Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 286: What Do You Think Our Smith Family Is?

Amber White pursed her lips and whispered, “Mom, you have asked the wrong person. I didn’t cause this.”

“What do you mean by that? Do you dare to spend money to buy people to do fake paternity tests, and now you are not willing to admit it? “

“What do you think my Smith family is? Can anyone come in?”

Smith’s mother gasped and kept a straight face.

Her words were like a sharp knife suddenly penetrating Amber White’s heart.

She choked back the desire to hang up the phone, revealing a gloomy expression. “Mom, you think too much. Even if I want Cindy to enter the Smith family, I will not choose such a stupid way! “

“Cindy and I have not asked Smith family to do anything for us since we were married for three years. This time, Sean did a paternity test without consulting me! “

Amber White blinked, relieved her sour and tired eyes, and said calmly, “I don’t think Cindy and I are sorry for Smith family. So mom, when you talk, I hope you will give us enough respect! “

Amber White spoke politely, but her voice was cold, and Sean’s mother was choked by Amber White’s words.

Sean’s mother hadn’t figured out the truth of the matter yet. She had been with Tomas Smith for a long time, so she naturally knew that online things couldn’t be easily believed.

After a pause, she said, “Smith Group was founded by Tomas Smith alone, and it is not easy to have its present status. He has just had coronary bypass operation, so he can’t stand the blow … “

“You and Sean think of ways to quickly suppress the news and then make up for the loss of Smith Group!”

Amber White nodded.

Although Smith Group suffered great losses, Sean Smith played the role of victim in this scandal.

When the news just came out, their losses were the biggest, and now such losses should not be aggravated.

After hanging up the phone, Amber White just saw Sean Smith coming out of the parking lot. Instead of taking the president’s elevator, he followed Amber White into the employee elevator.

Amber White pressed the floor, but Sean Smith did not move.

She glanced at Sean Smith sideways and found that he looked light. Then she reached out and pressed the button on the top floor.

The marketing department and the public relations department were adjacent, both on the 18th floor. Amber White came out of the elevator, and Sean Smith followed Amber White.

Amber White looked in his direction and just saw Sean Smith’s dark eyes.

“President Smith, shouldn’t you get out of the elevator at this time?”

Sean Smith tugged at his lip and whispered, “What’s the matter? Can’t I come and listen to the meeting of the public relations department? “

Amber White kept silent.

The scandal reduced the market value of Smith Group by nearly 8 billion yuan. Therefore, Sean Smith could also attend the meeting!

Amber White turned aside, and then they went to the public relations department together.

The boss of the paternity testing agency was there, and Lu Yi was asking him some questions.

“You said Amber White gave you 100,000 yuan. Do you have any evidence?”

“No! She gave me cash, and I spent more than half of it. There are nearly 40,000 to 50,000 in my store… “

The boss blinked and looked a little flustered,”I told you the truth. You have to let me go! “

Shen turned red with anger, “Director White is good at judging people. For a scum like you, even if she is blind, she can’t trust you! “

“If you don’t tell the truth again, I will call the police immediately!”

“You are suspected of fraud and caused Smith Group to lose nearly 8 billion yuan. Do you know how many years you are going to jail?”

Amber White pushed open the door and came in.

Shen looked back and saw Amber White, but his eyes brightened and he was about to speak, but Amber White stopped him with a gesture.

The boss looked in Amber White’s direction, slightly narrowed his pupils, and immediately said to Amber White, “Mrs White, I won’t do your business, please tell them clearly …”

“This matter couldn’t simply be concealed. You tell the truth. I can return the money to you! “

Amber White frowned. Did this boss actually know her?

Amber White had a smile on her face.

She was good-looking, and her face was cut by the window. Although her face was untreated, the blood stains made her face a little gorgeous.

Seeing her laughing, the boss’s face wore a nervous look.

Amber White took a step forward.

“Yes. Give me back the money, and I’ll let you go! “

Everyone in the room was shocked. Amber White went to the boss and slapped him on the back of the chair behind him.

The boss instantly felt a little stunned, and Amber White’s reaction was too abnormal. Before coming, he thought about 10,000 possible reactions of Amber White, among which he denounced and screamed. But he didn’t expect that she would admit it and ask him for 100,000 yuan.

The boss felt that there must be some intrigue.

Amber White asked again, “How are you going to give it to me? Do you want to transfer money or via WeChat? I don’t support cash!”

The boss swallowed his saliva, touched the mobile phone, and stammered,”I … I will transfer it to you on WeChat!”

“President Smith is here …”

Someone in the room was whispering, Amber White didn’t look back, then she touched her mobile phone and whispered, “Okay, transfer to me!”

Sean Smith narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction of Amber White. At this point, she turned her back on him and pulled a stool to sit in the conference room of the public relations department.

His eyelids were constantly moving up and down. Was this damn woman really not afraid to embarrass Smith family?

She actually asked this man for 100,000 yuan?

Sean Smith was so angry that he subconsciously stepped forward and tried to take Amber White away. However, his hand stopped when he was about to touch Amber White’s arm.

Amber White’s arm seemed to have been hurt by concentrated sulfuric acid before. Was her injured arm the right arm or the left arm?

She never liked to suffer losses. If Amber White really blamed him for this, what would he do?

After Sean Smith paused, he heard the sound of successful transfer.

Amber White put away her cell phone lightly, but the smile on her face became more brilliant.

She patted the folds of her clothes with her hand, pointed to the door of the conference room, and whispered, “You can go!”

The boss was stunned and said a little incredulously, “Mrs White, don’t you … Sue me?”

Amber White raised her mouth. “Why should I sue you? You gave me 100,000 yuan for no reason, and I haven’t had time to thank you! “

The meeting room became silent.

Amber White admitted in public that she had paid off his boss, and all the people present were shocked by this kind of thing.

They simply didn’t have time to think about the conversation between Amber White and the boss, but they just thought about how to clarify it when facing such a dead end?

However, Amber White’s shameless answer made the atmosphere in the conference room instantly quieter, and even the sound of a needle falling to the ground could be heard.

Shen and Xu Lin looked at each other and saw Sean Smith’s extremely gloomy face.

The crux of the matter was that Amber White was not only unaware of this, but also had a more pleasant smile on her face,

“I remember that Xu Lin seems to have done paternity tests not only in your institution, but also in other institutions!”

“Sean got three paternity test results in his hand. I have to call them constantly, and then I want to get back the 100,000 yuan! “

Amber White smiled at the boss. “Go quickly, I don’t have time to entertain you!”

The boss kept a straight face, while Amber White turned around and held out his hand toward Shen. “What about the contact information of the bosses of the other two paternity testing agencies I asked you to investigate?”

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