Please Go Away, Mr Smith!-Chapter 287: Facing Smith Group’s Assets Worth Hundreds of Billions, How Could She not Be Tempted?

After seeing Amber White’s eyes, Shen immediately understood. He quickly held the mobile phone and said, “Director White, wait a moment, I will send it to your mobile phone right away!”

The boss felt a little stunned. He looked in the direction of Xu Lin and Sean Smith.

Although the expressions on their faces were rich, neither of them meant to interrupt Amber White.

Especially Sean Smith, although he suppressed his anger at his eyes, he seemed to be angry from embarrassment!

If Sean Smith did find three paternity testing agencies, wouldn’t the play he played today be useless?

The market value of Smith Group had shrunk by 8 billion yuan, and he would never pay off this debt in his life …

The boss swallowed his saliva, and Amber White had already made a phone call from the landline in the office.

“Impossible …”

The boss took a step back. He looked at Amber White and said, “I investigated Sean Smith’s secretary before and they just went to my place for paternity test!”

“Moreover, how can a person do three paternity tests?”

The people in the meeting room became silent, and the boss subconsciously covered his mouth with his hand.

These were just what he thought, but he couldn’t help saying it because he was too nervous.

Everyone in the public relations department looked in the direction of the boss.

Amber White hung up before the call was dialed. She touched her mobile phone, pressed stop recording on the screen, and then handed it to Shen.

“Send him to the police station, and then take this tape. This is evidence.”

The smile on Amber White’s face disappeared, revealing cold expression, adding, “You go to the legal department to find someone and then think carefully about what charges should be charged against him!”

The boss was shocked, and Shen cheered and clapped his hands.

Sean Smith became complicated. Before he came here, he always thought that Amber White had paid off the boss and was fighting for the Smith family’s fortune.

He didn’t expect Amber White to turn things around so quickly!


There was nothing wrong with his suspicion. Since Amber White could value 100,000 yuan, how could she be indifferent to Smith Group’s assets worth 100 billion yuan?

This was because Amber White had this sign before. How could he be blamed for misunderstanding her?

Sean Smith wore a straight face.

That’s right!

Amber White was a vain and thoughtful woman. He was better at judging someone than Lu Yi!

Now that it’s a foregone conclusion, the boss knew that he was taken in by Amber White, and he didn’t know what to say at this time.

When the two security guards arrived, they took the boss to go out. Amber White called Shen.

“Go and return his money to him!”

Since eight billion yuan had been lost, Shen didn’t feel bad about the hundred thousand yuan. He nodded and said, “Okay, Director White, I’ll transfer it to him!”

The way Sean Smith sat in the chair was stopped. The security guard and the boss walked beside him. Sean Smith lifted his head and glanced in the direction of the boss.

“Xu Lin, you go to the police station with Secretary Shen.”

“Smith Group has suffered heavy losses. Go and say hello to the police station and let them interrogate the incident well!”

Xu Lin was named by her, stepped forward, answered immediately and then followed him out of the conference room.

He glanced at Xu Lin, and his eyes stayed on Shen in an instant.

They were also secretaries, and Amber White’s standard as marketing director were even higher than his president!

After Amber White entered the conference room of the public relations department, all the people in the public relations department stopped talking, so her prestige was even higher than that of his president.

It seemed that Amber White had always been arrogant in the company in the past three years.

Amber White and Sean Smith sat down after the boss was taken away. Lu Yi whispered, “Amber White, we just discussed several clarification plans!”

“Do you want to have a look?”

Amber White didn’t receive the file, and Sean Smith looked at the folder.

The distance between them was very close, and Lu Yi touched Amber White’s arm.

From his point of view, this position was somewhat ambiguous.

Sean Smith’s eyes grew gloomy.

His body leaned back, while his back rested on the hard chair back. He reached out his tongue and licked his dry lip.

Sean Smith was very sexy for such an ordinary action!

“No. I have already thought about how to clarify, but it needs President Smith to cooperate! “

“Lu Yi, you are very busy at work now. I will deal with this matter, and you should do other work first! “

With this, Lu Yi nodded. He closed the folder directly and spoke to the people in the public relations department, “declare the meeting over!”

They got along very well and gave each other 100% trust!

Sean Smith looked at this scene and suddenly remembered the scene when Cindy White was kidnapped.

When he arrived at the hospital, Amber White asked him why he kidnapped the child.

He and Amber White had been married for three years, and they couldn’t even give each other a trace of trust except quarreling and hating!

Not to mention any tacit understanding between them!

Amber White turned into Lu Yi’s arms because she couldn’t get what she wanted from him?

Sean Smith sneered and watched the people in the public relations department step out of the conference room one after another.

“Tell me what you think, how can I cooperate with you?”

Sean Smith lowered his eyes, then got the cigarette case out of his trousers pocket and lit a cigarette.

The expression on his face instantly became difficult to fathom, and only his black eyes were faint with smoke, which made his eyes look deeper.

Amber White glanced at the watch on her wrist and whispered, “You asked Cindy and I to move to Hai Wan Xiang Xie. In these two days, you have to suspend your work first and stay with Cindy and me all the time. “

“You don’t need to prove to reporters that you love me, you just need to let reporters know that you won’t divorce me!”

Sean Smith wore a straight face!

His heart was shaken again. Amber White invited the boss to act for him, right?

No matter from which angle, Amber White’s behavior seemed to be like fishing in troubled waters!

Her purpose was bigger than competing for the Smith family’s property. She obviously wanted to enter their family!

Sean Smith took a deep breath of smoke, and then dusted his the ashes with his fingertips. He stared at Amber White with burning eyes,

“No way. First, Hai Wan Xiang Xie is not somewhere you can go in! “

“Second, Smith group has such a big problem that there is a lot of work to be dealt with at present. I can’t stay away from work! “

“Third, do you think journalists and netizens are fools?”

Amber White smiled. She sat there, as if she were like a beautiful flower, looking very moving!

“Sean, you did a paternity test without passing me in advance!”

“The problem is caused by you! You must promise! “

Her voice became gentle. “Besides, your mother called me just now and said that your father didn’t know about it!”

“You know Smith Group’s position in your dad’s heart better than me! Therefore, you must promise! “

Sean Smith was shocked.

Was Amber White threatening him?

He was so stupid to do paternity test!

This choice really brought endless harm to him without any gain!

Sean Smith felt very angry and took a heavy breath. Amber White knew him, and she moved her lips and said,

“Sean, you cooperate with me to clarify the scandal. I will return Lin Man and your token of love to you! “

“But if you don’t listen to me, I will send my watch to Ritz-Carlton!”

“How dare you!”

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