Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – chapter 29 Parentage test


Gu Jinyan’s words had not been finished, Xu Lin suddenly pushed the door of the president’s office and came in. He originally intended to speak directly, but he saw Gu, so he stopped.

Sean Smith and Gu Jinyan frowned together, and the former looked at Xu Lin with disappointment and said, “If you have something, you can say it.”

Xu Lin hesitated for two or three seconds, and said finally.

“President, I just received a call from the kindergarten teacher. The teacher said that the daughter of Director White had quarreled with a boy at school and had a fight.”

Sean Smith stared at Xu Lin, and there was a cold smile in his face.

” is this the reason for the late arrival or absence which was given by Director White?”

Xu Lin’s body permeated a trace of cold sweat and said, “No, Miss Cindy’s teacher couldn’t contact with Director White successfully, so they called me here. The teacher said that Miss Cindy broke the boy’s fracture and her forehead also bruised, they hope that Miss Cindy’s father could come.”

Sean Smith’s gaze was like a knife which was pricked in to Xu Lin’s body.

Because of the urgency, Xu Lin couldn’t care more, he looked at his president and asked: “President, will you go? After all…”

The man did not speak, but Gu Jinyan who was sitting on his side, smiled and said, “It’s good, Sean Smith, she’s worthy of your kid, she could even hurt the boy of the same age, and it’s amazing.she just like you!”

Sean Smith’s eyebrows suddenly jumped, and he ignored the joke of Gu Jinyan. He spoke with no hesitation: “she is not my kid, how could she deserve my care?”

The man raised his head, his movements were slow, his squat line was smooth and deep, just his expression,so inhuman.

“This is the president of my office, not an adoption center for cats and dogs. Since it is the daughter of Amber White, then wait for her come back and solve it by herself!”

Xu Lin did not move,so Sean Smith looked at him in the direction of him, and Sean’s voice was cold.

“What else?”

Xu Lin shook his head helplessly, and Sean Smith’s fingertips knocked twice on the table and said, “Since there is nothing, then don’t stay here,I still have things to talk to Mr. Gu!”


Although Xu Lin was anxious, he did not dare to refute Sean Smith, he could only turn and left Smith’s office.

When there were only Sean Smith and Gu Jinyan. The former’s expression was not very good. Gu Jinyan joked: “Sean, what do you think about that Cindy made the boy fractured?”

“Even if she’d not your biological kid, she was also a child of your wife. You are her father-in-law! Won’t you go?”


She was not his biological kid,why should he think about that?

Sean Smith’s gaze turned dark, Amber White’s daughter,how could she had a good education? From the information revealed by Xu Lin, it should be known that Cindy White was an ungracious child!

Otherwise, it was impossible for her to do this, and she even made that boy fractured.

He was just thinking, but he didn’t have any thoughts to discuss this with Gu Jinyan. Instead, he changed his expression to more seriously and gave him a look. “If you keep saying this,then go leave my office.

Do not waste my time, I am very busy. ”

When he finished, Gu Jinyan sneered.

“You are busy?Then why did you go to Ritz Carlton ? For inspecting?”

As soon as the words fell, Sean Smith had not had time to returned back. The telephone in the office rang, Sean Smith picked it up by his big hand.

It was a call from the secretariat.

“what’s up?”

It was a voice of a woman, Sean Smith had paid little attention to women, he never figured out who it was.

“President, you have a package, the courier said that you should open it by yourself, Is it convenient for you?”

Sean Smith frowned, and there was a moment of stagnation. After a long while, he said, “Let him come in.”

Four or five minutes after he broke the phone, the office door was knocked by someone from the outside.

A man wearing a courier uniform came in. He was nervous after entering the door, but Sean Smith was really a famous person in City Tong. The courier knew him, so he did not check his identity. Separated by a long desk. The man handed the package into his hand.

The man took it with one hand, it was packed in a file bag, it was very thin, and there was no weight in the hand.Sean Smith didn’t have any impression about this package. So he directly tore a seam and then pulled out a thin bag from the file bag. An A4 paper.

Gu Jinyan didn’t have any idea about the courier at first, but Sean Smith had stared at it for a long time, and even the expression on his face was more gloomy.

Because they were discussing about the acquisition of GR building materials stocks, Gu Jinyan had to use Sean Smith’s computer, so the two sat very close,because of that, Gu took a glance at the contents of A4.

Just a glance.

Gu Jinyan couldn’t help but utter: “Fuck off!”

“Sean, you are really bad enough, didn’t you say that you have never had sex with Amber White at the beginning? How come could Cindy White became your biological daughter?”

On the A4 paper, it was the paternity test between Sean Smith and Cindy White. Gu Jinyan didn’t understand the data, but the last sentence was clear enough.

“The relationship between Sean Smith and Cindy White is a father-daughter relationship.” Gu Jinyan was stunned by this news.

Originally, Gu Jinyan only thought that Sean Smith was the stepfather of Cindy White, but when the paternity test came out,he became the biological father of her.

“Hey? Tell me, why are you stunning, is that your daughter fight someone at the kindergarten? Go, and take me for fun!”

Gu Jinyan pushed him, and his face was full of smiles, especially the smiling feeling in his charming eyes,which could not be concealed.

Sean Smith was just about to talk, and the door of the office was knocked again. The man’s gaze turned dark, with a bit of unknown meaning . He paused for a minute, and then he spit out, “come in”.

Xu Lin again, this time the worry and anxiety on his face was almost overflowing, the tone was also anxious.

“President, the teacher of the kindergarten said that the boy’s parents had arrived,and they were very fierce. If no one would like to coordinate the problem,Miss Cindy would be sent to the police station! ”

Sean Smith threw the paper onto the table. It was too light and thin. The paper floated in the air for a second before it fell gently on the table.

He raised his head and raised his eyes to look at Xu Lin, who was anxious in front of him. “Is this your work all day long?”

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