Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 289: This Is the Original Intention of Sean’s Paternity Test!

She took out her mobile phone and handed it to the photographer.

Sean Smith’s mobile phone didn’t make any sound, and the background on the screen suddenly changed. He knew this place and it was Jin Yang Guang Kindergarten.

Amber White went on to say, but her voice became hoarse and choked, “This is the surveillance video of our daughter’s kindergarten.

The screen turned into a pantomime, while Cindy White was crowded in a corner by a group of children, and no one knew what they were talking about.

But people could see that Cindy White was the only one being targeted!

On the mobile phone screen, bullet screen’s words become fierce.

[This bitch is going to play suffering play at this time!]
[She is a bitch. With a mother like her, the child will certainly not be very good! She deserved it! ] [I heard that this damn woman was splashed with sulfuric acid. Why didn’t she ruin this ugly face? ]

Sean Smith’s hand holding the phone was suddenly tightened.

He looked in the direction of Amber White, and her eyes were full of tears, while her watery eyes were full of sadness.

Amber White pursed her lips and whispered, “Today, the kindergarten director called me.”

“Cindy was scolded by her teachers and classmates at school for being a bastard and a bitch, and she has no father …”

She suddenly looked up, looked at the main screen and some tears came out of her eyes. “This is Sean’s original intention for paternity test!”

“Cindy’s father is Sean. Before this, Sean worked in HK, so he only transferred back more than a month ago! “

“Hai Wan Xiang Xie is close to HK, while Xingyue Bay is close to Smith Group and kindergarten. We have been separated for three years, but we definitely have no idea of divorce! “

With this, Shen Qian asked,”Don’t you have the idea of divorce?”

Amber White nodded and whispered, “If we want a divorce, the court can sentence us to be divorced within two years of separation.”

What she said was very reasonable. Shen Qian asked again, “Since this is for your children, why don’t you go through formal channels?”

“We are worried that it will be used by some people with ulterior motives, which will cause the Smith Group to be turbulent!”

Amber White paused and went on to say, “But even this time, Sean has already ordered to do this secretly, and it has been used by some people.”

“Mrs White, this is just your side of the story. What evidence do you have? “

Amber White shook her head and whispered, “I have no evidence, this is all I can take out!”

Shen Qian nodded, while the photographer behind him stopped recording.

The businesslike expression on Shen Qian’s face disappeared. He took a step in the direction of Amber White and whispered, “Director White, next …”

Amber White’s face was a little tired. She easily leaned against the hospital bed, her eyes were slightly closed and her lips were slightly pressed. She then took out her mobile phone from her pocket. “Give me your mobile phone number and I will send you a recording.”

Shen Qian reported his mobile phone number, Amber White lowered her head, and then forwarded the recording.

“When the online discussion is the most intense, you buy a famous Weibo account and send it out, thus guiding the netizens’ discussion trend!”

Shen Qian nodded his head. He lowered his head, clicked in without hesitation, and then played the audio.

The audio was very clear in the quiet room.

[President Lin, I’ll only say it once! ] [Cindy is my daughter. If I hear someone in your kindergarten call her a bastard again, whether it’s a child, a teacher, or a rumor …] [I’ll tear down Jin Yang Guang, and then contribute a public toilet to the downtown! ]

Shen Qian’s eyes became brightened. At the beginning, the headmaster replied, followed by Sean Smith’s voice, which was a real evidence. With these two sentences, it was easy for Smith Group to turn the tide!

“President Smith, is it convenient for you to ask the specific time of the call?”

Sean Smith lowered his head, and his short black hair pressed against his face, making him look gloomy.

Shen Qian didn’t find anything strange and wore a joyful look on his face.

Sean Smith, “About 8: 40 this morning!”

Shen Qian’s smile on his face became more brilliant. He was in a hurry to find the kindergarten principal to get the specific time of the call record.

He left happily with the photographer. When he walked to the door of the ward, he looked back admiringly and said to the silent ward, “Director White, President Smith, the feelings between you are really good!”

Sean Smith kept a straight face and almost turned livid. Amber White sipped her lip and smiled.

At this point, there was no one else in the ward. Sean Smith finally couldn’t help laughing. With a sigh, he whispered,

“Director White is really good. You can know the content of this call so clearly! “

“Is there anything else in this world that you don’t know?”

Sean Smith took a deep breath. His mobile phone page still stayed on the live broadcast page. At this point, the live broadcast had stopped, and the screen became dark.

And just now, he felt that Cindy White was being bullied in kindergarten.

Now it seemed that Amber White knew all this for a long time and was waiting for such a day!

Sean Smith really wanted to strangle Amber White. How dared she use her daughter so much? Was Amber White still a human?

Amber White looked up and looked at Sean Smith and said, “Sean, President Lin called me!”

“He wants me to intercede for him. He doesn’t know much about Cindy! “

If it wasn’t for President Lin’s phone call, Amber White didn’t know Cindy White had been bullied in school!

She didn’t want Cindy White to be exposed to the world of netizens, but the most important thing now was to solve the crisis of Smith Group first!

Sean Smith was very angry.

He raised his hand and threw his mobile phone out. Amber White blinked and her eyelashes were trembled. “President Smith, are you very angry about this?”

Sean Smith sneered!

He really couldn’t believe Amber White didn’t know how he felt.

The main reason why she asked was that she was worried that he would not feel sick enough?

Sean Smith stared at Amber White with a straight face. But her voice suddenly stopped and whispered,

“President Smith, you should know that if these news are allowed to ferment, the loss of Smith Group will be even more serious. When I do this, I also stop the loss in time!”

Sean Smith suddenly stood up, walked to Amber White and said seriously, “According to your statement, should I thank you?”

“Amber White, don’t say that you don’t have any idea about it!”

“I was cuckolded by you, and then you married into our Smith family with a child!”

“Are you still going to bring this bastard into our home? Your conspiracy is really very good! “

Amber White’s face turned pale.

Sean Smith and Cindy White often got along with each other these days. Amber White originally thought that they already had feelings. But she didn’t expect that the he could say the word bastard so easily!

She bit her lip and looked at Sean Smith.

He took a deep breath and suddenly approached, pressing Amber White on the hospital bed, while his dark jade eyes were full of coldness.

“I can cooperate with everything you said before.”

Amber White was stunned.

Sean Smith was losing his temper, but how did he suddenly become so approachable?

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