Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 288: Amber White, Don’t Think I Won’t Hurt You!

Sean Smith’s eyes suddenly turned gloomy. He got up from his chair and reached out and grabbed Amber White’s lower jaw.

“Amber White, don’t think I won’t hurt you!”

Amber White suddenly felt suffocated. Since she didn’t eat in the morning, at this time, she felt suffocated, which made her feel heavy eyelids and coughed twice.

Amber White’s face turned deep purple in an instant.

Sean Smith suddenly threw off his hand, and Amber White fell directly on the conference table, and then hit the wound on her arm, which made Amber White gasp.

She felt a burning pain in her throat, and her chest was seriously deprived of oxygen, and her eyelids were heavy. She felt the darkness before her and couldn’t see anything clearly.

Amber White held on, and her head seemed to be about to crack.

There were only Sean Smith and Amber White left in the conference room.

She leaned against the conference table, motionless, while Sean Smith smiled.

At this time, did Amber White still intend to find fault with him?

Did she want to force him to meet her demands? Why didn’t she consider her own value?

He held out his hand, grabbed Amber White’s shoulder, and then pulled her back. Her body rolled limply in his direction.

Her face turned pale and her lip was black and purple. The cold sweat on her forehead came out, which made her look very weak, as if she would die in the next second!

Sean Smith subconsciously reached for Amber White, and her soft body collided with him, while her body had a faint fragrance.

Was Amber White really weak?

Sean Smith paused and reached out to grab Amber White’s body.

Was this Amber White’s trick to gain an end by enduring bodily suffering?

The pain on Amber White’s face seemed to be real. After Sean Smith hesitated, he picked her up and walked out of the meeting room quickly.

He seemed to be very flustered!

Amber White was a damn woman. Even she could give him a hard lesson, he couldn’t watch her have any problems in front of him!

Even if Amber White died, she couldn’t die in Smith Group building!

“President Smith?What happened to Director White? “

Sean Smith ignored those people’s words and went straight downstairs.

Twenty minutes later.

Amber White was lying in a hospital bed with a needle in her hand. While writing the prescription, the doctor said to Sean Smith,

“Mrs. Smith’s blood glucose is very low, and she didn’t eat breakfast in the morning, which caused her transient syncope.”

“Her problem is not big. After injecting this bottle of glucose and eating something, she will be fine! “

“You pay attention on it at weekdays and let her prepare some sugar!”

Coming out of the doctor’s office, the expression on Sean Smith’s face was unpredictable.


Amber White looked as if she was going to die!

Was she just hypoglycemic?

Sean Smith pinched his lips and held out his hand to pull the sleeve on his shirt. There was a lazy look on his elegant and extraordinary face.

If he had known that she was hypoglycemic, he wouldn’t have to waste time with Amber White in the hospital.

And buy breakfast?

He served Cindy White for Amber White all night last night, and he had to stay to serve Amber White!

Sean Smith grunted and stepped downstairs.

Sean Smith saw the porridge shop opposite the hospital at a glance when he walked to the shop next to his Maserati.

There were many people in the porridge shop, and everyone seemed to be in a hurry. Sean Smith hesitated and then walked across the street.

Since Amber White had removed his public relations department, Amber White must keep healthy before dealing with this scandal, even if it was only for his benefit!

In addition, if Amber White had some problems at this time, it was estimated that those entertainment reporters could write many ridiculous articles!

They made a rumor that he killed Amber White because of emotional problems!

How could his lifetime reputation be destroyed in Amber White’s hands?

In the ward.

Amber White woke up long before Sean Smith sent her to the hospital. However, she was thinking about something. When she came to her senses, Sean Smith had already carried her to this ward.

Amber White licked her dry lip, touched her cell phone and then called An Ran.

“Director White?”

Amber White replied, “An Ran, go to the news department and ask them to send a senior reporter to Tongcheng Central Hospital, and then give me an exclusive interview!”

An Ran was in a daze, and the fact that Amber White was held out of the company by Sean Smith had already spread in the company. She knew Amber White was in the hospital.

“Director White, since you are not feeling well, do you still have to work?”


An Ran hesitated and said, “Director White, those netizens on the Internet cursed you. At this time, if you do an exclusive interview, netizens may not trust it!”

“Since you are not feeling well, you should rest first. There should be no need to be in such a hurry to solve this scandal!”

Amber White smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will be measured!”

“By the way, after hanging up the phone, you put the conversation between me and my boss in the conference room online!”

“Yes, Director White.”

Amber White wasn’t the only one in the ward when Sean Smith returned from buying food for Amber White!

Sean Smith knew the person sitting in front of the ward. This person was Shen Qian, the head of the news department of Smith Group.

Seeing him enter the door, he made a gesture to the photographer, who took a close-up of Sean Smith.

Sean Smith had a slender figure and a handsome face. He was wearing a hand-sewn high-cut shirt with straight trousers wrapped around his legs. Behind him was the hospital corridor, which was very gloomy and it would set off his sparkle.

The only thing that didn’t fit in with him was the takeout in Sean Smith’s hand.

He lowered his head and looked calmly at Amber White. The woman who was injected with the needle in bed suddenly showed a sweet smile to Sean Smith.

Amber White looked extraordinary. In this smile, some part of it was shy and sad, and more of it was sweet.

Her smile was like a beautiful flower, which was constantly shaking, blooming on the branches, giving off a burning brilliance.

Sean Smith suddenly felt stunned, and then immediately recovered. Amber White’s illness was very serious, and she smiled at him so sweetly.

She should never think that he would forget how Amber White threatened him with Lin Man and his father in the conference room!

She was really shameless. When there were people in the ward, she dared to seduce him so blatantly!

Sean Smith walked to the hospital bed with a straight face, and then reached out to open the takeaway bag.

Shen Qian held the pen and then looked at Amber White and asked,

“Mrs White, you said before that Mr. Smith knew that the child was his daughter.”


Sean Smith suddenly stopped lifting the lid. What the hell was Amber White talking about?

If he knew Cindy White was his child, what paternity test would he do?

He suddenly looked back and looked at Shen Qian, who did not look at him at all, but then asked, “Mrs White, Mr. Smith, is it convenient for you to disclose the reasons for your paternity test this time?”

Amber White took a deep breath, but the smile on her face was far-fetched.

Sean Smith narrowed his eyes slightly. did Amber White have nothing to say?

When he came in, he saw the photographer driving the camera, so the recording was live.

If Amber White couldn’t give any reason at this time, Smith Group was really going to die!

Sean Smith held his fingers tightly and sat on the single-person sofa in the ward. He took out his mobile phone, muted his phone, and then turned on the live broadcast.

Amber White’s voice rang in the ward. “Before explaining this problem to you, let me show you a short video.”

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