Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 284: Concentrated Sulfuric Acid?

Sean held the phone, one hand clenched in his pocket, and he was a bit confused, concentrated sulfuric acid?

Amber’s luck was really too bad!

This time, her s3ductive face might be ruined.

Sean’s eyes slightly moved. When the elevator door was opened, his pace became fast. After getting into the car, Sean showed a cool smile.

He was not worried about Amber, but such a big thing had happened to Amber, so certainly he must be the first to see her and mock her!

There were a lot of cracks in the windshield, but Sean had an unobstructed ride, driving towards the police station so quickly…

Not too far away, as soon as Sean had just parked his car, his phone rang.

Amber was still in the police station. He was about to hang up directly, and he took a look at the greatly shattered screen.

Sean was not in the habit of saving other people’s numbers, but he knew these numbers.

Lin Man’s phone number.

Sean immediately stopped hanging up. He moved his fingertips away, and quickly clicked on the screen to answer.

“Manman? What’s going on?”

Lin Man’s voice was full of frighten and fear.

“Sean, Sean… Reporters are here and they’re all blocking the door of my room… “

“Sean, I’m scared, those reporters are very agitated… They’re breaking down the door.”

Sean, who had just turned off the car, reached out and started the engine again, whispering.

“Manman, don’t worry, I’ll be right over!”

“Don’t open the door for anyone until I get there.”

Lin Man’s voice trembled, “Okay.”

“Sean, I’m scared, can you please don’t hang up the phone? Just let me hear your voice. “

Lin Man had always been weak, so Sean did not hesitate, nodded and said, “OK.”

He turned the front end of the car, and before leaving, Sean looked back at the police station.

In his eyes there was something so complicated.

Amber had always had a lot of means, so he believed that she would not let herself get hurt, besides, she had already been in the police station, so no one could hurt her here.

But Manman was different.

Manman needed him badly.

The Ritz-Carlton is not far from the police station, and Sean surfed on the internet to see the comments online when he was in the elevator.

Last night, the photo of Sean with Lin Man appearing at the Hai Wan Xiang Xie was taken secretly by someone, and the reporters found that at that time, the paternity test sheet in his was still the one he got from the hospital.

He is Cindy’s father!

The reporters then came to the hotel, knocked on Lin Man’s door, just to ask such questions.

For example, after he got the paternity test, he invited Lin Man to Hai Wan Xiang Xie because he wanted to start a new family with her?

Sean strode forward and reached out to grab a microphone, his face so gloomy, making the reporter involuntarily take a half step back.

Sean said immediately, “I have no intention of starting a family with Manman, we are just ordinary friends!”

Even if he had, he couldn’t admit it!

“This time, it’s a personal matter of mine, so please leave my friend alone!”

As soon as Sean finished speaking, the elevator door got opened and a group of bodyguards in black suits politely asked all the reporters to leave.

When Lin Man heard Sean’s voice, she opened the door of the room. When she saw him, L in Man took a step forward and threw herself into Sean’s embrace.

Sean’s body stiffened, and then he reached out his hand, embraced Lin Man, and patted her back gently.

Sensing the gentleness of Sean, Lin Man’s eyes seemed to have some tears, “Sean, I was really scared just now…”

“I know you’re likely to be busy at this time of year, but I can’t help myself, I’m sorry I’ve caused you so much trouble…”

Sean sighed, after spending so much time with Amber, he actually became a bit not used to women’s tears.

“Manman, it’s fine, I haven’t been very busy!”

“Why don’t you go back to the hotel and get some rest? You’re grieving a little today, so don’t go out yet!”

Sean let her in his embrace out, and he looked Lin Man in the eyes, “I’ll leave two bodyguards for you at the entrance, don’t be afraid!”

“I have an urgent matter to attend to right now, and I can’t stay here with you!”

Lin Man nodded her head after hearing Sean’s words.

Her character was always soft, unlike Amber, rigid and hard like a piece of iron.

Sean showed a shallow smile at Lin Man, then turned around and left the hotel.

In the police station.

Amber was leaning on a stool in front of her desk, taking a statement with a policewoman.

“Why did that man throw concentrated acid at you? Is there a feud between you two?”

Amber shook her head and whispered, “I don’t know him, and when he did it, he was screaming things like I’m a slut and a bitch…”

The policewoman raised her head after hearing such words.

In these years, she had interrogated quite a few prisoners in the police station, but Amber is the first to answer questions calmly as if nothing had happened after experiencing a big storm.

Considering the mood of Amber, after the policewoman understood the antecedents and consequences, she didn’t ask Amber the follow-up matters.

“Wait here, we’ve already informed your husband, and he’ll be here soon to pick you up!”

Amber nodded and the policewoman handed her a glass of white water, then turned on the only TV in the office.

She casually tuned it to a channel that was playing entertainment news and whispered, “Relax, this is the channel you girls love Just watch TV here, and when your husband arrives later and signs the papers, you can go!”

Amber nodded, “Thank you so much.”

The policewoman had other work to do, and after a while, she turned around and went into the office.

Amber moved her fingers and there was a burning pain in her arm.

She licked the corner of her mouth and put her arm behind her back, her face as usual, and then she turned her attention to the television.

Thefirst entertainment news was finished, and then the second one began to play.

As the picture on the TV turned, the host spoke in fluent Mandarin, “According to our reporter, Smith Company’s CEO, Mr. Smith, Smith Sean and his company’s marketing director, Amber’s marriage is about to break up… And it’s said by one of their friends that they each have had new lovers already. “

“Ten minutes ago, Mr. Smith was the first to arrive at the hotel to evict reporters for the sake of his new lover… In gratitude to him, the beauty gave him a sweet hug…”

“Between the two, the love is almost loverflowing… It was also reported that they went back to Hai Wan Xiang Xie together last night…”

Amber looked at the TV screen, the two people intimately embracing each other, which made her body so cold.

She lifted her wrist and took a glance at the time, the police station should have informed Sean at the first time.

Smith’s Company isn’t too far from the police station, so even if he came on foot, he should have arrived by this time.

That sad feeling once again came at her, taking over almost all of Amber’s senses.

‘I’m going to hit you in the face with the results and see if you’ll be ashamed of yourself and leave Smith’s house voluntarily. ‘

‘It’s just that I seem to have overestimated Miss White’s sense of shame! ‘

Sean’s words resounded in her mind once again, and some tears filled the bottom of her eyes.

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