Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 285: I Really Don’t Know What His Wife Is Thinking About

When saying such high-sounding words, Sean didn’t really think that much…

Lin Man was back, and Sean had already been tired of such a marriage that ceased to exist except in name and wanted her to leave so that he could marry Lin Man.

He loved her so much… So how could he be willing to let Lin Man follow him in the name of a mistress?

Amber’s feelings now were so complicated, and she had thought that she hadn’t expected so much from Sean…

But up to this moment, she was still so heartbroken.

Eleven years, more than a third of her past life, had been spent on Sean, so how could she give it up and forget it so easily?

Amber raised her head slightly, forcing back the tears in her eyes, next to the police officer who was processing work glanced sideways at the screen.

Seeing that she was so depressed, the policeman smiled faintly, “This man is young and good-looking, and I wonder what his wife thinks. Why did she choose to cheat on him?”

“No wonder he also had a kept woman!”

Amber lowered her head, showed a shallow smile.

When Sean arrived, he signed directly and stood in front of Amber, wrinkling his eyebrows, “Miss White, let’s go.”

His tall figure, covering her body, blocking all the light in front of her eyes. Amber looked up, right in front of the man looking her up and down.

When Amber didn’t move, Sean raised his eyebrows and sneered, “What are you waiting for? Do you like the atmosphere of the police station and want to stay here?”

Amber regained consciousness, stood up, patted the folds on her body, and walked over to the police station.

Sean had a cigarette in his mouth, as if unintentionally, he mocked her in a low voice, “After such an incident, Miss Amber, are you still in the mood to go to the company? Is it because you don’t think that it is serious enough?”

Amber did not answer Sean’s question, she left the police station, standing on the side of the road, reaching out to stop a taxi.

Sean pulled her back, the force he used in his hands was so strong that Amber’s body even trembled a little, tears flashed through her eyes.

He didn’t realize it and his force of the clasp on Amber’s arm increased, “Amber, at this time if you call a taxi, you want others to know that we are getting a divorce? “

Amber took a deep breath, “Isn’t that exactly what Mr. Smith wants?”

When she spoke, her voice shivered and she seemed to be holding back the pain. Though she had tears in her eyes, her look was still tough…

His hand that was holding Amber’s arm trembled from time to time.

Sean frowned and let go of his hand, while Amber drew back her hand quickly and shook her arm, pretending to be natural.

In the meantime, he finally noticed that something was wrong with Amber.

She was wearing a white skirt and a small thin jacket over her upper body. Now it was summer, and if a normal person wore such clothes, he or she should roll up the sleeves.

Sean suddenly thought of something, reached out and clutched Amber’s hand, then lifted the clothes on her arm.

On Amber’s left arm, there was a distinctive burn wound, red and black.

Sean’s pupils were contracted. Amber was injured, and why did she not say it?

“Karma is real. it’s time for Miss White to learn a lesson from this, right? “

As soon as Sean had finished speaking, he pursed his lips. He has been used to saying something to mock, and he was just say it subconsciously.

Amber was stunned for a while.

She didn’t retort a single word, withdrawing her arm from Sean’s large palm, her face so shallow.

“Mr. Smith, I don’t have the time to stand in front of the police station and quarrel with you. Since you won’t let me take a taxi, then please take me back to the company!”

Her words were polite, both in title and tone, and it sounded like he was just her boss!

Sean was angry. At first, only a few people knew that he was cuckolded by Amber, and now the whole world knew about it.

Sean stepped back, pulled open the Maserati’s passenger door and said coldly, “Go to the company? Such an appearance of Miss Amber will only shake the enthusiasm of the staff at work when you to the company now!”

“Get in the car and go to the hospital!”

Hearing this, Amber stopped getting into the car, “I’m not going to the hospital, I’m going back to the office to dispel the rumors!”

Sean’s eyes were as deep as the sea, with a bitterly cold light, falling directly on Amber, “Dispel the rumors? What’s the rumor?”

“The reporter seems to be right, the baby is not mine. We were married for three years, but we never lived together, and you, Amber White, paid off the owner of the paternity agency to screw up the results!”

“The man I love is Lin Man!”

The expression on Amber’s face changed and she involuntarily clenched her fist.


The child is his, and she did not change the results. Sean once… Sean once loved her.

In the things the reporter had said, in addition to the fact that they had always been separated in three years of marriage, there was not a single item that fit the truth…

Amber took a deep breath and Sean suddenly smiled.

“What’s there to clarify? It’s that Miss White goes to the hospital, so as to save the reporters from gossipping that our family are abusing the young madam! “

Amber lowered her head and pushed away the figure of Sean blocking in front of her.

“Mr. Smith, you should know whether it’s true or not, the news can’t continue to be spread!”

“I don’t care, at most I’ll go out and get acid thrown at me again, but Smith Family can’t afford to waste any time!”

“Also, I never paid anyone to change the results of a paternity test!”

“Regardless of whether Cindy is your child or not, I never let you spend any money on her during these years!”

A vein suddenly throbbed on Sean’s forehead.

Not spending any money?

Amusement parks, KFC, including that glass of milk in Ye Se and dinner in Hai Wan Xiang Xie, what are they?

Sean took a deep breath and sneered, “I never wronged anyone!”

“As for the owner of the paternity test, I’ve had him come back, and he insisted that you paid him $100,000!”

A cold light flashed through Sean’s eyes, “Miss Amber has done a really good job with this deal!”

Amber frowned, suddenly turned towards the road and Sean stopped her, “Where are you going?”

“Go and meet who took my hundred thousand dollars!”

Amber sneered, “Unlike Mr. Smith, I’m not a rich guy, so how can I feel safe putting $100,000 with someone else?”

Sean’s pupils were constricted and he stared at her with incredulity.

“Amber, why are you so shameless? You’re going to ask for your principal back even after it’s been revealed?”

Amber raised her hand to shake off Sean, “Mr. SMith, this is none of your business!”

Amber reached out and took a taxi, going back to Smith’s Company directly. Having no way, Sean could only drive his car and followed her.

As soon as she arrived at the company, Amber received a call from Sean’s mother before she even entered company’s front door.

She hesitated for a while, and then she decided to answer the phone. It’s rare that Sean’s mother’s tone was full of satire, “Amber, what’s wrong with today’s news? Do you think that I and my husband could live so long that you want to make it shorter by angering us? “

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