn’t that further fuel Amber White’s ambitions?

A vein popped out of Sean’s forehead. He stood up and strode over to Amber and suddenly cupped her jaw.

Amber felt great pain and subconsciously looked at Sean’s dark, deep eyes, and although he smiled faintly, he looked even more horrible.

“Why did I think of going for a paternity test? Didn’t you say that she is my child? So I need to confirm it. “

“I’m going to smash you in the face with the results and see if you’ll be ashamed of yourself and leave Smith’s house voluntarily.”

Sean sneered and continuing, “It’s just that I seem to have overestimated Miss White’s sense of shame!”

Amber felt her heart in great pain.

She pursed her lips, her jaw getting more and more painful, as if it would be removed from her face by Sean at any moment.

From Amber’s eyes, some tears fell.

She reached out and clasped Sean’s palm, pushing the man away.

She is beautiful, but her face had a scar made by glass scraps, and her skin is tender, and but she had two distinctive finger marks on her chin.

Her hair was a bit messy from arguing with Sean.

She took a half step back and looked at Sean, pursing her lips.

“Now that the results of the paternity test are in, and you can give up your unrealistic dreams.”

Amber’s heart was numb. When facing such a piece of big news, except for the care for Cindy at first, she did not even know what she really felt.

She raised her head, looked into Sean’s eyes, and asked this question.

Sean’s pupils were contracted sharply, “So, you admitted that you changed the results?”

Amber sneered as she looked sideways at Sean, showing some sarcasms, “Mr. Smith should know about this matter in your heart!”

After finishing her speech, Amber threw away Sean’s hand and left the office directly.

In the office, only Sean was left alone. Standing in the huge office alone, Sean actually still felt that the air here is so scarce.

In less than half a minute, there was a knock on the door of the president’s office.

The expression on Sean’s face was stunned at the moment.


She’s back? She realized that she was talking to him in the wrong tone?

Back to apologize?

Sean licked his thin lips. She wanted his forgiveness? It wouldn’t be that easy unless Amber was honest about who the father of the child is!

Sean turned around and strode behind the desk, his face so calm. He spoke calmly, “Come in!”

The office door was pushed open and Xu Lin walked in with a bag.

Sean’s eyes started to be much colder.

The air around him suddenly turned cold, Xu Lin shivered, gathered his shirt and walked over to Sean’s desk.

“Mr… Mr. Smith, this takeaway, the address is the top floor president’s office, so the front desk did not dare to stop… “

The coolness in Sean’s eyes was too heavy, and Xu Lin stumbled over his words.

“Mr. Smith, you… You can eat it now because it’s still hot!”

Xu Lin said and turned to leave, but was stopped by Sean: “When have you ever seen me eat breakfast and order take-out in the office?”

Xu Lin’s body stiffened.

Sean hardly ordered takeaway, and Xu Lin also had suspected it, but who was so bored that he or she wrote down the address of this office to have fun?

Just like those little stars and young models who were related to Sean, they wanted to see him once a day, but it’s not like they would order takeaway for him.

That’s why Xu Lin took it in…

“Mr. Smith, didn’t you order this? Miss White just got back, and she should not have had breakfast yet…”

Xu Lin hadn’t finished his words, and was shocked by the glimpse of Sean, so he had to stop and shut up.

Sean lowered his head to take a look at the package.

A meal of Xiangyun Street’s long-established nutritious porridge, which would take four to five hours to cook, was sold in limited quantities every day and was worth a lot of money.

Sean weighed it with his hand and felt that it was not light, so there must be a few dishes!

From the moment he entered the office, he had heard Lu Yi and Amber’s every word.

Without asking Amber what she wanted to eat, and he just ordered it for her, so generous and proficient.

Sean sneered.

“You think I’m bored? Order takeout for Amber? I might as well feed the pigs!”

He slapped his palms on the table with a bang, scaring Xu Lin, who shrunk his shoulders.

Sean, as if unaware, continued to say in a deep voice.

“Change the front desk!”

“They can let everything in easily! It’s the breakfast today, but what if it’s a bomb tomorrow?”

“You, as the president’s special assistant, don’t learn to manage each department and even took it in in person. So is it the next time, when our company’s building is razed to the ground, you’ll be happy? “

A layer of cold sweat appeared on Xu Lin’s body.

Sean turned his head sideways, looked at the takeaway box on the table with a shady gaze, and said to Xu Lin, “Get out!”

Xu Lin didn’t dare to say a word, turned around, twisted his head and hurriedly ran out.

Sean stared at the takeaway box for half a minute, then he suddenly took action, picked up the box and smashed it out.

The porridge and small dishes instantly mixed together, and the smell was a mess.

Sean’s eyes became much gloomier.

Didn’t Amber just now still have the strength to question him? In that way, the weakness was all pretend before, and since her energy was unlimited, what’s wrong with eating less?

If Amber was really hungry, she wouldn’t need others to buy the meal for her.

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